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Psych 355 Chapter 1-2 Notes

by: Stephanie Bahr

Psych 355 Chapter 1-2 Notes Psych 355

Stephanie Bahr
Social Psychology
Dr. Stalder

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About this Document

Notes for the fourth week of Social Psychology with Dr. Stalder
Social Psychology
Dr. Stalder
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stephanie Bahr on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 355 at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater taught by Dr. Stalder in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.


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Date Created: 09/24/15
Week of 092115 Four week of notes for social psychology psych 355 Trait Moderations O traits under certain levels of which an effect or result is lessmore likely to occur 0 eX FAEfundamental attribution error Q High levels of what traits might reduce FAE A Empathy Logical Thinking maybe Happiness Relation to Clinical Psychology Attribution Theory 0 supposes that one attempts to understand the behavior of others by attributing feelings beliefs and intentions to them 0 this theory can inform the treatment of depression because of the depressive explanatory style Depressive Explanatory Style 0 People who generally tend to blame themselves for negative events believe that such events will continue indefinitely and let such events affect many aspects of their lives display 0 IntemalStableGlobal 0 Internal 0 The individual blames themselves for any negative thing that may happen 0 Stable O The individual assumes that it has always been that way that it has always been their fault 0 Global 0 Then the individual assumes that it isn t just that one thing but that they are in fact bad at everything TEST QUESTION Q How does social psychology relate to clinical psychology A Information above Defense mechanisms can act as dissonance reducers Next Section AAttitude BBehavior QDoes A imply B A Often yes QDoes B imply A A not necessarily o if you assume B implies A you might be a risk of FAEfundamental attribution error Issue of Microaggressionsgray research area 0 subtle verbalnonverbal slights snubs or insults against you based on your group membership Important things to know about microaggressions o THEY HAPPEN 0 If you assume something is a form of microaggression when there could be other explanations you are at risk of FAE o explaining is not excusing Suggestion 0 when reading a research report instead of focusing on the label uses focus on the operational definition of the label Does advise from a psychologist re ect their assumptions about what is right right vs wrong is subjective The authorMeyers says yes but he is at risk of FAE Meyers is assuming what the psychologist s opinion is based on what they write in research papers or what they advice to clients 0 Just because the psychologist writes it doesn t mean they agree with it It s more likely the psychologist is making an if then statement based on the research done Research Methods Case Study 0 intensive investigation of a single person ex Phineas Gage Potential Problems with Gage example 0 can t assume what affected Gage would affect everyone else the same way Problems with Case Studies 0 tendency to generalize 0 ex it happened to this person must be true for everyone 0 no control group so a causeeffect conclusion can not be made 0 don t know if the problem caused the effect 0 self reportsissues with self report 0 could be biased 0 could be untrue 0 memory could be wrongmemory is not as good as one may think I ex I was spanked as a child and I turned out fine ExperimentONLY RESEARCH METHOD THAT ALLOWS FOR CAUSEEFFECT CONCLUSION o manipulates and measures 0 independent variableexperimenter manipulates I Control group not tested I Experimental grouptested 0 dependent variableexperimenter measure 0 random assignmentand the confound O assigning participants to different groups in an experiment using randomization O Confound 0 an alternative explanation Without random assignment there WILL BE a confound example QCan race or gender be a true IV A No Explanation It is impossible to randomly assign traits like race or gender Individuals are born with these traits so they can t be assigned 0 Not an independent variable 0 not an experiment 0 no causeeffect conclusion Correlational Research 0 does not allow for a causeeffect conclusion 0 can still predict outcomes reliably CHAPTER 2 Self concept 0 how you see yourself Self esteem 0 how you feel about yourself Self concept and self esteem have a reciprocal relationship meaning one s self concept in uences one s self esteem and one s esteem in uences one s self concept


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