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Week 4 Class Notes

by: Tiara Notetaker

Week 4 Class Notes HIST 145

Marketplace > Towson University > History > HIST 145 > Week 4 Class Notes
Tiara Notetaker
GPA 3.8
Dr. Andrew Diemer

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About this Document

Week Four Class Lecture Notes (Classes 9/22, 9/24)
Dr. Andrew Diemer
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tiara Notetaker on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 145 at Towson University taught by Dr. Andrew Diemer in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see HIST 145 - HIST OF U.S. TO THE CIVIL WAR in History at Towson University.


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Date Created: 09/24/15
Sp Spain or Spanish Euro Europeans or Europe w with Eng England or English Fr France or French gt leads to GB Great Brittan bc because est established note important Week Four Class Notes Classes 922 9 24 922 North America and Global War Questions 1 What is the difference between England and Great Brittan England country has possessions Colonies Jamaica Barbados etc Great Brittan nation w countries England Scotland eventually N Ireland and Wales 2 How is British and American nationalism being developed 0 1738 Robert Jenkins stands in Parliament w his ear saying how the Sp captured his ship and cut it off gt War of Jenkins Ear Really stems from Great Brittan GB wanting to expand into Sp territory 0 Admiral Vernon captures Sp Porto Bello Panama gt Rule Britannia famous GB patriotic song Laurence Washington builds a plantation in VA and names it Mount Vernon in honor of the Admiral example of British loyalty gt George Washington his brother eventually inherits it 0 War of Austrian Succession Who is to rule over Austria Eng and Austria vs Fr and Prussia gt Spills over into New Eng due to proximity w Fr colonies gt Indian involvement wants the nicer side Fr to win Class Reading Marquis de la Galissoniere Memoir on the French Colonies in North America December 1750 0 Yes Canada is a burden to the Fr but it is their strongest chance to oppose Eng Great of alliances w Indian Nations Great versatility living like Indians enables them to attack Eng and enemy Indians 0 Eng s growth must be stopped Eng Navy is the biggest threat Their colonies are rapidly growing and expanding 0 Fr must strengthen Canada and Lousiana to better support their Caribbean colonies majority of wealth Forget expanding west towards the Sp their allies Notes cont 2 Sp Spain or Spanish Euro Europeans or Europe w with Eng England or English Fr France or French gt leads to GB Great Brittan bc because est established note important 0 Seven Year s War Called French and Indian War by colonists Fr country not colonies have a superior army larger population centralized government Eng country not colonies have a greater navy bc the island is use to fighting on water Benjamin Franklin proposes Albany Plan of Union to fight the Fr gt Join or Die pamphlet Colonies refuse to sacrifice their individual liberties to join together Currently they feel stronger ties W GB than each other 0 Defeat of Braddock Fr Win a series of battles over General Braddock 0 Jeffrey Amherst Delivers blankets infected W small pox Virus to Indian tribes 0 William Pitt 1757 elected as prime minister of Eng Convinced that the war has to be won in America gt Sends massive amounts of troops to colonies gt Captures Fr forts invades Quebec War is also fought in Africa and India General Wolfe dies gt Death of Wolfe painting gt Becomes a martyr religious figure 0 1763 Treaty of Paris GB gets all land east of Mississippi and Canada Fr are out of North America Indians no longer able to pit the Eng against the Fr in order to form alliances This article helped me make sense of things httpszlhistorvstate20Vrr1ilestones1750 1775treatvofDaris Answer Death of Wolfe painting Rule Britannia patriotic song Rejection of Franklin s Join or Mount Vernon Die II Currently the colonists are feeling closer ties with Great Brittan than each other as British nationalism grows 924 The Imperial Crisis Question How do the British colonists come to see themselves as Americans Affects of the Seven Years War French and Indian War Land Great desire of the land east of the Mississippi river that GB won after the war Poor farmers gt squatters can t purchase the land so they moved on it to claim it hoping for approval to stay Wealthy investors gt future famous people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin who owned coastal land but also wanted to purchase plots inland their political connections gave them the advantage Indians 0 Neolin gt Had spent time w the Eng colonists gt Mixed Christianity w Indian religions and spread it among the different Indian Nations gt Believed Indians were created by God in America and the colonists in Europe gt Believed the colonists should go back where they came from gt Preached against the drinking of alcohol 0 Pontiac s Rebellion gt Colonists mistakenly view all Indians as enemies even peaceful traders gt 1763 Paxton Boys attack and burn villages of peaceful Indians gt Indians ee to Philadelphia 0 Proclamation of 1763 gt Eng government says colonial governments can not issue land west of a designated line gt Poor farmers were illegally claiming the land and didn t have a right to it anyways so oh well back home they go gt Wealthy investors had documentation of their newly acquired land and that s now null and void insert angry emoji Debt Prime minister Pitt borrowed a lot of money to invest in winning the war in America 9 Sugar Act Lowered tax from Molasses Act but tightened grip on policing smugglers 9 Stamp Act First direct tax on Americans court documents shipping receipts college diplomas house deeds newspapers BIG MISTAKE Taxing news writers gt them spreading opposition of the Stamp Act 9 Quartering Act Colonists had to build quarters to house troops gt 111 III Ideology Ideology a system of ideas and ideals especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy English Constitution Americans believe they have the same rights presented in the Constitution Republicanism belief that the monarchy parliament and the people are always at odds Having an army stationed with them threatened their liberty Republican citizens are a land owners and b civic minded concerned about the common good Stamp Act Congress 9 colony s delegates meet in NY Mobs shut down courts Colonists now have a commonality and are finally working together in this opposition to GB gt Stamp Act is repealed Declaratory Act Parliament still has the right to tax America Townshend Act tax on lead paint glass and tea Tea was part of British identity it was drunk by everyone and at a certain time gt Nonimportation movement 0 Requires all to cooperate in order to resist the tax 0 Women now become involved 0 Individuals are now participating instead of just key political leaders and delegates Answer The transition from or forsaking of British patriotism could have been avoided if Brittan had been willing to compromise and show their colonies that they were more than just mere possessions needing to be controlled Brittan withheld land from the colonists forced them to pay off their debt and went against their rights as Englishmen All of these actions were reasonable but things went south when Brittan applied them by force without colonial representation and input As a result the colonies joined forces to protest Brittan s multitude of unfairness


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