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Week 3 Book and Class Notes

by: Danielle Lynch

Week 3 Book and Class Notes MKT 319

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Marketing > MKT 319 > Week 3 Book and Class Notes
Danielle Lynch
GPA 3.8
Marketing Research
R. Spreng

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About this Document

Week 3 Book and Class Notes - Ch 5/6
Marketing Research
R. Spreng
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Lynch on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 319 at Michigan State University taught by R. Spreng in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Marketing Research in Marketing at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/24/15
Ch 5 Exploratory Research Design Syndicated Sources of Secondary Data Can be personalized to fit company needs Syndicated Data from Households Consumers Periodic Surveys Surveys that collect data on the same set of variables at regular intervals each time sampling from a new group of respondents Omnibus panels Used to implement different crosssectional designs at different points in time generally for different surveys True panels Same variables same respondents Psychographics and Lifestyles Psychographics Psychological profiles based on measures of lifestyle such as brand loyalty and risk taking Lifestyle Distinctive modes of living within a society or some of its segments the interests they have activities they engage in and the opinions they hold of themselves and the world around them VALS Advertising Evaluation Measure the size and profile of the advertising audience and assess the effectiveness of using print and broadcast media Recruitedaudience Brought to theater Inhome viewing method General Surveys Uses of Surveys Segmentation consumer profiles consumer preferences positioning priceperception Advantages Disadvantages A Flexibility sampling allows specific targeting D What people say they may not do pressure for the right answer biased poorly phrased interviews improper Purchase and Media Panels Individuals households or organizations that record their purchases and behavior in a diary or on the Internet over time Purchase panels Respondents record their purchases in a diary or on the Internet Media panels Electronic devices automatically record the media consumption behavior of members supplementing a diary TV radio mobile Internet social media may supplement a diary 0 Television Measurement I Storage instantaneous peoplemeter When on how long what channels I Audilogs Diary panel records on who for audience size and demographics 0 Uses Forecasting market share estimates brandloyalty brand switching behavior profiling promotional effectiveness and conducting controlled store tests 0 Advantages Disadvantages I A Accuracy generation of longitudinal data I D Panel members not representative of pop biased info because they are on the panel error in recording Electronic Scanner Devices Scanner data Data obtained by passing merchandise over a laser scanner that reads the UPC code from the packages Uses of Scanner Data Controlled environment Advantages Disadvantages A Prompt feedback accurate study short periods instore variables D All products might not be scanned no info on underlying attitudes reasons Syndicated Data from Institutions Retailer and Wholesaler Audits Audit Data collection process derived from physical records or inventory analysis Based on counts of physical objects Advantages Disadvantages A Accurate broken down into variables such as brand type of outlet and size of market D Limited retail coverage and delay associated with compiling reporting cannot be linked to customer characteristics Industrial Firms Organizations Industrial firms organizations Secondary data derived from industrial firms and organizational sources and intended for industrial use Advantages Disadvantages D Incomplete data provided nature content quantity quality of information Combining Information from a Variety of Sources SingleSource Data Single source data Provide integrated information on household variables such as media consumption and purchases and on marketing variables such as product sales price advertising promotion and instore marketing effort Ethical Issues When applying for a card each shopper provides data on demographic and shopping related variables and is assigned a UPC code which is scanned and sold to syndicated firms Ch 6 Exploratory Research Design Qualitative Research Primary Data Qualitative Versus Quantitative Research Researchers must understand the problem situation before formulating a research design A Classification of Qualitative Research Procedures Direct approach A type of qualitative research in which the purposes of the project are disclosed to the respondent or are obvious given the nature of the interview Indirect approach Purposes of the project are disguised form the respondents FocusGroup Interviews Focus group An interview with a small group of respondents conducted by a trained moderator who leads the discussion in a nonstructural and natural manner Most important qualitative research procedure 1 Design the environment Conference room w1 way mirror video members heav and nonusers should not be in the 2 Recruit and select participants same group 4 Prepare the discussion guide Preamble relax research topic summarize the comments and get a final read 5 Conduct the group interview Establish rapport state the rules set objectives probe the discussion in relevant areas and summarize the responses to agreement As minimum 2 groups should be conducted 6 Prepare the focusgroup report No conclusions should be drawn until the results are reviewed of the video Advantaies Disadvantages Qualified researchers are rare Unstructured nature makes coding analysis and interpretation hard Online Focus Groups Convenient cost effective fast turnaround Advantages Geographicaltime constraints lessened 1512 Fully express their thoughts Disadvantages Must have a computer Verifying that an individual is part of a target market is difficult Depth Interviews Interviewer should avoid appearing superior being detached ask questions in an informative way not yes or no probe Advantages Can link right to the respondent Disadvantages Lack of skilled interviewers Need a skilled psychologist Smaller number of interviews because of high cost and time Grounded theory Uses an inductive and more structured approach in which each subsequent depth interview is adjusted based on the cumulative findings from previous depth interviews with the purpose of developing concepts or theories Pro39ective Techniques a Word association test words used b Hesitation and involvement N a Sentence completion b Paragraph completion a Cartoon tests Indicate dialogue of characters to another character a Role playing b Thirdperson technique Relate a 3rd persons beliefs instead of theirs but actually reveal their own due to less pressure Advantages Increases validity due to less pressure from social norms More of a subconscious level Disadvantages Need trained interpreter Expensive Openended Unusual projective methods may attract unusual people Compare findings of projective techniques with other techniques Analysis of Qualitative Data Codes are used to identify relationships Qualitative Research Software Objective To perform induction to go from specific details to the general organizing idea explaining the data Identify words that repeat in respondents International Marketing Research Trained moderator Middle and Far East people are hesitant to express feelings ingroup settings Marketing Research and Social Media Focus Groups Online communities with carefully recruited members 860 blog members 14 week blog projects Limitations A lot of submissions to research Ethics in Marketing Research Unethical Allowing a client to be present as a coresearcherquot Video recording disclosed Class Notes Ch 5 Qualitative Research Allows identification of symbolic meanings Should always be used before quantitative Qualquant All benefits of qualitative research but can be projected to bigger groups Projective Techniques done in Depth Interviews Qualitative Unstructured may change moderator Focus Groups Product hypotheses reactions to new concepts 152 hours not 13 Inappropriate uses 0 Cheap alternative to quantitative 0 Forecast sales 0 More efficiency than one on one for moderator Advantages o m Disadvantages 0 Not natural setting 0 Moderator bias 0 Interpretation bias 0 Respondent bias Important to say I don t care what you sayquot Critics Saying you want biased by other subjects In Depth Interviews Disadvantages A lot of data Laddering Why Why Why 9 Terminal values MeansEnd Theory Consumers fulfill higher level values product attributes are important and have meaning because they re connected to higher level values Attributes 9 Functional 9 Psycho Social 9 Values Grand Tour Ask a respondent to imagine him herself in an actual usage experience Walk through the experience with every detail Probe to get meanings at higher levels of hierarchy Variation Critical Incident Technique


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