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Chapter 4 - Key Points

by: Anna Dosso

Chapter 4 - Key Points HDFS 230

Marketplace > HDFS 230 > Chapter 4 Key Points
Anna Dosso
GPA 3.5
Life Span Development
Candace Philbrick

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About this Document

These are the key points I took from Chapter 4 It's very condensed but will provide a good foundation for what the chapter is about, and some main points to know.
Life Span Development
Candace Philbrick
Class Notes
Life Span Development Chapter 4 NDSU
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Dosso on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 230 at a university taught by Candace Philbrick in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Chapter 4 Big Points By 6 months an infant will start to express anger o Anger is usually triggered by frustration Effortful control is the ability to regulate attention and emotion and to self soothe Sadness and fear are in uential emotions that shape the infants brain The nine temperamental traits can be classi ed into 4 categories 0 Easy 0 Dif cult 0 Slow to warm up 0 Hard to classify 1 year olds fear the unexpected The New York Longitudinal Study started in the 19605 it was among many large studies to acknowledge that babies have inborn traits An attachment is a strong emotional bond between people 0 Infants can begin this attachment before birth and they solidify it by age 1 o This relationship will in uence the rest of their life Happy children will have secure attachents Children can develop insecure attachments if they sense stress from their parents or are mistreated in some way Social referencing is when an infant watches others reactions so that he knows how to react to that situation 0 Synchrony is when an infant copies an expression almost simultaneously Molding an infant39s emotions and personality by reinforcement or punishment is a form of Behaviorism Freud o A psychoanalytical theorist o Traced the root of an adults urge to over eat drink or show attitude by the way that person39s mother handled his or her urge to suck during infancy Erickson39s stages 0 Trust vs mistrust 01yr Autonomy vs shame 13yrs Initiative vs guilt 36yrs Industry vs inferiority 612yrs Identity vs confusion 1219yrs Intimacy vs isolation 2025yrs Generativity vs stagnation 2664yrs Integrity vs despair 65death OOOOOOO


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