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CMLT (ANTH) 3190 Notes: Week 3

by: Neena Molavi

CMLT (ANTH) 3190 Notes: Week 3 3190

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Neena Molavi
Myth in Culture
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About this Document

Myth in Culture
No professor available
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Neena Molavi on Saturday September 20, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 3190 at University of Georgia taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 170 views. For similar materials see Myth in Culture in ANTH at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 09/20/14
CMLTANTH 3190 Myth in Culture Deszo Benedek Week 3 Tuesday Sept 2 2014 Austronesia the area between Taiwan Sumatra and Timor Dr Benedek concentrated on languages grammar and belief systems wooden boats were used for migration at the time migrations fall into two categories intentional travel and unintentional travel the archipelagos were originally populated by intentional travel the Yami make their boats with 13 boards mounted on each side of a long sturdy beam called a rapad they made huge boats capoc trees similar to sequoias used for the rapad o for the boards there were no saws so one tree one board I ran out of capoc trees I this caused migration to halt in Austronesia the boats required lots of storage space the Yami had a primitive form of goggles o lightning sand glass o metal would wash up on the shore I metal rods were very valuable I so was wire before goggles the Yami natives would walk into the water neck deep with a spear and stand very still chewing the gago nut oily bitter nuts o they would spit the chewed gago into the water and use the oil ecks to see underwater goggles were invented all over Austronesia independently it is important when participating in field work to not teach the natives any foreign practices Dr Benedek gave the Yami polaroid pictures but they threw them away o they weren t valuable because they weren t useful some of the Yami were spooked by voice recordings the Yami language is most similar to the Philippino language 4000 years ago first thing to change in a language is slang o changes multiple times per generation by the end of his 6th month Dr B was uent in their language o his Japanese background helped if the Yami man that Dr B first met had returned home the natives would have thought he was a demon where someone dies their spirit ies around their body and then goes to the white island o minor demons in the large joints shoulder hip etc also y out of haunt the family if you think of the dead or talk about them that allows the demons to hauntyou when a person is buried the soil is placed back perfectly so that no one will know there is a body there if you uncover a skeleton that is very bad luck death is one of the biggest taboos o it is where demons originate male family members do the burying the moment you are born 2 goddesses in the pantheon take a coconut break it and pour the juice into a container o the more juice that comes out the longer you will live o but they still don t really talk about it unless it is in the Song of the Ancestors and the persons name prefix Shimina there is no concept of the afterlife because that requires talking about death which is taboo they did not make alcohol but it was dumped on them by China which had a catastrophic effect like the Native Americans when someone is born and when someone dies someone goes up on the roof and makes the announcement and that s it the Yami only have first names o each name means something common name that s why at first Dr Benedek didn t know about the first family s dead son o he figured it out from his old diving things Thursday Sept 4th 2014 spear guns were invented independently all over the place Camaya tree ebony like core o the hardest substance after stone on the island no wars ever occurred with outsiders but village fights did 6 villages on the island no currency center myth of the culture starts with creation and continues until the present includes only important events boat inauguration ceremony took 35 days because that s how long the chant took Shi Mo Rapaw a god in the Yami pantheon since the Yami have no hierarchy neither do the gods Shi Mo Rapaw created the earth o he looked down on the island took a piece of volcanic rock lalitan and bamboo kawalan and threw them to the island the rock hit a volcano and rolled down the bamboo landed on the beach next to the rock each exploded into a genderless human angel of god told them all the resources of the island and how to harvest them OOOO I you can touch eat everything except for this one fruit kalenden o they ate the fruit and found that their knees started itching o the angel showed up and told them not to scratch their knees unless they really wanted trouble o they scratched and each knee splits open I a woman comes from the left knee and a man from the right males chant the song of the ancestors incest is a taboo o second cousin marriage is permissible but not first cousin to survive you need proteins carbohydrates and water o the protein comes from diving and fishing men o the carbohydrates come from taro women I they d use camaya or a metal rod every day to loosen the mud around the plant so that water could get to the roots no limits on how many fish a man could catch for his family the carrying capacity of the land is the reason that the Yami were always between malnutrition and starvation o the land can only provide for so many people before it becomes exploited men would clean the fish women would boil it in plain spring water o they had no spices salt was used to preserving meat energetics consume as many calories or more as you burn o if you become calorie deficient you can t work the next day because you aren t strong enough o then your body starts to consume itself only one meal per day the diver eats first then the mother and father then the children in order of how much they have contributed to anything same with grandparents it is rude for a diver to turn down food for someone else because they need to be strong to continue to provide for their family when ying fish season comes they mass fish and store it for typhoon season by drying it they are always hungry they don t eat eggs abaka tree is used to make fabric o strip bark and start knocking it with a stone o the filler falls out and the fibers become visible o the more you knock it the thinner the fibers become o they would weave the fibers using their body as a loom most intricate weaving in all of Austronesia women wear skirts that are at least knee length also a blouse with no sleeves and one breast exposed so that they can breastfeed men wear a loincloth and a small vest called a talili


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