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Week Notes

by: N3koKikyu

Week Notes 70771 - PSYC 100 - 002

GPA 3.5
Basic Concepts in Psychology
Keith D Renshaw (P)

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About this Document

Notes for 9/22/15 and 9/24/15 Study Guide Coming Soon Enjoy!
Basic Concepts in Psychology
Keith D Renshaw (P)
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by N3koKikyu on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 70771 - PSYC 100 - 002 at George Mason University taught by Keith D Renshaw (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Basic Concepts in Psychology in Psychlogy at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/25/15
Tuesday September 22 2015 Psychology 100 Perception Bottomup processing building from the bottom up no available heuristics to understand and interpret information Expectations gt perceptual set Context Gestalt Principles perceive things as a whole know all of them FigureGround gt see things as something is the focus and then something in the back ground Closure gt if things have holesbreaks in them our brain will fill it up Illusory Contours gt our brain will put imaginary boundaries on things if it has OTHERS IN BOOK Vision Specific Depth Cues Binocular Retinal disparity images from each eye differ slightly similar to stereo sound Monocular muscle control of each eye pictorial cues Accommodation of change change in size change in position Perceptual constancy things we see don t change size Eye movement Tuesday September 22 2015 Illusions MullerLyon illusion Ponzo Illusion Moon Illusion Ames room Other senses Kinesthetic sensation position of body parts relative to rest of body Vestibular sensation balance position of body in space Hearing 2 primary components of sound pitch of sound wave volumeIoudness of sound wave 3 theories of how itch of sound is perceived Touch fastslow pathways of pain theories of pain Illusions Tuesday September 22 2015 Psychology 100 Consciousness What you are aware of Can t attend to all of consciousness at once Fluctuates sleepwake within those states Fluctuations in Alertness Automatic vs controlled process controlled gt actions that require a lot of conscious effort and concentration automatic gt very little effort and attention Daydreams purposes pleasure rehearsalpractice maintain arousal Research 13 of college students time Circadian Rhythms Natural fluctuation sin bodily processes Include alertness temperature hormones ect Natural Circadian Clock around 24 hours maybe a bit more affected by zeitgebers environmental cues Suprachiasmatic Nucleus SCN Tuesday September 22 2015 Light from retina to SCN inhibits production of melatonin Fluctuations Nighttime alertness temperature blood pressure drops melatonin rises Postlunch dip not just because of eating siesta naps Disruptions shift work jet lag with direction is harder to travel Thursday September 24 2015 Psychology 100 Sleep Sleep Deprivation Chronic problem today effects research is mixed Can you catch up on missed sleep not very much Stages of sleep FIVE STAGES 14 and REM rapid eye movement Stage 1 light falling asleep theta waves Stage 2 transition Stage 34 Slowwave sleep Deeper sleep delta waves Associated with how long previously awake restorative REM Rapid Eye Movement Progression 90120 minutes per cycle if you delay it you may miss your REM sleep REM Sleep Replaces Stage 1 in progress Longer and more frequent toward morning Characterized by near muscleparalysis Thursday September 24 2015 very difficult to awaken brain activity awake dreams Func on not restorative but necessary the brain wants it try to take it away but the brain will get it forming neural pathways consolidating memory Sleep ProblemsDisturbances Sleep Walking Night Terrors Insomnia Dreams QuestionsMyths Everyone dreams Dreams happen IN REAL TIME Theories of Dreams Psychodynamic symbolic wish fulfillment Cognitive Just organizing problemsolving ect Activationsynthesis Random neuron firings Brain makes them make sense perception Altered States of Consciousness Drugs Theories of UseAbuse Thursday September 24 2015 Learning based on rewards Psychodynamic reduce unconscious anxiety Social peer influence Cognitive becomes automatichabitual Hypnosis Divided consciousness social cognitive theory


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