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Chapter 3 - Marketing Research and Managing Marketing Information

by: KUMIKO Notetaker

Chapter 3 - Marketing Research and Managing Marketing Information B216

Marketplace > Republic Polytechnic > Social Science > B216 > Chapter 3 Marketing Research and Managing Marketing Information
KUMIKO Notetaker
Gerrard Ong

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About this Document

Hi guys! Hopefully my detailed note of lesson 3 is helpful for you!
Gerrard Ong
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by KUMIKO Notetaker on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to B216 at Republic Polytechnic taught by Gerrard Ong in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 172 views. For similar materials see Marketing in Social Science at Republic Polytechnic.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
ghapter 3 Marketing Research and Managing Marketing Information Marketing Research o Is the systematic design collection analysis and reporting of data relevant to a speci c marketing situation facing an organization 0 Marketing research process 1 De ning the Problem and Research Objectives 0 Types of research Exploratory Research To gather preliminary information that will help de ne problem and suggest hypotheses Descriptive Research To better describe things such as market potential for a product Causal Research To test hypothesis about cause and effect relationships 2 Developing the Research Plan 0 Sources of Data Primary collected or observed directly from rsthand experience such as observations focus groups or surveys Secondary collected for another purpose by people other than the researcher in question such as censuses or organization records 0 Research Methods Qualitative Quantitative Contact Methods Mail Telephone Personal Individualgroup Online Criteria Sampling Plan Sampling Unit Who is to be surveyed Sample Size How many people should be surveyed Sampling Procedure How should the people in the sample be chosen Probability QR Nonprobability Research Instruments Questionnaires a productive tool listing questions for obtaining information which used for survey research Discussion Guides A written outline of topics to cover during a focus group discussion which has used mostly openended questions for Focus Group Study Mechanical Instruments Include cameras Biopac Eye tracker etc 1 Implementing the Research Plan 0 Personnel and Materials 0 Time Scheduling Cost Estimates Tabulation Plans 0 Field Work 0 Data Processing and Analysis 2 Interpreting and Reporting the Findings Questionnaire Questionnaire Sections Introduction To introduce the purpose of the study Screener To allow us to select the respondents that meet the criteria Core To allow us to gather information to meet the research purpose Classi cation To allow us to classify the respondents within different categories Questionnaire Design What can questionnaires measure Subjective QR Objective Quantitative QR Qualitative When to use a questionnaire When resources and money are limited When it is necessary to protect the privacy of the participant When corroborating other ndings De ning the objectives of the survey Writing the questionnaire What kind of questions do we ask Open format OR Closed format Closedended Allows respondent to choose one of the two or more options Openended Allows respondent to elaborate on their attitudes towards the given subject Partially openended Gives some options but also allows the respondent to express in hisher own words of the options are not exhaustive Rating scale The respondent is asked to rate an issue on a scale that ranges from poor to good Likert scale Help to ascertain how strongly the respondent agrees with a particular statement Clarity Leading question Phrasing Embarrassing question Hypothetical question Pretesting Guidelines 1 ill ill till arfii ll ain t 5 at ijglf ffli g iJ39Tigilfr lin a39Ffll mil 39 it lf J igullj immii l J r n New Market Research Methods and Techniques Shift from data collection to data analysis Shift from quothow do you think you will behavequot to quotI know how you behaved Mobile market research methods Biometric market research techniques Prediction markets Virtual shopping Live audience response Online collaboration tools Social media market research QR code surveys Practice Questions 1 Identify the following types of research Exploratory Descriptive and CausaD a Conducting a survey on existing customer pro les age group spending etc at various McDonalds outlets b The objective I to nd out the buying and consumption pattern of beer in Singapore c The objective is to examine the extent to which a change in advertising theme for Tiger beer from quotWhat time is itquot to quotTiger Unravel the Secretquot will lead to change in advertising recall and attitude changes d The objective is to nd out the possible reasons for the recent decline in sales e Conducting Focus Group discussions to nd out what customers like or dislike about McDonalds f McDonalds just launched a special advert to emphasize its healthy food and conducted a survey to nd out if its customers39 had a change of attitude as a result of the ad 2 Which of the following is not part of the Marketing Research Process a Sampling Procedure b Problem De nition c Contact Method d Press Release 2 Informal reviews Eg blogs are characterised as being a Quantitative b Qualitative 2 Which section of the marketing research process describes sample selection sample size data collection method instrumentation and procedures a Problem De nition b Research Plan c Data Analysis d Findings and lnferences 2 Identify the following question types in designing a questionnaire a If you were President Tony Tan what strategies would you use to increase citizen patriotism b Your occupation Academic Professional Clerical Any other Please Specify How much will the price of cars go up by next year Do you have bad breath How would you rate the performance of LG phones What is your gender Female Male LG phones offer innovative technology at competitive prices Are you working Yes No 1 In your opinion which of the contact method is the most suitable method to use List some reasons to support your choice 2 Design an effective Questionnaire to help McDonalds in nding out their customers39 attitude changes these few years QUEQ O39QJ Learning Outcomes Describe the stages in the marketing research process Differentiate between the various types of research objectives Identify the various components of a research pan Explain how to design an effective questionnaire gtUJNl 39 Need answers Feel free to drop me an email 15043445 myrpedusg


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