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Phonological Disorders

by: Tate McGlynn DVM

Phonological Disorders CDIS 3200

Tate McGlynn DVM
GPA 3.73

Cynthia Ferguson

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About this Document

Cynthia Ferguson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tate McGlynn DVM on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CDIS 3200 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Cynthia Ferguson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/213169/cdis-3200-middle-tennessee-state-university in Communication Disorders & Sciences at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Middle Tennessee State University Spring 2015 Phonological Disorders CDIS 3200001TuesdayThursday 1120 7 1245 BDA 216 CDIS 3200002 TuesdayThursday 100 7 225 BDA 218 Instructor Cindy Ferguson M A CCCSLP Email cindyferg11son mtsuedu please try this rst cell 6154163691 Of ce hoursaddresslocation I do not have an of ce and do not keep of ce hours I will contact you via Pipeline when I need to communicate with you outside of class unless there is an emergency Course Description Required Text PenaBrooks A ampHegde M N 2007 and Treatment of Articulation and P39 39 39 39 Disorders in Children 12 edition Austin TX ProEd Please bring the book to class Required Materials Maj or Field Test information that will be addressed during this semester 0 Phoneme classification including voicing placement and manner 0 Vowel phoneme classi cation including high low front back middle vowels 0 Traditional vs phonological process assessment 0 Phonological intervention approaches 0 Variables related to speech maturity and speech errors Course Policies Class Preparation This class is fact lled but functiondriven If you have not prepared before class by reading the facts the class discussion and activities which will be functionally oriented will be difficult to follow Continuous lack of preparation may quickly be overwhelming Attendance Regular attendance and prompt arrival to class are the minumum expectation Any student who occasionally arrives late should write me a note on a fullsize piece of paper to correct the attendance record Students are responsible for any material covered while absent and they must obtain their handouts and assignments 39om classmatesI will put extra handouts in my box in the SpeechDrama of ce Withdraw ing from Class Full details and dates on drop and withdrawal policies are provided on the MTSU website at www mtsn quot 39 39 39 htm Academic Integrity Academic misconduct is de ned as plagiarism cheating fabrication or facilitating any such act MTSU Rights and Responsibilities of Student pg 5 Please prevent problems by adhering to honorable ethical principles If in doubt please be wise and document appropriately All allegations of academic misconduct will be reported to the department head and assistant dean for Judicial Affairs I will attempt to inform you of the allegation and the subsequent actions All activities unless presented as a group activity are assignments that should be completed individually Cell Phones Please put cell phones away Texting in class will not be tolerated Please notify me if your phone is turned on silent for emergency reasons If an emergency arises I would expect for you to exit quietly Tennessee Lottery ScholarshipDo you have a lottery scholarship To retain the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship eligibility you must earn a cumulative TELS GPA of 275 after 24 and 48 attempted hours and a cumulative TELS GPA of 30 thereafter A grade of C D F FA orI in this class may negatively impact TELS eligibility If you drop this class withdraw or if you stop attending this class you may lose eligibility for your lottery scholarship and you will not be able to regain eligibility at a later timeFor additional Lottery rules please refer to your Lottery Statement of Understanding form httpwwwmtsuedu nancialaidformsLOTFODpdfb or contact your MT One Stop Enrollment Counselor httpwww mtsn quot stop 39 nhn DisabilitiessReasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Middle Tennessee State University is committed to campus access in accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Any student interested in reasonable accommodations can consult the Disability amp Access Center DAC website andor contact the DAC for assistance at 6158982783 or dacemail mtsuedu If you have a disability that may require assistance or accommodation or you have questions related to any accommodation for testing note takers etc please notify me as soon as possible following documentation of the disability Before any accommodations may be made the Office of Disabled Student Services must verify the nature of the disability and recommend the speci c measures that will effectively accommodate the student s needs Inclement Weather We will follow MTSU policy regarding inclement weather see MTSU Homepage Students commuting from communities outside Murfreesboro must contact me TWO hours before class time in case of weather problems in your local area Syllabus Changes I reserve the right to change the syllabus deadlines class calendar and assignments during the semester Students will be notified about all changes as they occur Method of Evaluating Student Performance There will be 565 total points available Grading will be based on the percentage of points earned 1 Classroom quizzes and activities are worth 50 points The quizzes will be averaged after dropping the lowest 3 scores The classroom activites will be averaged The quiz average will be 75 2 Homework activities done well and turned in at the beginning of class will count for a total of 180 points It should be noted that there are some required lowcost supplies needed for these assignments which are tied into your grade These supplies should be brought to class every classNoteLate assignments are discouraged The first day an assignment is late will lower the grade by 50 After the first late day the assignment will not be accepted 2 There is 1 small group activity worth 100 points Each group will be given a list of targeted phonemes After reviewing appropriate references the group will identify the 3 best elicitation techniques and provide the appropriate documentation The second portion of this assignment is a collection of references that will aid the SLP during a phonological evaluation This will be turned in a 3prong folder 3 There are 4 tests that total 300points 927 100 A 517 565 points 82 7 91 B 461 7 516points 70 7 81 C 393 7 460points 60 7 69 D 337 7 392points Below 60 F 336points and below Voicing Manner Placement Yes or Stop Fricative Nasal Glide Liquid Liquid Affricate Bilabial Lingua Labio Lingua Lingua Velar Glottal


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