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Outdoor Pursuits Education

by: Lilliana Corkery

Outdoor Pursuits Education REC 3570

Lilliana Corkery
GPA 3.94

Drew Cavin

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About this Document

Drew Cavin
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lilliana Corkery on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REC 3570 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Drew Cavin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/213193/rec-3570-middle-tennessee-state-university in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
REC 3570 Outdoor Pursuits Spring 2010Tuesday 240540AMG 2 19 Professor Dr Drew Cavin 0fficeAMG 203 Office Telephone 9048478 Email dcavinmtsuedu OFFICE HOURS M W R 9301130 T 122 or by appointment Course Description Concentration on developing student s ability in adventure based recreation and education Emphasis placed on learning how to implement an outdoor pursuit experience for oneself and others Both on and off campus experiences will be conducted and may involve dayovernight camping canoeing kayaking rock climbing rapelling caving ropes courses and orienteering Reguired Text Blanchard Strong and Ford 2007 Leadership and Administration of Outdoor Pursuits Third Edition Recommended Text Harvey Mark 1999 The NOLS Wilderness Guide Homan Tim 2 000 Hiking Trails of the Cohutta and Big Frog Wilderness this is bookis only available used but usually for under 1 shipping Course Objectives Discuss and explain the field of outdoor leadership 2 Apply Outdoor Leadership theory and philosophy in the field 3 Lead outdoor programs to gain handson teaching experience 4 Understand group process and dynamics 5 Plan all aspects of an adventure education experience a Food planning b Logistics 0 Risk management 6 Understand hazards and risks associated with adventure programming 7 Understand administrative aspects of adventure programming 8 Utilize teaching methods specific for educating people in the wilderness environment 9 Understand and Practice Leave No Trace camping techniques Important Notes This class requires attendance and participation in one five nightsix day field trip and 1 extended weekend trip The dates for these trips are as follows March 2428 Backpacking April 1718 Kayaking A fee of 125 is required for participation in the courseThis class will require a certain level ofphysical fitness You should begin a regimen of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning ifyou are not already on one Talk to me ifyou need suggestions Course Calendar dates and topics are subject to change Date Topic Reading Assignment activities 119 Course intro Ch 1 amp 2 Get to know you History of Outdoor ereading Leaders p 126 Hazards in the Ch 8 15 Get in LOD groups outdoors ereading Look at routes Expedition planning 22 Administrative Ch 6 7 9 10 BudgetRisk management plan aspectsRisk management 29 Gear day NOLS hook Ch 3 Gear explosion gear list BRING YOUR amp 4 GEAR 216 Food planning and NOLS hook Ch Cooking on camp stoves cooking in the 11 backcountry 223 LNT Map and Ch 3 4 20 Class Barfield Crescent compass NOLS hook Ch 8 LNT presentations 32 Map and compass Class Barfield Crescent cont Orienteering excercise 3 16 Experiential CH 16 ereading Blister kit pace assignment due Education 323 Leadershipteaching Ch 1114 LOD group exercises in the wilderness March 2428 Mandatory Backpacking Trip Cohutta Wilderness 330 No class Roll clinic TBA 46 Trip debrief Dr Roll clinic TBA Cavin s house 413 Whitewater CH 19 Roll Clinic TBA ARriI 1718 Whitewater ka akin tri 42 7 Written Test Iournals due Class debrief Course Evaluation and Grading Percent Assignments Pace assignment With a 20 pound or more backpack on walk at least 4 miles at a regular pace You should keep track of exactly how far you walk and exactly how long it takes you You can do this anywhere a dirt trail with elevation gainloss would be ideal but you could do it on the Stones River Greenway if you like It would be a good idea to do this with your hiking boots that you plan to take on the trip on in order to break them in Turn in a description of your hike with your pace calculated in MPH Blister kit You will need to prepare a personal blister kit for the trip containing the following Moleskin 1 package Molefoam 1 package Small scissors this may be part ofa multitool Tincture ofbenzoin you may have to look hard for this one Athletic tape or duct tape Betadyne this is a disinfectant LNT Presentations Each group will be required to present on one of the seven leave no trace principles These presentation must incorporate a creative form of experiential learning Each presentation will be 1520 minutes Knot of the week In each class period we will learn a new handy knot The student will need to acquire a 810 foot long piece of nylon cordage commonly called p cord The ideal cord would be 57 millimeters in diameter A sheathed nylon climbing style cord is preferred You need something that is supple enough to tie all the knots ournal Each student will be required to keep a journal of their thoughts and re ections over the course of the class and the trips At least one entry per weekday is required although more are encouraged The student will turn in the journal at the end of the course The journal is designed to help the student process the experience and think critically ab out themselves and the trip Roll Clinics and climbing wall Students are encouraged to take part in roll clinics and climbing wall hours offered by the Middle Tennessee Outdoor Pursuits program Course Policies and Procedures Participation Participants are expected to be fully engaged in discussions case studies and application activities Full participation in the class is deemed to mean having read the assignments in advance and actively pursuing discussion or activities in a meaningful manner Class members are expected to regularly initiate dialogue on issues concerns possible applications and or solutions Quality of participation is more important than quantity but you must demonstrate that you have an understanding of the course materials Occupying a seat in the room does not equal participation The instructor reserves the right to award up to ve percentage points of extra credit for exceptional class participation Attendance A student is expected to attend each class for which he she is registered except in cases of 39J 39 Class J will be monitored during the term Students who are reported for non attendance will be assigned a grade of F to appear on their transcripts and non attendance will be reported to the appropriate agencies Distribution of future nancial aid will be suspended if applicable Undergraduate Catalog There willbe no test or class assignment make ups due to class absence except at the discretion of the instructor Extreme illness or emergencies as well as other reasons appropriate according to University policies will be considered Students are responsible for any materials missed due to absence Students with more than one unexcused absence may have their final grade reduced by five percentage points for each additional unexcused absence Late Assignments All assignments must be turned in at the beginning of class on the day due If you come into class late your assignment is late Early submission of assignments is welcome Point deductions for assignments turned in after the indicated due date and time will be calculated as follows One day following assignment by 400 pm 10 deduction Two days following assignment by 400 pm 20 deduction Three days following assignment consideration only grade of 0quot assigned Internet And Email Requirements This course will be webenhancedquot and willbe supported through Pipeline All students enrolled in this course will be required to maintain and use an MTSU email account This account will be used for instructor student communication in addition to delivery of some course materials Assignments via Email With advanced permission of the instructor students may be allowed to turn in assignments by e mail Please note and follow these guidelines Ensure that you use Word or a rich text format for attachments Be sure that you do not have any computer virus issues Save your original sent email in your sent folderquot and print a hard copy of your e mail and attachments so that you can document the time and date stamp of the sent email Iwill try to send you a con rmation that I have received and can read the assignment however this may not always be possible It is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment is in the possession of the instructor You are also always welcome to turn in an additional hard copy of the assignment Written Assignments Written assignments should be doublespaced with a 12 point font and one inch margins The report should be well written and free of spelling and grammatical errors I strongly encourage you to have classmates review your work prior to the initial submission Please contact the writing lab located in 325 Peck Hall ifyou need assistance with your writing 9048237 F 39 39 and Student nnipc For your protection students will keep copies of any material submitted as part of this course In the event that a question arises regarding the submission of material the student will be able to produce material as needed Any returned materials shall be retained by the student In the event that a discrepancy arises in grading the student39s graded assignment will be reviewed and used as the source to correct any grading discrepancies The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students receive credit as appropriate for their work with no later questions or misunderstandings Instructor Retention of Materials Student materials are subject to retention by the instructor Retained materials may serve as examples of student work and projects Academic Hanesgu Academic misconduct is not tolerated in this course The guidelines set by the University will be followed in instances of academic misconduct It is expected that all work you complete for this course is your own You are expected to include appropriate citations when applicable in all of your 4


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