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Management of Concrete Products Ordering and Delivering

by: Mozelle Streich

Management of Concrete Products Ordering and Delivering CIM 4050

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > Construction and Management > CIM 4050 > Management of Concrete Products Ordering and Delivering
Mozelle Streich
GPA 3.93

Joseph Fulks

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About this Document

Joseph Fulks
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mozelle Streich on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIM 4050 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Joseph Fulks in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/213159/cim-4050-middle-tennessee-state-university in Construction and Management at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
N E 4 V39 0 gt1 9 CIM 4050 Test I Study Guide In order to schedule manually what 4 things must the dispatcher know a Time of the pour b Amount of concrete c Spacing of trucks d Travel time What 3 xed constant times will be used to schedule manually a Loading time b Slump check time c Wash out time As dispatch manager what 3 items would you monitor to measure the effectiveness of your delivery process a Command ontime report b Driver utilization c Yards per hour If an order calls for the concrete to be on the job at 800 am how would the dispatcher know when to ticket the rst truck Time on Job 7 Load Time Slump Check Time Travel Time How would the dispatcher know when to load each successive truck Space them according to pour out time How does the command concrete program gure driver ef ciency Productive Time Total Clock Time X 100 World Contractors placed an order for 100 yd to be on the job at 800 am Using xed times of 25 min 51010 travel time of 25 min and pour out time of 15 min calculate the following a Number of trucks needed b Number of loads needed c Load time for the rst truck d Load time for the last truck e Time when the last truck is done pouring out f Arrival time for last truck What is an average driver ef ciency and what times are considered unproductive times Usually around 60 this shows the percentage of time the driver was productive 70 is what should be done Unproductive times are l waiting at plant 2 waiting at job 3 truck checkin 4 truck checkout 9 Explain the following terms and explain how each is calculated a PLANT YDS HOUR yards produced hours worked b DRIVER YDS HOUR total yards hours worked c CUSTOMER YDS HOUR total yards hours 10 Why has the pro t margin for ready mixed companies declined steadily over the last 5 years Pro t Margin is declining due to improper pricing of product This deals with delivery charge along with time on job site utilization Distance traveled to job should be factored in to price 11 From repeated customer surveys of why customers select a concrete supplier what are the top 3 reasons IN ORDER a On time delivery b Price c Quality 12 For the following delivery costs indicate whether they are fixed or variable costs a Truck depreciation Fixedi b Truck lease iFixedi c Driver labor iVar d Fuel iVar e Tires iFixed f Dispatch labor iVar g Fleet insurance iFixed 13 The dispatching function for a ready mix can be divided into what two different jobs a Order taker Scheduler b Truck tracker 14 As a manager why would you run the order the order snapshot report and what information would it provide for you To determine the logistics of the company s trucks It reveals types of mixes and other information relevant to the pours You can also look at a particular order for a customer 15 As a production manager looking at the monthly income statement what would you expect to see the Unit Cost do for the following delivery cost items below if the monthly production of concrete decreased by half Increase decrease or remain the same A Driver labor iSaIne B Shop labor 7111 C Fuel cost De D Insurance cost iSame E Dispatch labor iSame F Tire cost De 16 In the Contribution Report where pro tability of the order is shown explain how the delivery cost was determined Pro tability report customer report and details on customer s material Delivery other pro t Not for sure on this answer 17 In the above report what made up the Other Cost column Freight charges taxes environmental fees hot water fees 18 What are the two ways to look at a detail time analysis for an order in the Command Concrete Program Which two reports would you run 1 Order Graphic Report 2 Order Analysis Report 19 Using the Schedule Screen Job Aid card answer the following 1 How many total trucks are available at all plants 2 How many trucks are used at plant 1 3 Total yards ordered for all plants 4 What does the pink color indicate 5 What do the black dots indicate 20 Using the Tracking Screen Job Aid card answer the following 1 How many plants are shown 2 How many plants have orders 3 What color indicates a willcall order 4 How many trucks are in the yard 5 In orders upcoming what does the r mean 21 Place the following in order from highest to lowest cost for a yard of concrete sales cost material cost plant cost delivery cost overhead cost 22 If ordering some new concrete mixer trucks what speci cations would you ask for the following 1 Front axle 2 Rear tandem axle 3 Engine 4 Mixer


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