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General Chemistry II

by: Justus Shields

General Chemistry II CHEM 1120

Justus Shields
GPA 3.69

Earl Pearson

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About this Document

Earl Pearson
Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Justus Shields on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1120 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Earl Pearson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see /class/213199/chem-1120-middle-tennessee-state-university in Chemistry at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
CHEM 11101 120 ACS FINAL REVIEW A set of 120 multiple choice questions WITH ANSWERS Which answer has the correct number of signi cant gures a 1133 13745941 1350 0654 39986271268 08293 c 1004 9289301021 d 21356 31264124524226 An element E has two isotopes E69 68936 604 13 71 70985 396 What is the atomic weight of E 69747 b 70174 c 69721 d 69961 The ions 39K 40Ca2 803 all have the same number of electrons and protons protons and neutrons electrons and neutrons protons only All of the following scientists were involved in determining the structural features and properties of the atom except Rutherford Thomson Millikan Dalton A compound contains 369 N and 631 0 Its emperical formula is NO N204 N203 N02 How many atoms of hydrogen are contained in 12 g of C3H3 44 x 1024 1 7 C0g 2 H2g CH30H1 has a 72 yield To produce 222 g of CH30H requires how many grams of hydrogen 278g b 385 g c 200g d 139g Mg3N2ltsgt 6 H200 9 3 MgOH2aqgt 2NH3g molar masses Mg3N2 1009 H20 180 Mg0H2 583 NH3 170 In order to pmduce 6739 2 L Of NH3 at STP What Weight 0f Mg3N2 would be required mvsl 5113 2331 mm L511 L a 303 g 151 g b 202 g 11 673 g Mg3N2S 6 H200 3 MgOH2aq 2 NH3g V molar masses Mg3N2 1009 H20 180 Mg0H2 583 20 101 0f Mg3N2 and 90 mol of H20 produce how grams of NH3 680 g MO r v 11 510 g d C ii z fw 71 S 2 Agaq C32aq 9 Ag2C03S What volume of 0144 M Ag would be required to stoichiometrically precipitate 720 mL of 0048 M C032 a 240 mL c 120 mL b 108 mL d 480 mL The average velocity of a gas is proportional to a the square root of its temperature b the square of it 5 temperature c its temperature 1 the cube of its temperature 20 L of neon at 100 atm and 30 L of argon at 125 atm are put into a 50 L container The nal pressure is a 150 atm 115 atm b 110 atm d 225 atm A What pressure is exerted by 10 g of helium in a 80 L container at 500 0C a 13 X 102 atm c 13 atm b 20 x 102 atm a 20 atm r A gas occupies 245 L at 25 0C and a pressure of 45 atm What volume will the gas occupy at 300 atm and 400 K a 493 L c 122 L b 219 L d 274 L 125 mL of S02 gas effuses through a pinhole in 135 sec What is the molecular weight of a second gas if 125 mL of it same T and P require 185 sec c 120 d 88 Two 10 L asks are lled with N2 and 02 respectively at STP Which statement best describes the gases a Each ask has the same number of molecules and has the same average kinetic energy per molecule b Each ask has the same average kinetic energy per molecule and the same average velocity per molecule c Each ask has the same number of molecules and has the same average velocity per molecule d The density of each gas is the same Determine the heat of reaction for the combustion of 1 mole of ethylene C2H4 C2H4g 3 0205 9 2 C02g 2 H200 Compound AHfo kJmol C2H4g 52 C02g H200 a 1 3 08 b 732 c 628 d 1412 Determine the heat of reaction for the production of one mole of CH4 by the reaction 2 Clts 2 H20g 399 CH4g C02ltggt from the data Cs H20g 9 H2g C0g AHO Gong CH4g 2 Hm 2 cow AHquot 247 kJ 509kJ 116kJ 378kJ 15kJ How much heat is required to raise the temperature of 40 g of Nickel speci c heat 045 Jg 0C from 20 C to 50 0C a 060 J c 90 J b 54 J d 036 J AHf0 for N02g would be equal to the heat of reaction for which of the following reactions a NOg 12 02g 39 N02g b 12 N2g 02g N02ltggt c Ng 02g 9 N02g d Ng 2 0g 9 N02g Which electronic transition for an electron in a hydrogen atom represents the greatest amount of absorbed energy anlton2 cn2tonl bn8ton10 dn10ton8 What is the correct electronic con guration for the ground state of chromium a Ar3d6 c Ar3d4 b Ar4sl3d5 d Ar4s13p33d2 What is the correct electronic con guration for the ground state of the hypothetical Fe4 ion a Ar4sz3d6 0 Ar 3d4 b Ar4sl3d2 d Ar4s23d1 Which of the following electronic con gurations represents an exicted state a Ne3sl c Ar4s24p2 b Ne3523p1 d 152252 The four quantum numbers that could identify the third 2p electron in the uorine atom are n 1 m1 mS 1 12 1 12 0 The correct comparison of the magnitude of the rst ionization potentials for Br Li and As would be a lithium is less than Br but arsenic is greater that Br b lithium and arsenic both are greater than Br 0 lithium is greater than Br but arsenic is less that Br 1 lithium and arsenic both are less than Br Which set of rankings according to size is correct a K gt C139 and C139 gt C1 b K gt C1 and Cl39 lt Cl C K lt Cl39 and C1 lt C1 d K lt Cl39 and C139 gt C1 Which ranking according to size is correct a Li gt Be gt L1 gt Be2 b Be gt Li gt Be2 gt Li 0 Be gt Li gt Li gt Be2 d Li gt Be gt Be2 gt Li The percent ionic characterpercent covalent character varies from compound to compound Choose the compound with the highest covalent character and the one with the highest ionic character from PbBr2 MgCl2 C02 and 03 a 03 most covalent PbBr2 most ionic b CO2 most covalent PbBr2 most ionic c CO2 most covalent MgCl2 most ionic d 03 most covalent MgCl2 most ionic The number of unpaired electron spins in the rst excited state of beryllium is al c3 b2 d4 Which molecule has polar bonds but is itself not polar a BCl3 C C12 b NCl3 d ClBr The Lewis structure or a resonance structure for the chlorite ion ClOz39 would show that the central chlorine atom has a 4 bond pairs 1 lone pair b 4 bond pairs 0 lone pairs 0 3 bond pairs 1 lone pair d 2 bond pairs 2 lone pairs The Lewis structure or a resonance structure of the NO ion when compared with that of N02quot ion would allow one to deduce that the NO bond is a longer and stronger in N02 b shorter and stronger in N02 c longer and weaker in N02 d shorter and weaker in N02 Predict the bond angles around C in ethylene H2CCH2 a 90 O c 120 0 b 109 0 d 180 The molecular shape of SF6 would be a octahedral c trigonal bipyramidal b tetrahedral d hexahedral The molecualr shape of the chlorate ion ClO339 ion is a tetrahedral c trigonal planar b trigonal pyramidal d bentshaped The geometry of 802 is a tetrahedral c trigonal pyramidal b trigonal planar d Vshaped The central atom would use sp2 type hybrid bonding orbitals in which compound a 03 c NH3 b H30 d NH4 In acetlyene HCCH there would be 3 sigma and 1 pi bond 4 sigma and 1 pi bond 5 sigma and 2 pi bonds 3 sigma and 2 pi bonds 40 Referring to the phase diagram for CO2 shown below If one were to convert C02 from a state of 12 atm and 150 K to a state of 220 K and 12 atm by gradually increasing the temperature while maintaining the pressure at a constant 12 atm one would observe that a solid C02 melts to form liquid C02 b solid C02 sublimes directly to gaseous C02 without melting c liquid C02 vaporizes to form liquid C02 d solid C02 melts to form liquid C02 which vaporizes to form gaseous C02 The substance with the highest vapor pressure at 90 C is a Ne c C12 b F2 1 Ar The substance with the highest boiling point is a Ne c HCl b HF d He In a facecentered cubic lattice an atom positioned at the corner of a unit cell is shared equally by how many unit cells 4 8 a 1 c b 2 d Which of the following species is essentially insoluble in water CH30H CH30CH3 CH4 NH4C1 a CH30H c CH4 b CH30CH3 d NH4Cl Use the following data for the next two questions H20 MW 180 density 100 gmL C2H50H MW 460 density 078 gmL Suppose 40 mL of C2H50H were mixed with 100 mL of water What is the weight percent ww of C2H50H a 24 c 31 b 40 d 29 What is the mole fraction of C2H50H a 007 c 017 b 011 d 014 An aqueous formic acid solution HCOOH MW 460 is 360 HCOOH and has a density of 19858 gmL What is the molarity of HCOOH in this solution a 139 b 78 Which of the following aqueous solutions would be a nonconductor of electricity a 005 M Na2804 c 005 M CuNO32 b 005 M NH3 d 005 M CH30H 30 mL of 090 M NaCl added to 20 mL of H20 will produce an NaCl concentration of a 054 M c 060 M b 036M d 063 M Calculate the freezing point of a solution made by dissolving 190 g of caffeine molar mass 194 gmole in 250 g of benzene molar mass 780 gmole The freezing point depression constant for benzene is 510 K m39l The freezing point of benzene is 550 0C a 016 C 0 534 0C b 350 C 1 200 0C Which of the following aqueous solutions would have the highest boiling point a 010 m C6H1206 c 012 m NaCl b 012 m NH3 d 010 In MgClz I I I I I I I P l I I I I I 5 I I An animal cell assumes its normal volume when in a solution of 030 M glucose If the cell is placed in a solution of 015 M glucose the net effect will be for water to leave the cell glucose to leave the cell water to enter the cell glucose to enter the cell Calculate the vapor pressure of an aqueous solution at 60 0C containing 100 g of the nonvolatile ethylene glycol molar mass 620 gmol in 500 g of water molar mass 180 gmole The vapor pressure of water at 60 C is 150 torr a 164 torr c 136 torr b 142 torr d 132 torr The freezing point of a solution of 800 g of X a nonelectrolyte in 100 g of water is 0930 0C Kf 186 for water The molecular weight of X is a 160 c 80 b 120 d 40 For the reaction 2 N02 03 N205 the rate law is rate kN02X03y From the following data determine the x and y exponents N020 03o Initial rate 200 M 100 M 10 x 105 Msec 200 M 20 x 105 Msec 400 M 20 x 105 Msec a cx2y1 b dX139y2 9 For the reaction A Products which plot would be typical for a second order reaction 1 a A c logA b log A 4 d A 1quot I I I I I I I P I I I I I I I I I 57 m 9 U 0 ox 9 The reaction 2 H202aq 2 H200 02g is a rst order process with a halflife of 20 min at 55 0C If one starts with a concentration of 0144 M H202ltaq what will be the ocncentration of H202aq after 60 minutes have elapsed a 0048 M b 0036 M c 0024 M d 0018 M The rate law for a reaction is rate kCHC13C12U2 If one halved the concentration of CHC13 and tripled the concentration of C12 then the new rate would be 15 times as fast as the previous rate 087 times as fast as the previous rate 45 times as fast as the previous rate 18 times as fast as the previous rate For the reaction H2g Br2g 2 HBr the following mechanism has been proposed Br2g ltgt 2 Brg very fast equilibrium 3 H2g gt HBrltggt Hg 510W Hg Br2g gt HBrg Brg very fast Which rate law could be derived from the above mehanism a rate kH2Br12 b rate kH2 Br c rate kH2 d rate kBr2 A catalyst speeds up a chemical reaction by increasing the activation energy decreasing the activation energy providing an alternate reaction mechanism all of the above abc C02g 2 ltgt ClzCOg H20g The equilibrium of this exothermic reaction shifts to the left if catalyst is removed water is removed pressure is decreased temperature is decreased At some temperature 0120 moles of NOBr was placed in a 0400 L container and it is decomposed as 2 NOBrg ltgt 2 NOg Br2g At equilibrium 0090 moles of NOBr remained What is the value of Kc a 4210393 c 17 x10 3 b 83 x10393 d 33 x 10393 Pure PC15 is allowed to come to equilibrium PC15ltg ltgt PC13ltggt C1205 If Kc 40 and at equilibrium there are 16 moles of PC15 in a 40 L continer then the equilibrium concentration of C12 will be a 10 M c 40 M b 20 M d 80M The solubility product constant for NiOH2s is 16 X 1039 What is the molar solubility of NiOH2 a 13x 10397 b 25x10395 32x10396 16x 10395 Which of the following changes will increase the value of Kc for the reaction 2 SO2g 02 ltgt 2 SO3g AH 200 k lower temperature and increase pressure increase pressure lower temperature increase temperature and increase pressure 6quot I I I I I I I P I I I I I I 39o I I o 9 ox gt1 as 9 as gt9 1 O For the reaction 2 802g 02g ltgt 2 sow AH 200 kJ to increase the equilibrium yield of SO3 once could increase the temperature and decrease the pressure decrease the temperature and decrease the pressure increase the temperature and increase the pressure decrease the temperature and increase the pressure For the reaction 2 NOg C12g 2 NOClg AHquotrxn 378 kJmol AS l 17 JmolK As the temperature increases for this reaction AS0 becomes less negative or more positive AG0 becomes less negative or more positive AH becomes less negative or more positive AS0 becomes more negative or less positive Which of the following processes or reactions would have the largest positive entropy change a H20 9 H20g b H200 H20g C 3 02g 9 2 03g d 2 ClFg Clug F2ltggt At 298 K for 2 Nog 01m 2 Nocrg AHquotrxn 378 kJmol AS l 17 JmolK The reaction would be spontaneous under standard conditions at 298 K The reaction would be nonspontaneous under standard conditions at 298 K The reaction would be at equilibrium at 298 K if all gases were at 1 atm pressure One cannot predict whether or not this reaction will be spontaneous under standard conditions at 298 K One cannot use thermodynamics to predict for a reaction the equilibrium constant speed of the reaction maximum amount of work available feasibility of the reaction Dissolving solid sodium hydroxide in water raises the temperature of the system For this dissolving process AH is negative and AS is negative AH is positive and AS is positive AH is positive and AS is negative AH is negative and AS is positive In the risible reaction H2PO439 OH39 ltgt HPO4239 The Bronsted acids are a OH and HPO4239 b H2PO439 and HPO4239 c H2P0439 and H20 1 0H39 and H20 The conjugate base of the bicarbonate ion is a CH b C03239 0 H2C03 d HC0339 C1203 is the anhydride of a HC104 b HC103 c HC102 d HClO Which of the following is the strongest Bronsted acid a HC2H302 b H20 c HC2H2F02 d NH3 i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 39o I I l 9 AlCl3 would best t the classi cation of Lewis acid Lewis base BronstedLowry acid BronstedLowry base A 030 M weak monoprotic acid solution produces a concentration of H 68 x 10395 Ka for this acid is a 1510 8 b 68x10395 c 46x10399 d 23x 10394 The pH of a 020 M solution of a monoprotic acid HX is 415 What is the value of Ka for this acid a 25 x 10398 b 10 x 10399 c 50 x 10399 d 50 x 10398 Which of the following pairs could be added to 10 L of water to prepare a buffer solution a 1 mole of HC2H302 and 1 mole of HCl b 1 mole of NH3 and 05 mole of NaOH c 1 mole of HC2H302 and 05 mole of NaOH d 1 mole of NH4C1 and 1 mole of HCl Which of the following solutions would have the lowest pH a 010 M NH4C1 b 010 M NH4OH 010 M NaCl 010 M NaC2H302 Ka for HC2H302 is 178 x 10395 at a certain temperature What would be the pH of a solution consisting of 00250 M of HC2H302 and 00150 M NaC2H3Oz 318 453 375 497 The titration curve shown in the gure below represents the titration of 25 mL of an unknown acid with 010 M NaOH The unknown acid could be identi ed as a weak monoprotic acid a strong monoprotic acid a diprotic acid a triprotic acid 010 20 30 40 SI 50 mL of 01 0M NaOH added What is the pOH of a solution labeled as 030 M NH4Cl a 612 b 871 c 529 d 488 Calculate the pH of a 10 M solution of sodium acetate a b c 1 Kb 17 x10395 forNH3 Ka 17 x 10395 for acetic acid For HF the pKa is 317 The pH of a buffer solutionthat is 0400 M in HF and 0100 M in KF IS a 1143 b 257 I I I I I I I I0 I I I I I I I I I When the equation Brz KOH MnBrz MnOz KBr H20 is balanced with the smallest integer coef cients the coef cient of H20 is After Balancing the ionic equation MnO439 C139 H Mn2 C12 H20 the sum of the simplest set of integer coef cients of the six substances would be The pH of a 15 X 10393 M CaOH2 solution would be 282 252 1 118 1 148 The oxidation state of Mn in CaMnO4 is 2 6 7 4 For the cell Ag I Ag I I Br 39 I Br I Pt which will increase the voltage most double Ag triple Br 39 remove 75 of the Ag electrode halve Ag l2 BI 21 e39 9 Br E0 107 V Zn2 2 e39 9 Zn 13 O76 v The standard voltage of thi galvanic cell formed from the ZnZn2 and Br quotBrz couples would be equal to l38v 259V 183v 031v Cd2 2e39 Cd E 040 v Ni2 2e39 Ni E o25 v For the cell Cd39s ICd2a 210x10 4 I I Ni2a010 I Nis What is the emf E of the above cell 024 v 007 V 045 v 030 v For the galvanic cell Cd ICd2a o10 I I Ni2a010 I Ni as the cell discharges a Electrons ow through the external circuit from the nickel electrode to the cadmium electrode b The concentration of cadmium ions increases Positive ions move through the cell toward the cadmium electrode The voltage increases If 150 amp of current are passed for 965 minutes through molten MgClz how many moles of Mga are produced a 15x10393 b 75x10394 0 900x10392 1 45 x 10392 Sn2 2 e39 399 Sns Sn4 2cquot Sn2 Cu2 2 e39 Cu Which species is the best reducing agent a Cu2 b Sn2 0 Sn d Cus Note the date in the previous question and then consider the following two reactions at standard concentrations 1 2 Sn2 Sns Sn4 2 Cu Sn2 8115 Both reaction 1 and reaction 2 are spontaneous Neither reaction 1 nor reaction 2 is spontaneous Reaction 1 only is spontaneous Reaction 2 only is spontaneous In the reaction 4 C102g 4 H202aq 4 KOH 9 4 KClOzltaq 6 H200 3 02g the oxidizing agent is a C102 b H202 c KOH d 02 Neutron bombardment of 23Na results in betaemission and the formation of an isotope X The identity of X is a 24Na b 24Mg c 24Ne d 25 Na The reaction a b c d 1 3 1H 2He is an example of nuclear fusion neutron emission nuclear ssion beta emission The commercial use of molecular hydrogen H2 includes both the production of ammonia and the production of CH3OH1 the production of CH3OH1 but not the production of ammonia the production of ammonia but not the production of CH3OH1 neither the production of ammonia nor the production of CH3OH1 The name of the compound according to the IUPAC system is CH3 CH2 CH CH CH3 le ng 2etlyl pentane 2isopropyl butane 34dimethyl pentane none of the above The compound CthOOCHZCH3 is classi ed as aan alcohol ketone ester ether How many structural isomers are possible for C5H12 Which one of the following would not be in the list of the top 50 in tonnage of those chemicals that are manufactured Chlorine Ethylene Ethyl alcohol Sulfuric acid 105 At room temperature NiC03 is a White solid but Na2C03 is not Na2C03 is a White solid but NiC03 is not neither NiCO3 nor Na2C03 is a white solid both NlCO3 and Na2C03 are white solids The addition of which reagent would precipitate Fe3 from aqueous solution a b NaOH H2804 HN03 HF Name the acid Hbr03 hypobromous acid bromous acid bromic acid perbromic acid What is the major commercial source of elemental chlorine C12 distillation of liquid air reverse osmosis of sea water chemical oxidation of NaCl electrolysis of aqueous NaCl Which strong acid is best suited for producing HClg from NaClS HC2H302 H2804 HN03 HF The formula of ironIII phosphate is F62PO43 FCPO4 FC3PO42 FC3PO32 111 The correct name for NaCoNH33Cl3 is a sodium trisaminechlorocobaltateH b sodium triamminetrichlorocobaltIII 0 sodium triamminetrichlorocobaltateIII 1 sodium triamminetrichlorocobaltateII Consider the two statements 1 ClCH CHCH3 shows cistrans isomerism 2 CH32 CHCl shows cistrans isomerism a Statement 1 only is correct b Statement 2 only is correct 0 Both statement 1 and statement 2 are correct 1 Neither statement 1 nor statement 2 is correct MnO439 in acidic solution would act as a good reducing agent oxidizing agent complexing agent acid Ammonia in aqueous solution a forms complexes with many metal cations b acts as a weak acid 0 acts as an oxidizing agent 1 forms new isotopes Which describes the relationship between 02 and 03 They are isoelectronic isotopes allotropes isomers Which reaction does not occur readily at room temperature a Na2C03 2 HClaq 9 2 NaClaq C02g H200 b 2 Nas 2 H20 2 NaOHltaq H2g 9 C 2 NaBraq H2g 9 2 NaFaq BI 21 d 6 Rbm N205 2 Rb3Nltsgt 117 Sodium iodide N a1 reacts with concentrated nitric acid to produce a Na c NagO b 12 HZ 118 Gold is recovered from lowgrade ores by formation of a water soluble gold complex using which of the following reagents a NaCl b NaCN C Na2804 d Na2C03 Which of the following is a common physical property of polymers a high vapor pressure b low solubility in water c good semiconductors 1 high melting points What is the major siliconcontaining product of the reaction shown Si02s 2 C3 a Sig b Si2g c SiO 1 SiC ANSWERS 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 p l gt09ogtl swagtwrv 53 C A D B C A B D A D A A B D C A B C D A B D C B A B D D B A C UUJUUUJUJUZDOWgtOgtgtgtOOWOUUUgtgtDUUOUODgtO gtD U U UOgtWgtUUUOUJE9gtUJOOOUgtgtDUgtUJOUUJgtO wagtuoooowgtwwcugtogtungtc


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