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Lecture 7) Cells

by: Gloria Godswill Basil

Lecture 7) Cells BIOL2170

Gloria Godswill Basil
GPA 3.9
Fund of Life Science Bio Cells

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About this Document

This is lectures notes from Dr.Stevens class with some clicker questions on it . Enjoy :)
Fund of Life Science Bio Cells
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gloria Godswill Basil on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL2170 at University of Toledo taught by Steven,R in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Fund of Life Science Bio Cells in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Toledo.

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Date Created: 09/24/15
Fumdamentis 91 Life Science II IOL WADE Lenin re 739 Sella LEETUFE DUHWE GENE E13 ME a Animal WE p l t TgiFIEI EE Nucleusr the and mnembrana system ly se m Mtghunting arr 39Ehlj lrip t a irptain man GEN themy was the iujnfy39ing thEW Inf mom r 1 7 imniu1rmm Ili E EF H F Eek ThemFry mmca m Elf GE thaw L E Functins if a QEEIE are similar Life i5 iiinwus rgin 3f if wag th mgn 0f cells J 7 7 n 5 r hm L urLirmiLVWiML L777 7 7 7 17 11 giuir ii EuL n Wm timing 5 w 34 aw Lin 5quot N 4 5 and a A nihrm 1111 5 n ID a I J 6253 J tn39 t i k H il 111 in w 3u Ml r a Tw ass typea all Lgl lt micrSc l J i l Raswutlm Electmn mcrascnpeii an ele rgn beam i WEE If Calla Els are small because they Heel 3 hgh Haume etermnaea amclunl 1th chemlca acle in the sell per unlit tme Surface area udatermnes the amwnt f substances an ass the call bwn aw per ml tmal 7 11 11 L f quotF 1 1W 39 i Fl llri li l 15 lle lm rr39flall Diamalzar 1 LiliI39l39l m I r r a r I V 7 r1 I H w I r E 1 1 A L a t 1 1 r u l 39 r r l I u 4 J n 7 H r r V l r 1 V D I 4 r F I i I 7 1 I q I I r x 7 l l n lms 5 l D a n ru I E39 In I r D a C a I j I n l m 9 b u L r 39I U ll 5 I 1 39u D 2 n u l a I 1 I I Ilt 391 IJ r1 Tl L H I39m 4 4 r E I u I 1 r u n E 39 L I J l at is WELL 39I gm 1L I4 1u39 rJ u I u D 3 L 339 39 n f u 1 I I u r a E U V E r quot 7 JJ 1 a a E 1 l 1 I J I I h J L I g I a I L 1 j r I D 1 b 1 u l 1 539 a a I u quot 1 l n I1 r i u I n 1 Ecun I H ll IIl 1 r39u I wDI u39 A in HE 1 51 r u 1 lI 1 1 D L 1 I u 1 I 4 DI 39 I I39 n 39 quot1 I 1 1 I II I 39n 1 I u 391 F 1 i 139 I H n F I 1 I quot 1 1 L r1 1 Iquot K D E 1 I I 1 quotI w I 139 39 I 7 V r 1 39 l r I u y K 1 r 1 u 1 1 U u a 1 I i V I l A V F 1 I 7 h J V D I 7 r I a L E I J r n I u 1 I I r 1 V a r 1 I I 1 r 1 L 4 39 1 quot r 39 I l H 1 w II r I A g g l u I A 39 I I n V r A a J u I 3 A 1 77 m7 u 4 L u 4 4 11 I 7 A W I394 44 A Em L41 i A Jm g WE E H A4 4 r A A T A El FUHE HBHS f the Magma rt ernhra e The plasma membrane ANWE sells t marmain Q f FE r mama Envimnment J i5 2 ETIEG VEly permeable larrier L 4 if N Erma f Gems Ms pmkarytir and Tw typas if 1 wk mm All anther living mganligms are euk ry39 c is in a mmranesemlwed mmpa menf calla the nucleua e Characteriatl s mf F mkarymi 3315 Prmzasamti rulils tam vary smam a Prkary tuaa ara vary siumesarfutnnay Gai liwe Em a divaraty f energy gamma and IIT39IhEEEFIt every E urnmem iimudring extrema enumnments mkaw ti cells it Are enclma by a plasma mesmrane Ci ymgpilasm cmsaists 0f and diasmve material 39 articles i The is wntaned r1 the Human EH Hf EH Pr k ry EEHE if rk mats My utsiide the plasma mamrane S me ia tera have a i r pm ysamhlrildas A Praia ahaWm Eigi Frimjm F A Eagnsula a in u mgm 1 h x f 395 In h t y th t bact iia the 3ng V i quot r membranef s ta ith wt 433m form yam 39 mam J where h i synthms mews Chara gmgii f Pmkarya ts GENE Etrui tures WEEIIJEFIQWFTH the w They help bacteria a her t1 ither cg39dsi i i E E w I E is r Y a I Fm r E W E 39i f i 1 Mr L Lg qfi39l ua quotmu LWME quotg 39l jn r jg hr ya 71 39L 39 quota T 1 II V a L F jfi quotF1 V 7 7 n 5 quot u 7 3 i 11 J n i i L h 3 1 Ti E 39 E g i i E I W LA Fi a r E rm r quot 1ane es have Li V teen Etudi usin E dyi39ffii arem r e e w 4 4 teshniqzueis The HU EIEUS usua y the largest mgana a a 1 I i E l l 1 w ill 1 i i Ii Captains the L The nucleus is swurrund by Mg Muster pares in the envelape mntml P355391 0f miecus La r W e malesul es gush as prtens need a sgnal 1 pasts th mug h ra HE same fl 4 1 utar 39 I J 7 A rrAA lnnar Mml ui Eh m n H a Nuclear V L Hmlearquot HE fr ubiines with Mains is form the s in the Humans hmmasomes re sparata strains Elf ch rmath which conwnse befra cell dui sini I f ii u k Al 7 L A J A A 7 7 7 r A 4 W L W L 1 LL if v i v rf 7 Ma a l 7 A I g A 4 m a W MM 5 m r 17 39 1 m 1131me gang hymn 39 W L 7 7 Ii n bath pmkawmc an lukary tit celtlls i E ee rut runwr k n EUREWMEE ri sames are eith r free 1 the cytoplasm r i h m the ER I mtgch n ra and Eha l rvpasts 1 H W I 1 w 1 i w I I L i L r E L i I L V P 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naria nary in fuel e y 1 ID thj J WAAIEEU E is tzrangf rmq w 1 glarrespiiratmm e L i L iii l Eli Th inner membr ne Bf a mit hmdmn F e fl quot nwar a large sums are far 1 printaimartspam Incer ultar kw i e e e ee l Awlspirzat r1 reactimns Ii m 1 J m rill Th m fnchndrl matrx Bantams L anjm 43 w A M mrh mm Il ll LF 1 mingm In Chlmmasts f phmsynthes ish W 7 e e light Binargy i5 canue ed it the energy e e Ehramcal hands 1 Haw a aube membrane flat Eimur w g e we 1 artmants an inn39r membranm W J39m a u 7 L4 E Filigmaa 1n j r hr V V v 1 h g L4 J A L A ivgim an I 7 Fir urn brin im irwmm m m r m r g Ehh m by I Ilillu39 7 hima F7 iiiquot 39 E h quot 39 m r39r r I39 39I rp ri quotmia 1 quot 39 H L


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