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Chapter 2- Sex Research

by: Jacobi Johnson

Chapter 2- Sex Research HDF 213

Marketplace > HDF 213 > Chapter 2 Sex Research
Jacobi Johnson
GPA 3.7
Introduction to Human Sexuality
Angera, Jeffrey

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About this Document

These 3+ pages of notes throughly encapsulate the entirety of Chapter 2 in the 12th edition of Our Sexuality textbook.
Introduction to Human Sexuality
Angera, Jeffrey
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacobi Johnson on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDF 213 at a university taught by Angera, Jeffrey in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 58 views.


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Date Created: 09/24/15
Chapter 2 Sex Research Methods and Problems sexology the study of sexuality Aims to test assumptions in a scientific way to find out if they are true or false and to document what underlying relationships if any that they reveal human sexual behavior is hard to study because it is so private The three goals of sexology are to understand predict and influence Pursuit of the goal of controlling behavior is often modified or tempered by ethical issues Nonexperimental Research Methods Case Study an examination of a single subject or small group of subjects individually and in depth Pros flexibility in data gathering procedures and indepth discussion cons limited generalizability and the accuracy of information is limited to the restraints of human memory Survey a questionnaire given to a sample of people in order to understand more about behaviors andor attitudes Most information about human sexual behavior has been obtained this way Pros cheap and easy cons problems of nonresponse demographic bias and inaccurate information Representative sample a type of limited research sample that provides an accurate representation of a larger target population of interest Random sample a randomly chosen subset of a population Nonresponse the refusal to participate in a research study Self selection bias introduced into research study results because of participants willingness to respond also called volunteer bias Demographic bias a kind of sampling bias in which certain segments of society such as white middle class white collar workers are disproportionately represented in the study population Direct Observation a method of research in which subjects are observed as they go about their activities Little research of this nature is done regarding the field of sexology due to the personal nature of it s content Pros eliminates the possibility of data falsification cons subjects behavior can be influenced by the presence of the researcher The Kinsey surveys were broadscale studies of human sexual behavior that were somewhat limited by sampling techniques that overrepresented young educated city dwellers The National Health and Social Life Survey has provided a reliable view of the sexual practices of the general US adult population in the 1990s The National Survey of Sexual health and Behavior survey conducted in 2010 provided one of the most expansive nationally representative studies of sexual behavior and condom use to date The Experimental Method Experimental research research conducted in precisely controlled laboratory conditions so that subjects39 reactions can be reliably measured ndependent variable in an experimental research design a condition or component that is under the control the researcher who manipulates or determines its value Dependent variable in an experimental research design an outcome or resulting behavior that the experimenter observes and records but does not control Advances in technology have produced several devices for electronically measuring arousal ex the penile strain gauge vaginal and clitoral photoplethysmograph vaginal myograph and rectal myograph Video CASI and audio CASI are two versions of computerassisted self interview technology that are increasingly being effectively used to collect sensitive information from children adolescents and adults The Internet has become an important medium for conducting sex research The collection and management of data are more efficient with internetbased surveys which are cheaper faster and more error free than traditional survey methods Sexologists and other researchers operate under ethical guidelines that seek to ensure the welfare dignity rights wellbeing and safety of their human subjects These ethical guidelines require that researchers obtain informed consent from participants avoid procedures that might cause physical or psychological harm to subjects and maintain confidentiality of both data and participants When evaluating any study of sexual behavior it is helpful to consider who conducted the research examine the methods and sampling techniques and compare the results with those of other reputable studies Lecture on Sex Research amp Ethics Sexology The study of sexuality purpose is to understand predict and control sexual behavior control raises more ethical concerns All research starts with a question Depending on the question we determine who we study sample How we go about studying it method Sampling Research Statisitics To generalize findings to a particular population Nonprobability not random Probability sampling random Convienience Selects convenient individuals eg this class Purposive selects with some purpose in mind eg dorm residents Snowball when members of a specific population are difficult to locate people that have been date raped each subject suggests another subjects Nonexperimental Research Methods Case studies Survey studies Direct observation studies Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Survey Examples The Kinsey Report The National Health and Social Life Survey The Youth Risk Behavior Survey The Experimental Method Procedures small to moderate samples of people the independent variable is manipulated changes in the dependent variable are measured Advantages lowers the influence of other variables can make causeeffect conclusions Disadvantages being measured may affect actions artificiality of laboratory setting Ethical Guidelines for Human Sex Research Institutional ethics review No pressure or coercion for participation Informed consent and right to refuse to participate Confidentiality and anonymity Question of deception Values Values beliefs of a person or social group in which they have an emotional investment either for or against something eg abortion There are 2 general kinds of values Universals common values do not rape Alternatives individual I choose to be abstinent from sex until marriage To make good decisions it is important to clearly know your values re issues sexual in our case Values Clarification a process of sorting amp prioritizing ones values what you are doing in your groups Methods of Sexual or other Decision Making Legalism Moral absolutes Ex abstinence until marriage Concerned with following a moral law or set of principles which comes form an source outside the individual often religion View sex as needing to be controlled Situationaism contextual Flexible guidelinessituational Ex sex is okay if in a loving and mature relationship between adults Though there may be broad general guidelines for ethical behavior each decision should be made according to the individuals and situations involved Internally based View sex as a positive natural life force


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