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Phonological Disorders

by: Tate McGlynn DVM

Phonological Disorders CDIS 3200

Tate McGlynn DVM
GPA 3.73

Kay Garrard

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About this Document

Kay Garrard
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tate McGlynn DVM on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CDIS 3200 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Kay Garrard in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/213171/cdis-3200-middle-tennessee-state-university in Communication Disorders & Sciences at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Ashlee Searer ARTICULATION amp PHONOLOGICAL EVALUATION REPORT Names are not true identities NAME Alice Colequotr Allie PARENT Sara amp Bob Colequotr GENDER Female ADDRESS 511 Brick Ave BIRTH DATE 41008 Belk TN 37501 AGE AT EVAL 4 years 10 months PHONE 6154822154 DATE OF EVAL 21513 REFERRED BY Dan Waverly MD EVALUATED BYSteve Moore CCCSLP Belk TN 37501 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM At the parents request Alice Allie Cole was referred to the MTSU Clinic by Dr Dan Waverly pediatrician in Belk TN Dr Waverly as well as her parents noted that Allie age 4 years 10 months exhibits immature speech HISTORICAL INFORMATION The case history form was completed by Allie s mother Sara Cole The pregnancy birth and motor development were typical Allie had one serious ear infection at age 1 in her right ear but hearing remained normal Allie passed a hearing screening administered in Dr Waverly s office at age 4 years Mrs Cole reported that around 212 years of age Allie s hearing seemed later than the neighborhood children but she assumed Allie would outgrow it There are no known food allergies for the client but her eyes water when she is exposed to fragrances such as candles She had moderate cooing but little babbling At age 2 Alice used her first word meaningfully which was dahdah for doggie By age 3 she was beginning to use sentences but these were incomplete sentences No other delays have been noted by Mrs Cole but she did note that Allie is not concerned with her speech except when her mother corrected her Ashlee Searer Phonological Evaluation Allie Cole Page 2 The mother states that compared to her brother J er39r39y s development Allie s development was similar for the age range but Alice was not as shy as Jerry Jerry age 8 who had a history of frequent ear infections exhibits some speech errors and attends speech therapy at his school Belk Elementary for r and H Allie s social development is typical She plays well with other children The mother noted she is friendly talkative and easygoing The client attends Berry Preschool where her teacher is Ms Eva Frost EVALUATION RESULTS Traditional Phoneme Analysis Allie s performance on the Goldman Fristoe 2 Test of Articulation GFT indicated a significant delay in developing speech sounds She scored 55 errors which converted to a percentile rank of lt1 The speech sound errors included the following Substitution Errors the substitution error precedes the slash Word initial position bp bm bn tk tf tC t hl wr dj bl bv ts bZ d Word medial position kg pf ma tC t ml dj tv ms dZ d Word final position np kg tk tf dt tC t f bv ps Omission Errors Word medial as in wi in Word final b as in club d as in sound 1 as in bowl Consonant blends bwbl drbr dwdr w fwfr gwgl dwgr tkl tkr pwpl wsl psp tst tsw ttr Phonetic Symbols Key Csh ch jj as in loin voiceless th voiced th an as in king Ashlee Searer Phonological Evaluation Allie Cole Page 3 PI 1 I Process Analvsis39 Allie sl 39 39 of whole words were transcribed compared to accurate productions and coded according to phonological process patterns The following processes were found to be prevalent in Allie s speech 1 Stopping Several initial medial and nal fricatives were replaced by stops house Jump 4 L 4 Iquot L 39 39439 39 39 J quLl t wwb 0 mt 03m JW ppm p 2 Cluster reduction Many clusters were reduced to their marked segment stars gtLahg clown gtgawn 3 Liquid simplification 1 Gliding Many liquids were replaced by glides plane m ane rabbita abbit ringa ing 10 Vowelization Syllabic or postvocalic liquids were replaced by vowels girl gtguhl zipper gtbippuh feathEerdu h Although Allie presented other phonological errors their occurrences were too infrequent to indicate any specific patterns Permanta P of Correct Whulu Word Allie s J of correct a consonants was 53 and her whole word accuracy was 3 Stimulability Allie imitated initial p m n kl at the syllable level She imitated final p b at the word level She could not imitate lg fin any position All other positions for previous consonants were not imitated correctly Other consonants and blends were not attempted at this time Ashlee Searer Phonological Evaluation Allie Cole Page 4 Connected Speech Allie s sentences were difficult to understand without context but single words were intelligible Orofacial examination The results of an examination of structural and functional aspects of Allie s speech mechanism were typical She still has her baby teeth No significant problems were noted Mrs Cole was in the room during the exam Allie received puzzle pieces as rewards for cooperation Behavior Allie was very cooperative She exhibited a good attention span throughout the testing period She was also very talkative


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