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Business Communication

by: Eleazar Williamson II

Business Communication BCEN 3510

Eleazar Williamson II
GPA 3.63

William Jackson

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About this Document

William Jackson
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eleazar Williamson II on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BCEN 3510 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by William Jackson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/213163/bcen-3510-middle-tennessee-state-university in Entrepreneurship at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Mm Elln Gunny Dunn Lonny Business Communication Process E Product Chapter I Business Effective and Communication l39uxua l l irAJLt Ethical Communication 39 at Work Topics in This Chapter Why You Need to Build Career Skills I Necessary for hiring I A top skill set sought by employers I Critical for promotion I Essential for effective job performance I More important now as a result of technology I Learned through instruction and practice 82720l I 82120 Expectations 0 Workers in Today s WormationAge 39 Work with words gures and data simimmmmm Wl tmlm i i m i im imm w WW quotvii mImmmwmmmm mymwmammmmmm m39 T NEE26 WWWmmmmmmmmmm y mquotjammm waamm Success in the Workplace I Success for you in the new global and diverse workplace requires excellent communication skills The Communication Process Basic Model The Communication Process Expanded Model Encoding Encoding Understanding Understanding Decoding Decoding Person A Person B 82720I I 82720I I Factors That Shape Understanding I Communication climate I Context and setting I Background experiences I Knowledge mood I Values beliefs culture arriers That Create Misunderstandings Bypassing Differing frames of reference Lack of language skills 39 Poor listening skills Emotional interference Physical distractions it Overcoming Barriers That Cause Misunderstandings I Realize that communication is imperfect I Adapt the message to the receiver I Improve your language and listen I Question your preconceptions I Encourage feedback 82720I I Organizational Communication I Functions I Forms I Internal I Oral I External I Written I New emphasis Delivery I Interactive I Electronic I Mobile I Hard copy I Instant Communication and Formal Channels I Written channels I Memos letters I Annual report I Company newsletter I Bulletin board postings I Orientation manual Communication and Formal Channels I Written channels I Memos letters I Annual report I Company newsletter I Bulletin board postings I Orientation manual 82720I I Communication and Formal Channels I Oral channels I Telephone I FaceLoface Conversation I Company meetings I Team meetings Communication and Formal Channels I Electronic channels I Email I Instanttext messaging I Voicemail Wdeoconferencing Blogging Social networks VWkis I Microblogging I Web chat Formal Channels of Information Flow Managers Supervisors Coworkers vendetch 82720I I Formal Channel of Information Flow Managers Supervisors Subordinate Formal Channels of Information Flow Managm Supervisors Subordinate Formal Channels of Information Flow Cawnrkers mman 82720I I Informal Channels of Information Flow he Grapevine I Carry unofficial messages I Flows haphazardly I Can be remarkably accurate I Is mostly disliked by management Thrives where official information is limited Obstacles to the Flow of Organizational Information Lack of trust turf wars fear of reprisal Uneven reward systems Closed communication climate Little official com m unication Obstacles to the Flow of Organizational Information I Topheavy organizational structure I Long lines of communication I Filtering prejudice ego involvement Poor communication skills 82720I I Surmounting Obstacles to Effective Communication I Encourage open trusting environment for interaction and feedbac I Flatten the organizational structure I Provide more information through formal channels Surmounting Obstacles to Effective Communication I Train managers and employees to improve communication skills I Establish hotline and ombudsman programs I Establish fair reward system for individual and team achievement I Encourage full participation in teams Message Distortion Downward Communication Through Five Levels of Manageme t Amounl mowle Understanding Ethical Behavior on the Job C 39L Common Ethical Traps to Avoid on theJob I The false necessity trap convincing yourself that no other choice exists 2 The doctrine of relative filth comparing your unethical behavior with someone else s even more unethical behavior Common Ethical Traps to Avoid on theJob 3 The rationalization trap justifying unethical actions with excuses 4 The selfdeception trap persuading yourself for example that a lie is not really a lie 5 The endsjustifythemeans trap using unethical methods to accomplish a goal 82720I I 82720I I Goals of Ethical Business Communicators I Abide by the law I Tell the truth I Label opinions amp I Be objective I Communicate clearly I Use inclusive language I Give credit Tools for Doing the Right Thing I Is the action you are considering legal I How would you see the problem if you were on the opposite side I What are alternate solutions I Can you discuss the problem with someone you trust I How would you feel if people you care about learned of your action How to Respond Ethically to Gossip Run don39t walk away from anyone gossiping End rumors about odaers Attack rumors about yourself the personal ts you sh e about yourself and keep daem on the 39 i e Avoid any form of coworker belittlement Build coworkers up don39t tear them down


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