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"New York" Chapter

by: Rebecca Skodis

"New York" Chapter 416

Marketplace > Sociology > 416 > New York Chapter
Rebecca Skodis
Global Cities
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About this Document

Lecture notes on the first chapter of "New York, Chicago, LA"
Global Cities
No professor available
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Rebecca Skodis on Friday September 19, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 416 at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 105 views.

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Date Created: 09/19/14
0 Background 0 In cities in united states sociologists tend to give short straw to geology and geography 0 However cities are not natural environments they are constructed 0 Impose order on more natural topography 0 NYC Manhattan centered image of city is how it is constructed 1920s time frame 0 Skyscrapers skyline etc 0 Not really thinking about the Bronx or Brooklyn etc 0 Think more of gleaming city Chrysler building empire state building 0 Before this NYC image there was a different image defined by water 17th cent 0 Explorers come across a bay behind the narrows the contained entries to NY harbor by Staten island and Brooklyn 0 Magnificent for commercial purposes because entrance to harbor is wide and deep and opens out into multiple areas for anchored realstate 0 Perfect set up to become a port 0 Set of bridges that link ManhattanBrooklyn Brooklyn bridge Williamsburg bridge and Manhattan bridge Manhattanqueens 59th street bridge BrooklynStaten island Verazano Bridge QueensBronx White Stone Bridge 0 Over course of 80 years boroughs linked together including some bridges to the jersey side George Washington bridge 0 Built network of NY roadwork bridge work accredited to Moses 0 NY is a built environment starting from the 19th cent 0 Moses also builds state parks etc 0 Over 70 years the city is knit together by bridges and ferries 0 Because of geography it can take awhile to get to one part of the city to another 0 Ex queensJFK is fairly easily but takes about an hour 0 Links impose time constraints 0 Before we get NYC these seperate places boroughs have their own aboriginal populations 0 Plentiful supplies of seafood and natural resources 0 Rich environment 0 570 hills more than 60 streams and 20 ponds abundance of animals 0 CoohuntingcommannahattaManhattan 0 There is a cliff on the NYC city ofjersey 0 Why is there no cliff ofjersey side of NYC 0 Product of the last ice age glacier came down and expanded pushing soil and rocks extends all the way to long island glacial moraine 0 For a period of time long island commutes drew water supply from glacial aquifer 0 NY geographical form has to do with this glacier o In more modern phase NYC is a political anomaly 0 It is located at the confluence of the two rivers and 3 states NJ CT NY 0 LA and Chicago wholly in one state and doesn39t have as much water history as NYC 0 Ethnically polyglot in its origins 0 Product of its particular history takes shape in 17th18th centuries 0 History stamps NYC not a European city but American 0 Immigrant history 0 Muti ethnic character 0 Mercantile because of its position political and commercial arrangements 0 Node for political and commercial colonial powers during the time of its development 0 Products of our history space place and time 0 Different person now than in 1994 ex 0 Because of NYC positioning historically and politically able to play a particular commercial role more expansive than that of other colonial cities 0 City originally Dutch not British 0 NY elites in the 18th cent have a mixed ancestry which sets them apart from other colonial cities 0 This history has commercial importance Not dominant right away Philadelphia and Boston much more important 0 Advantaged in ways that Boston is disadvantaged can39t sail up the Charles river and Philadelphia is at Delaware river but is 90 miles away from Chesapeake bay 0 By 1810 NYC becomes most populous of American cities War of 1812 O Embargo on manufactured goods coming from Europe 0 Embargo cause commercial crisis offering opportunity for manufacturing own goods domestic manufacturing 0 Opportunity grabbed by American entrepreneurs 0 If producing goods for a market we didn39t have access to before market size is relatively small 0 Production of smaller sizes impacts production costs because still need to pay for production costs so product costs are extremely high but no other source of supply War ends and now British and American competitors 0 British producers drop prices ad export products to US 0 American produces can39t compete with prices and lose money and business 0 Merchants who are selling the goods are unaffected because they still have product to sell NYC becomes a placeport where other merchantsbuyers can come and take advantage of lowered British goods 0 Traffic volume increases Advantageous because creates more business bringing in more quotshoppersquot 0 NY mercantile business expands from this Other sig development has to do with the Erie canal 0 Connects Albany to Buffalo to Chicago later on 0 Gets behind the alghaney mountainsPoconos O Enormous technological achievement and offers immense and tremendous advances for merchants and businesses 0 Reduces cost of shipping goods by 90


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