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Week 5 Notes - History of Mathematical Thought

by: Jakeya Flood

Week 5 Notes - History of Mathematical Thought MATH 4109

Marketplace > University of North Carolina - Charlotte > Mathematics (M) > MATH 4109 > Week 5 Notes History of Mathematical Thought
Jakeya Flood
GPA 3.0
Development of Mathematical Thought
Dr. Kim Harris

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About this Document

Notes on the Development of Mathematical Thoughts. Notes about Euclid along with his proofs. Enjoy :-)
Development of Mathematical Thought
Dr. Kim Harris
Class Notes
Mathematics, history, Euclid, Pythagorean, uncc, MATH 4109, proof, notes, Greeks, Greek, Babylonians, Egyptians, Egypt, handwritten, handwritten notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jakeya Flood on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 4109 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Dr. Kim Harris in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Development of Mathematical Thought in Mathematics (M) at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

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Date Created: 09/24/15
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