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Medical Vocabulary

by: Gabriella Huels

Medical Vocabulary HUM 2130

Gabriella Huels
GPA 3.63

Tom Heine

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About this Document

Tom Heine
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabriella Huels on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 2130 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Tom Heine in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 101 views. For similar materials see /class/213229/hum-2130-middle-tennessee-state-university in Humanities at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
A bottom or base fundus A condition in which a cataractous lens Pseudophakia A condition that occurs when visual acuity amblyopia A cystlike mass containing cholesterol Cholesteatoma A deviation of the eye in which the visual lines strabismus A disease of the inner ear of unknown cause Meniere disease A disease of the eye caused by increased intraocular pressure glaucoma A drug that causes dilation of the pupil Myd139iatic An error of refraction in which light rays focus behind the retina Hyperopia An error of refraction due to irregularity astigmatism An error in refraction in which light rays focus in front of the retina myopia an eyelid 7 palpebral A hereditary chronic degenerative disease of the retina reti11itis pigmentosa An infection caused by Chlamydia trachomatis trachoma An instrument for determining the degree and kind of strabismus phorometer An instrument used to determine refractive errors of the eye retinosc0pe An instrument for examining the eye under magnification sit lamp biomicroscope An instrument used to measure the pressure of uids in the eye t0n0meter An instrument for measuring the curvature of the cornea kerat0meter A method for recording eye movements Electronystagmography A malignant tumor of the retina Retinoblastoma A sebaceous gland in the eyelid meibomian gland A sensation of noises tinnitus A sensory nerve ending or a specialized structure Receptor A small blister or nodule on the cornea Phlyctenule A small mass on the eyelid chalazion A small muscle attached to the stapes stapedius A small projection of the temporal bone mastoid process A small spot or colored area macula A soft slightly raised yellowish patch Xanthoma a specialized cell in the retina HIGH BRIGHT CAN discriminate cone a specialized cell in the retinaLOW DIM DOES NOT discriminate rod A system of fibers that holds the lens in place zonule A twosyllable word with equal stress sp0ndee Atumor of the eighth cranial nerve sheath acoustic neuroma A unit for measuring the relative intensity of sound Decibel A unit for measuring the frequency of sound Heltz A unit of measurement for the refractive power of a lens diopter Abnormal contraction of the pupils miosis Adhesion of parts especially adhesion synechia Adjustment of curvature of the lens Accommodation An area of diminished visual acuity Scotoma An illusion of movement as of the body moving in space vertigo Changes in the eye that occur with age presbyopia condition in which the two pupils anisocoria Conical protrusion of the center Keratoconus Coordinated movement of the eyes convergence Degenerative changes in the retina diabetic retinopathy deterioration of the macula associated with aging age related macular degeneration Drooping of an eyelid blepharoptosis Examination of the angle between the cornea and the iris gonioscopy Formation of abnormal and sometimes hardened bony tissue Otosclerosis Hearing impairment that results from damage to the eighth cranial sensorineural hearing loss Hearing impairment that results from a blockage conductive hearing loss Inability to see well in dim light nyctalopia In ammation of the middle ear otitis media In ammation of the labyrinth of the ear labyrinthitis In ammation of the air cells of the mastoid process Mastoiditis in ammation of the external auditory canal otitis externa In ammation of the conjunctiva Conjunctivitis In ammation of a sebaceous gland of the eyelid Hordeolum In ammation of the retina retinitis Instrument for examining the ear otoscope Instrument for incising the capsule of the lens cystitome Loss of hearing due to aging Presbyacusis Opacity of the lens of the eye Cataract Rapid involuntary rhythmic movements of the eyeball nystagmus Removal of a cataract by ultrasonic phacoemulsification Pertaining to tears lacrimal Pertaining to the sense of touch tactile Pertaining to or perceived by the ear Aural Pronounced or abnormal dilation mydriasis Sharpness of vision visual acuity Severe conjunctivitis usually caused ophthalmianeonatorum Separation of the retina from the retinal detachment small growths that appear as tiny yellowish spots druzen Study of the electrical response of the retina electroretinography Surgical removal of the stapes stapedectomy Surgical incision of the tympanic membrane myringotomy Surgical division of the canthus canthotomy Surgical removal of the eyeball enucleati0n Suturing together of all or part of the eyelids Tarsorrhaphy Swelling of the optic disk papiledema test that measures bearing by comparing results Rinne test test for hearing loss that uses a vibrating tuning Weber test The angle at either end of the slit canthus The awareness of posture movement Pr0pri0cepti0n The bending of lights rays as they pass refraction The branch of medicine that deals ear nose throat otorhinolaryngology The brown waXlike secretion Cerumen The clear anterior portion of the sclera cornea The coiled portion of the inner ear cochlea The dark vascular middle layer Choroid the uid that lls the eye anterior to the lens aqueous humor The framework of dense connective tissue Tarsus The hearing receptor located in the cochlea organ of Corti the inner ear labyrinth The innermost light sensitive layer of the eye retina the membrane between the external auditory canal tympanic membrane the middle ossicle ofthe ear incus The middle vascular layer of the eye Uvea The mucous membrane that lines the eyelids conjunctiva The muscular portion of the uvea that surrounds ciliary body The muscular colored ring between the lens and the cornea i139is the nerve that transmits impulses for hearing vestibulocochlear nerve The normal condition of the eye in refraction Emmetropia The organ of vision Eye The opening in the center of the iris Pupil The ossicle that is in contact with the inner ear stapes theossicle of the middle ear that is in contact with the tympanic membrane malleus The point where the optic nerve joins the retina optic disk the portion of the inner ear that is connected vestibular apparatus The projecting part of the outer ear pinna The sense of taste gustation The sense of smell Olfaction The small bones of the middle ear Ossicles the three curved channels of the inner semicircular canals The tiny depression in the retina Fovea The tough white and brous outermost sclera The transparent biconveX structure Lens


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