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Beginning of Wireless Communication

by: Rio Frohriep

Beginning of Wireless Communication Com 2400

Marketplace > Western Michigan University > Communication Studies > Com 2400 > Beginning of Wireless Communication
Rio Frohriep
GPA 3.02
Intro to Media and Telecom

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About this Document

This week finishes the discussion on telephones and delves into the dawn of Wireless Communication
Intro to Media and Telecom
Class Notes
Comm, telecommunications, telecom, Marconi, Lee DeForest, Sarnoff, Armstrong
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rio Frohriep on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Com 2400 at Western Michigan University taught by Kayany in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Intro to Media and Telecom in Communication Studies at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 09/24/15
COMM 2400 Intro to Media and Telecommunications Telephone cont When the government broke up the monopoly that was ATampT they were hoping the split would cause competition in the Telephone business thus more innovation This didn t go as planned Telecommunication Act of 1998 The government eradicated the previous telecommunications structure The gov t allowed all the companies to offer any kind of telephone service anywhere in the country Therefore instead of three longdistance companies and 7 shortdistance companies there were now 10 companies that could compete for any kind of business However that didn t work either as the 10 companies instead of competing began consolidating Soon only three telephone companies were left Qwest ATampT Verizon Again ATampT had taken over the majority of the country But this time the Dept of Justice didn t do anything about it Why Landline was no longer profitable Cellular phones were now starting to catch on and all three companies wanted to leave Landlines behind but the gov t wouldn t let them The Lanline telephone market has become more competitive and less profitable for companies like ATampT and Verizon because of direct competition from Cellular Technologies Internet Phones Voice Over Internet Protocol Cable Companies Federal Communication Commission will not allow VerizonATampT to shut down their landline service until at least 2020 Otherwise landlines would be extinct by now Wireless Heinrich Hertz The first to demonstrate the existence of electromagnetic radiation by building an apparatus to produce radio waves Radio Waves Electromagnetic energyElectromagnetic radiation that travels through space in waves Guglielmo Marconi Developed a transmitter in his attic Prepossessed to the Italian government who turned it down Went to the British government who saw the use for it and bought it up immediately The British gov t then equipped every ship with Marconi s tech The transmitter could not send human voice yet but could send messages via morse code Marconi patented his wireless system in England in 1897 and established the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company Other countries began to develop their own systems to equip their ships with Marconi monopolized the wireless business with his noninterconnection policy a policy that forbid ships carrying Marconi systems to relay messages for ships with other systems Marconi was later forced to revoke this policy after the Titanic disaster Marconi traveled to America and established a subsidiary company in 1899 Advantages of Wireless Communication between two points without a wired connection eg Ships at sea Disadvantages of Wireless Signals eventually loose strength Huge antennas required to receive signals Still used morse code as oppose to human voice Lack in Privacy Lee De Forest s Audion Tube Lee De Forrest is known as the father of modern broadcasting DeForest added a third element to a Fleming valve and patented it as an audion tube Audion tube made the wireless receivers more sensitive and improved signal recep on Howard Armstrong s Regenerative Circuit Howard Armstrong was able to explain how the Audion Tube worked because DeForest had stumbled upon in on accident and was able to improve upon it to make it better calling it a Regenerative Circuit Armstrong s invention amplified the signals by feeding the signals back through the audion tube repeatedly Many con sitter Armstrong the true father of modern broadcasting There was a long legal battle between Armstrong and DeForest over who was the true inventor of this amplifier In the end it was determined that DeForest was the inventor legally but in the scientific community Armstrong is the inventor Wireless Communication Becomes Popular The British Marconi Company dominated the wireless communication business Encrypted wireless became an essential tool in the management of wars Notes from PBS Documentary Empire of the Air part 1 Lee DeForest Born 1873 Son of a Congregational Minister Resolved to be an inventor like his heroes Voted Nerdiest and Homeliest of hiss graduating class only one person voted him most likely to succeed Wrote to Marconi asking for a job Marconi didn t even bother to reply Made a deal with a shady businessman named Abraham White in order to sell his product but white turned out to be nothing more than a swindler Determined to establish what he called the Invisible Empire of the Air Married a second time to Nora Stanton Blanch During the honeymoon broadcasted recorded music from the eiffel tower The two divorced after their first daughter was born Was sued for stock fraud which he eventually won on NewYears Day after which he was again able to try and rebuild his business Armstrong Read the Boy s Book on Inventions as a child and became determined to be like the people in it Set out to discover how the Audion Tube worked Improved upon the Audion Tube s design and called it the Regeneration Tube Patented it in 1913 Found out how to transmit signals as well as receive them Was encouraged by David Sarnoff to license his device Sarnoff Son of a Jewish housepainter in Russia Moved to the US in 1900 Was teased by his coworkers but refused to let it get him down Became Marconi s personal messenger mostly delivering flowers to his boss s many mistresses Established the first Radio Network NBC


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