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Office Management

by: Eleazar Williamson II

Office Management BCEN 3010

Eleazar Williamson II
GPA 3.63

Dorothy Warren

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About this Document

Dorothy Warren
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eleazar Williamson II on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BCEN 3010 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Dorothy Warren in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/213161/bcen-3010-middle-tennessee-state-university in Entrepreneurship at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Chapter 4 Administrative Office Management EMERGING ELEMENTS IMPACTING ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES 1 Workplace Trends a New technology staying ahead of new technologies and using them effectively often require a higher level of education and more technical training The downside of new technology is that employees will find themselves increasingly isolated by these new tools Computer addiction when computer use consumes someone s entire social life Internet Addiction Disorder is users addicted to the internet 2 New Management Approaches with a diverse work force a A growing trend is for top management to set performance expectations for the organization its specialists and teams rather than to give detailed orders 3 Forces of Change and Their Outcomes a Labor will continue to flow freely around the world b Voice recognition software programs c Flexible employment systems d Functional careers and specialized fields e Retirement age rising 4 Managing Changes in the Workplace a Manage challenges rather than manage solutions b Ambiguity means uncertainty people who like to deal with this are in high demand c Managers must coordinate resources to help workers adapt to change 039 O D d Reframing refers to looking for evidence of a more positive less catastrophic view of some change By reframing the concern most of us can usually find the energy to take the next step 5 Paradigm is a set of assumptions or a frame of reference a Paradigm shift is a fundamental change in the assumptions we make about a certain body of knowledge 6 The look of current organizations a Organizations now include a stronger commitment to customer service and worker empowerment fewer management levels and companies that are transforming into learning organizations b Empowerment is defined as a set of practices designed to authorize drive and enable day to day decision making at lower levels within an organization c Entrenched bureaucracy is a company where workers are more concerned wi9th their bosses rather than with customers d Horizontal Organizations are the trend managing across has become more critical than managing up and down e A Cross Functional team is a group staffed with a mix of specialists focused on a common objective problem or goal 7 Companies Transforming into Learning Organizations a Training is central to actual work Learning is emerging as a byproduct of work rather than something done in isolation 8 Reshaping the Organizational Chart a Inverted Pyramid b Cluster Organization c Wagon Wheel Organization d Virtual Organization e Hourglass Organization 9 Developing Change Management Skills a Change management skills involves managing the changes organizations are experiencing i Leadership development to get people to believe in you 1 Set an example 2 Eliminate perks 3 Walk around and talk to people 4 Be genuine 5 Have passion ii Marketing and sales abilities to promote your case for change iii Communication skills to help build support for the decision to change 10 Phases for Dealing With Change Anticipation Confrontation Realization Depression Acceptance Enlightenment 11 Attitudes about change a Traditionalist b Maintainer c Adapter d Innovator 12 Alternative Work Styles a Flexible work arrangements i Flextime ii Compressed work schedule THCDQOU39QJ Carol Bazenet Chapter 2 Critical Thinking 1 Of the four conditions in the business world that will most affect how AM s direct activities which two do you think will affect your like the most Why gt V The focus on ethical behavior is the first condition Ibelieve affect me the most Our book describes our reputation as what people think of the way you do business and how they assess your character as a businessperson I believe success can only be justified through good character and high ethics in the workforce The three questions 7 is it legal is it balanced and is it right Should be asked with nearly every project or proposal a business enters into The pressures and demands of profit and success can cloud a person s judgment when we do not make a point to examine our motives A clear ethics policy in place will help me and my coworkers to examine our decisions in the workplace This must be of the highest importance in every level of the workforce in order for it to become a cornerstone for my second condition corporate culture Significance of corporate culture is the second condition Ibelieve will affect me the most Our book describes corporate culture as that invisible driving force that reflects the collective values and behaviors of those associated with the program Iwould greatly want to avoid my staff to feel as though they are in a miserable job They will feel energized and engaged if the right environment is promoted in the workplace I see a relationship in the four functions of management and maintaining a positive corporate culture The planning function relates to hiring winners to begin with Planning coaching opportunities for success is important as well The organizing function relates to clearing a path for success and engaging their spirit I would consider the leading function relating to focus on the deliverables 7 the successes of the employees Finally the controlling function can relate to the commit to renewal ikeeping the employees on track with their jobs and acknowledging their accomplishments as a whole and individually A good manager needs to stay engaged and aware of the overriding corporate culture in order to retain the bright eyes in the office Carol Bazenet 2 Do you believe you would feel comfortable in a mentorprotege relationship as a means of getting ahead on the job Why or why not I would feel comfortable in a mentorprotege relationship as a means of getting ahead on the job In a sense I believe an employee should be able to look to their direct supervisor to some degree in this fashion In many ways I believe the bright eyes in the industry seek out this relationship either in a formal setting or informally I researched the mentorprotege relationship online and found a significant amount of information in regard to businessbusiness relationships There were references to formal agreements and progress reports I also found a good online PDF that was for inhouse mentorprotege relationships The website http www ache orgNEWCLUBCAREERmentoringnetworldmentoring partnershi ppdf includes samples of agreements mentorprotege job descriptions self assessments and final assessments Chapter 5 Administrative Office Management Managing information technology and training in the workplace 1 Networked Systems in the Office a DD h System is a group of parts that are interrelated in such a manner that they form a unified whole and work together to meet a defined need Computer System is a group of computer devices that are connected coordinated and linked in such a way that they work as one to complete a task Network is a body of computers and devices connected together via communication devices and media Modem enables computers to communicate Communication media cables telephone lines cellular radio and satellites Network Administrator provides upgrades and assistance with networking difficulties 2 Networks and virtual business environment a 039 d Virtual Organizations are collaborative networks that make it possible to draw on vital resources as needed regardless of where they are located physically and regardless of who owns them supplier worker or customer Virtual Company or Workplace is where work is performed outside of a defined place Virtual Work is primarily the manufacture retail and distribution of intellectual property The main factor driving businesses towards virtual organizations is the pace of business operations e The virtual workplace offers benefits to organizations such as the opportunity to reduce costs increase productivity and attract and retain employees 3 A Virtual Workforce a This new flexibility reduces commuting time and increases family time for employees i Increased productivity ii Decreased turnover iii Less overhead 4 The Virtual Assistant a An independent entrepreneur who offers business support service in a virtual environment b Used to be known as a home secretarial business c Factors that created the virtual assistant growth of internet changing demographics corporate downsizing and the evolution of telecommuting relationships 5 Desirable traits for successful virtual workers a Trustworthy b Reliable c Independent d Cooperative e Capable of separating personal life from work life f Self motivated g Organized h Knowledgeable about all aspects of the job i Able to solve problems as they arise 6 Technology and Updating Workplace Training Needs a Technology can be viewed as an aid to making a task easier by using equipment and procedures to create process and output information b Process and integrating skills are vital in the fast changing business world we work in today


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