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Step 1 Inquiry Approaches to Teaching

by: Rigoberto Ortiz

Step 1 Inquiry Approaches to Teaching MSE 1010

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > Math Science Education > MSE 1010 > Step 1 Inquiry Approaches to Teaching
Rigoberto Ortiz
GPA 3.7

Sarah Millsap

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About this Document

Sarah Millsap
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rigoberto Ortiz on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MSE 1010 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Sarah Millsap in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/213151/mse-1010-middle-tennessee-state-university in Math Science Education at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
5E Lesson Plan Multiplication Repeated Addition Students Name Mentor Teacher Name Grade Level Lesson Teaching Date and Time Concept Statement Multiplication is a mathematical operation of scaling one number by another number It is one of the four basic operations in arithmetic Multiplication is an essential skill students need to lean in order to advance their mathematical knowledge Tennessee State Standards SP1 030625 Identify various representations of multiplication and division Objectives Evaluation Questions for each Objective The student will be able to l Analyze multiplication word problems Can you use multiplication knowledge to create a multiplication problem from the word problems Which numbers will be multiplied together 2 Solve multiplication problems What product did you get to the multiplication problem 3 Prove the products of multiplication Can you show us your answer with your problems using the Multiplication Mat Multiplication Mat Materials List and Advanced Preparations In this space list the supplies that are needed to teach your lesson Be as speci c as possible and include quantities how much of each item will be needed per groupstudent For the teacher 1 7 large multiplication work mat and several magnets Index cards for Around the World game with multiplication problems For each student 1 Animal Multiplication handout 1 Word Problem Multiplication handout l Multiplication mat 1 Dry erase marker paper towel ENGAGEMENT Time Minutes What the Teacher Will Do and ProbmgElicrting Questions and What the Students Will Do Student Students Responses Misconceptions Ask students how What are some different ways we Count each piece many pieces of candy can gure this out Add 222 will be needed to give Multiply 2x23 each student two pieces Probin licitin What the Teacher WI Po Questifrli1 and Sfudent What the Students Will Do and Student Misconceptlons Responses The teacher will model how to If I have 6 cans with 3 The students will respond to the use the Multiplication Work tennis balls in each can teacher s questions as the teacher Mat to solve a problem how many tennis balls do models how to use a I have in all Multiplication Work Mat answers will vary The teacher will group the The students will solve a students in pairs pass out the Let s use the Mat to help problem using their own Mat and materials and explain how to us gure this out discuss the answer with the use them teacher On the rst line I am The teacher will pose aproblem going to use magnets to for the class to work on and represent the number of The students will use the then ask the students to explain tennis balls in a can How multiplication map to solve the how they solved it many magnets should I problems on the handout use The teacher will pass out the 3 work sheet and instruct the students to begin working their Ifthe next line also way through it represents the number of balls in a can how many The teacher will move around magnets should I use the room and monitor student progress How many cans of tennis The teacher will tell the balls do I have students what to do when they 6 are done How many lines of my math mat should I use to represent all of the cans Why 6 lines Because there are 6 cans How many magnets are on the mat 18 How did you get that added 33 Is there another way we can write that yes 6X3 Is that the same as 3X6 Yes Great you try the next problem If ice cream sandwiches are packed 4 to a box and you have 9 boxes how many ice cream sandwiches do you have Tea cher will ask students t0 leadhim ier through the problem EXPLANATION Time Minutes ProbingEliciting What the Teacher WI D0 Questions and Student What the Students Will Do and Student Misconceptions Responses Teacher will select problems Students will share their answers from the handout and ask Why did you put insert to selected problems and respond students to solve them number on that line to the teachers questions Teacher will ask guided and probing questions as the students present their solutions ELABORATION Time Minutes ProbingEliciting What the Teacher WI D0 Questions and Student What the Students Will Do and Student Misconceptlons Responses The teacher will give the Much like the Students will use their students a few problems that explanation the teacher multiplication mat to solve the doesn t include a picture and W171 use guided and problems and share their results challenge the students to use probing questions to their multiplication mat to solve encourage the students to them explain how to solve the problems The teacher will move around the room and help students EVALUATION Time Minutes What the Teacher Will Do PmbuigEhc tmg What the Students Will Do Questions Teacher will provide directions to Around the World game Teacher will ask the students to Ask two students standing Students will try to answer the form a circle sidebyside a problem The student who multiplication question answers correctly rst will Teacher will continue until a off premade index cards advance to the next student student completes the circle or until time runs out SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS Animal Parts Multiplication Handout Index cards with multiplication problems for Around the World game Name tents with multiplication tables on the inside


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