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World Civilization I: Week Four Notes

by: Caspar Snyder

World Civilization I: Week Four Notes 17189

Marketplace > University at Buffalo > University Studies > 17189 > World Civilization I Week Four Notes
Caspar Snyder
GPA 3.8
World Civilization I
Timothy Boyd

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About this Document

This week we continue going through the Greek timeline. Wars are happening and feuds develop! Who owns Greece now? And who is this Alexander fellow?
World Civilization I
Timothy Boyd
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caspar Snyder on Friday September 19, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 17189 at University at Buffalo taught by Timothy Boyd in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 79 views. For similar materials see World Civilization I in University Studies at University at Buffalo.

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Date Created: 09/19/14
World Civilization I Week Four Notes As the Greek Dark Ages ended city states began to grow and expand to all points of the compass 0 Through the Mediterranean Sea and north cast into the Black Sea 0 But maybe go first to the coast of Asia Minor 0 No concept of time 0 Slow 0 Used sun Each polis citystate had daughter cities 0 Metropolis mother citystate Polis 3 kinds of rule Oligarchy 0 Rule of few Monarchy 0 Rule by one 0 Dual monarchy Sparta Democracy 0 Ruled by people 0 Restricted to White male land owners above a certain age Corinth oligarchy Acropolis 0 High up on cliffs 0 Long journey Old temples 0 Made out of Wooden columns Sparta dual monarchy Militarized state 0 Slept with spears in hand Vast slave population 0 They took care of the crops and cattle so the soldiers could focus on training Athens Old literaturelanguage derived here 0 5th century BCE Do everything important to the public 0 The rich had to contribute Black Sea Benefits the Greeks 0 Vast treasure for timber grain olive oil and Wine 0 Civilized the area As the Greeks move east into Asia Minor they might just bump into someone moving Westward 0 In the latter part of the 500s 0 It was the Persians Past 540 BCE Cyrus the Great united Persians and Medes and set conquest in motion 0 Satraps to govern provinces 0 Two demands the two T5 0 Troops and taxes Persians Very ambitious Spread to Libya Take Greek cities of Asia Minor Ca 500 BCE 0 Revolt of Greek Asia Minor colonies o Tried for help from mother cities I Denied I Only Athens really provided aid When Persians gain control they remember this 0 What Athens did 490 BCE 15 Persian attack on Greece Attica Cavalry horses and oceans don t mix 0 Larsia is a huge green area for horses 0 Random fact 0 Persians need somewhere to store horses 15 and only battle 0 Marathon 0 Athenian Victory Weapons Shield 0 Front for lines Helmet 0 Chin strap and padding Spear 0 Flat blade for stabbing 0 Sharp thin end for stabbing into ground for rest support or slanted in ground to dissuade horses Blade wide broad sword 0 Used to push against enemies 0 Stab hole in their lungs Persians don t forget loss 10 years pass new King Xerxes decides to squash Greece 0 Giant expedition 0 Million man march 0 Collect big eets along the way o Everyone gives in 480 BCE attack 15 battle at Thermopylae 0 300 Spartan soldiers are sent to delay attack o Ps movie is not accurate Gallant defeat for Greeks but big comeback soon after at the Battle of Salamis 0 Greek victory 0 Persians leave big garrison 0 King goes home 479 BCE Platae 0 Final Persian defeat o Now fired up the Greeks I Want to sail to Asian Minor and free it Athens propose a league of poleis Delian League 0 Difficulty was jealousy between Athens who controlled the sea and Sparta who controlled the land Athenians 0 Extremely ambitious 0 Delian League soon became Athenian Empire Now from 459 445 begins a cold war between Athens and Sparta Hot War 431 404 BCE In the hot war Peloponnesian War Sparta wins on land but Athens keeps the sea open How do you beat Athens 1 A year round siege 2 Get bigger navy 0 Persians helped 404 BCE Athens surrenders 0 Token big holes in long walls Now Sparta rules but for how long 0 And who are these Macedonians people are beginning to talk about Sparta is replaced by Thebes after 371 BCE Macedonians appear from the North with a lot of horses and a lot of people Macedonia Kingdom under Phillip the II Rich in grain pasture land horses gold and silver 0 Cavalry How to become as Greek as the other Greeks Try using wealth and a sense of what s important 0 Games and religion 0 Olympia I Phillip Wants more and aims to control Greece 0 Makes the others really nervous I Thebes and Athens form a league against Phillip 338 BCE Chaeronea Phillip defeats the league with the help of his son Alexander the Great 0 Cavalry is led by Alex 0 No stirrups After 338 BCE Phillip has plans 1 Own Greece 2 Wants Persia He has had many Wives and thus many offspring 0 Alexander was the 1 son 0 His mom Olympias got tiresome I Phillip Wanted to get rid of her Aristotle Alex s teacher should have Warned Phillip about getting rid of her 336 BCE Phillip is murdered at daughter s wedding Alex now rules the Whole of Greece 0 Decides that it s just a little too small 334 BCE Alex invades Persia 330 BCE Alex owns Persian Empire 0 Very good at reading the ground and using it against the enemy 0 Excellent general Why stop there 330 324 BCE Alex moves east towards India 323 BCE Babylon 0 New centered capital Alex almost without heirs When he dies in 323 BCE no one knows what s going to happen To whom will you leave your empire Master 0 To the strongest Alex s generals quickly broke up the empire 0 Ptolemy takes Egypt 0 Antigonus takes West 0 Seleucus takes East 0 They fight for about 100 years To Greece Greece Hellas Greeks Hellenes Greek stuff Hellenistic Hellenistic Era Greek speaking governments with Greek ideas of bureaucracy taxes etc 0 Set on top of local populations Assimilation 0 Temples built to join gods 0 Businesses continue but with increase in stability o Rapidly growing and prosperous World of goods and ideas Polis acropolis temples and agoras get additions 0 Government buildings 0 Theatres 0 Odious concert halls 0 Gyms 0 Horse racing courses 0 Stoas 0 Ex Ephesus


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