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Calc2 Week 2 Lecture Notes

by: Isabel Uribe

Calc2 Week 2 Lecture Notes 0230

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Mathematics (M) > 0230 > Calc2 Week 2 Lecture Notes
Isabel Uribe
Analytic Geometry & Calculus 2
No professor available

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About this Document

Week 2 Notes: covers approximate integration (such as the midpoint, trapezoid, and Simpson's methods) and Improper Integrals (over infinite or finite domains).
Analytic Geometry & Calculus 2
No professor available
Class Notes
Calc 2
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isabel Uribe on Saturday September 20, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 0230 at University of Pittsburgh taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Analytic Geometry & Calculus 2 in Mathematics (M) at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 09/20/14
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