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Soc 205 Week 6 Notes

by: Angelina Notetaker

Soc 205 Week 6 Notes Soc 205 002

Angelina Notetaker
GPA 3.7
Crime, Public Policy, and the Criminal Justice System
Maria B. Velez

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About this Document

The topic for this week of notes was about the definition of a moral panic and example of a moral panic regarding youth violence. We also learned about the consequences of moral panic . (P.S. Thi...
Crime, Public Policy, and the Criminal Justice System
Maria B. Velez
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angelina Notetaker on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Soc 205 002 at University of New Mexico taught by Maria B. Velez in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Crime, Public Policy, and the Criminal Justice System in Sociology at University of New Mexico.


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Date Created: 09/24/15
Soc 205 Week 6 Notes Today s Objectives 0 Definition of a moral panic 0 Go over example of a moral panic regarding youth violence 0 Consequences of moral panic 0 Creation of a super predator image 0 States that transfer juveniles into adult prisons 0 Youth in adult prisons Watch When Kids Get Life by FRONTLINE PBS Definition of a Moral Panic 0 A sudden and excessive feeling of alarm or fear usually affecting a body of persons and leading to extravagant or injudicious efforts to secure safety 0 Societies appear to be subject every now and then to periods of moral panic 0 Key question is is it a real crisisepidemic or is it a moral panic A Moral Panic Necessitates 0 Concern O Heightened concern over the behavior of others and the consequences such conduct is believed to have on society 0 Hostility O Intense hostility toward an identifiable group or category of people who become vilified as social outcasts good versus evil perpetrators are portrayed as folk devils 0 Consensus O The negative social reaction is broad and unified ie requires a certain degree of consensus among members of society 0 Disproportionality O Perceived danger is greater than the potential harm the threat is exaggerated 0 Volatility O The media s reporting and the associated panic emerge suddenly but can subside quickly The Case Of Youth Crime Violent crime declined more among juveniles than wi twdlid among young adults and older adults 0 What do we know about Juvenile Crime 0 Crimes known to the police global selected offenses 199472030 7 7 7 7 7 ml en Inger Egg managed r eapcn 5 j Sf enses A5530 O H en sea Murderand nun negligent T manalaughter rate per 100000 4 7 Cilia Ends 1 Burgl rY 12 l 19802011 EMurder and J in iUnd ar Age 13 i ges 1824 Dl uer Age 24 2 93993 r cm N La 00 1 r mansla 00 cc 539 3x 3x 33 1 H ughter G GW 393 GW 39339 C39 39 CI ll rate 1quot 1quot 1quot 1quot 1quot N N guggeeegagaaaggggu UCRBUIglar 333333333333333333 FinLute Usher lrtz ti39lui 391335 37 1312 m F i tai SUIT9 rf Erl eat igatijn L Erma fur3979 Iquot r919 131mm Shares EEHII IETDTI ELLL FBI L E l fTEFf cf JUEMJE 1983 1986 2004 2007 Juvenile arrests dieeliirledl 13 between 199 and 20 quot with larger decreases in ri leril ellerises o Arrest Rates forJuveniles UCP Disconnect Between Trends and Response Juvenile Offenders fi39m39ft Wt f l juvenile Ehange arr25157 mom Jam amen 0 Although available statistical evideI showed national crime rates declini Ml39 l i MESHE 43 media told a different story creatinlt WEE Wm WM m ienw H 533 f E JrLlerquotr1ilrl quot E 39 ljig i ili FTWTTEJEJEFBTEE Leia moral panic about youth violence I Fumblmw dim 25 0 Very Violent cases sensationalized l HEUUEW 3133 cm media Itemmated i 6333 2 0 Le newspaper more likely to devote space to young offenders Super Predator Image 0 Juvenile youth of the 1990s different than other offenders from the past 0 quotBased on all that we have witnessed researched and heard from people who are close to the actionquot quothere is what we believe America is now home to thickening ranks ofjuvenile 39super predators radicay impulsive brutally remorseless youngers including ever more preteenager boys who murder assault rape rob burglarize deal deadly drugs join guntoting gangs and create serious communal disordersquot Bennet Dilulio and Walters 199627 A Punitive turn towards Juveniles llurntier of lioutli Held in Adult Prisons and Jails lQBErZDM Youth in Adult Prisons mum in Adultlails 15mm i 120DU a spot i quot 5D 3DDU Av39 eeeeeaaeeaeaeaeeeeaeeeeae Enmmmmmmmmmmmmm gQDQQQQQD F F F F r r F F F r F r FrNNNNNNNNNNNW 1 I EENTENCING i3 311 1j f PROJECT End of Week 6 notes 0 Also Week 7 Notes will hopefully be upload by next Friday or Saturday at the latest Thank you for using Studysoup


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