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Week 4 Notes - Sept. 22 & 24

by: Meghan Notetaker

Week 4 Notes - Sept. 22 & 24 PSY - 0010

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Psychlogy > PSY - 0010 > Week 4 Notes Sept 22 24
Meghan Notetaker
Introduction to Psychology
Jennifer Cousins

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About this Document

full notes from lecture, teacher comments, as well as specific examples for terminology
Introduction to Psychology
Jennifer Cousins
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meghan Notetaker on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY - 0010 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Jennifer Cousins in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 09/24/15
Introduction to Psychology gt Day 6 September 22 Consciousness 9 Consciousness a person s subjective experience of the world and the mind 9 Phenomenology how things seem to the conscious person 9 Problem of other Minds the fundamental difficulty we have in perceiving the consciousness of others 0 people judge minds according to the capacity for experience and agency 9 MindBody Problem the issue of how the mind is related to the brain and the body 0 originally proposed by Descartes O brain s activities may precede conscious activity Nature of Consciousness 9 consciousness has four basic properties 1 Internationality being directed toward an object a all mental states are intentional b conscious attention is limited 2 resistance to division a divided attention i eg texting and walking 3 Selectivity the capacity to include some objects but not others a Dichotic Listening a task in which people wearing headphones hear different messages presented to each ear b Cocktail Party Phenomenon people tune in one message even while they filter out others nearby a your name is a stimulant ii Moray 1959 4 Transience the tendency to change a the idea that your mind wanders things change what you re focusing on The Timing Of Conscious Will 9 Brain Activity Begins EEG 9 Conscious wish to act is experienced clock reading 9 Finger movement occurs EMG 9 not necessarily think then do Central Attention selecting lines of thought to pursue 9 Automaticity performance of a skill that has been practiced repeatedly that eventually is executed with little or no direct attention Context and Pattern Recognition 9 Change Blindness the phenomenon that people are unable to keep track of all the information in a typical complex scene Levels of Consciousness 9 Minimal Consciousness a low level kind of sensory awareness and responsiveness that occurs when the mind inputs sensations and may output behaviour 9 Full Consciousness consciousness in which you know and are able to report your mental state 9 Self Consciousness a distinct level of consciousness in which the person s attention is drawn to the self as an object O recognition of self in mirrors by humans and other animals Day 7 September 24th Conscious Contents 9 Default Mode Network area of the brain activated when you re just chilling 0 found that it s important for imagination creativity 0 overall activation for autism is lower 0 overall activation for schizophrenia is higher 9 Mental Control the attempt to change conscious states of mind 9 Thought Suppression the conscious avoidance of thought 9 Ironic Processes of Mental Control mental processes that can produce ironic errors because monitoring for errors can itself produce them 9 Rebound Effect of Thought Suppression the tendency of a thought to return to consciousness with greater frequency following suppression The Unconscious Mind 9 Freud s Unconscious 0 Dynamic Unconscious an active system encompassing a lifetime of hidden memories the person s deepest instincts and desires and the person s inner struggle to control these forces described by Freud O Repression a mental process that removes unacceptable thoughts and memories from unconscious 9 Freudian Slip calling Mary Sandy because you were thinking about Sandy at the time 9 your unconscious comes out 9 Modern Unconscious 0 Cognitive Unconscious the mental processes that give rise to a person39s thoughts choices emotions and behavior even though they are not experienced by the person o Subliminal Perception a thought or behavior that is influenced by stimuli that a person cannot consciously report perceiving controversial O Unconscious processing can help or hurt decision making Sleep What is sleep 0 reversible physiological state 9 daily rest period 0 time spent less responsive to external stimuli O deprivation causes a rebound 9 position is a factor Sleep and Dreaming Good Night Mind Altered State of Consciousness forms of experience that depart from the normal subjective experience of the world and mind Circadian Rhythm a naturally occurring 24hour cycle The Paradoxes of Sleep sleep is an active process with many brain regions showing increased activity the continuity patterning and timing of sleep is essential to the restorative process behaviorally sleep requires a decrease in awarenessresponsiveness relative disconnection between neurobehavioral systems that are linked in awake state Stages of Sleep NonREM O Nl bobbing head in class O NH snoring in class Q Nlll deep sleepwake up and feel refreshed 0 less inclined to wake up to other noises 0 important for growth and development 9 quiet mind gt 0 rapideye movement 0 muscle atonia paralysis 0 associated with majority of dreaming 9 active mind


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