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Notes week 5- GC 440

by: Allie S

Notes week 5- GC 440 GC440

Allie S
GPA 3.46
Commercial Printing
Dr. Weisenmiller

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About this Document

Commercial printing
Commercial Printing
Dr. Weisenmiller
Class Notes
Commercial Printing, Clemson, GC, Graphic Comm
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GC440 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Weisenmiller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Commercial Printing in Graphic Communications at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 09/25/15
Review GRACoL 0 General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography How would we evaluate the image quality 0 CLEAR 0 Correctly exposed histogram 0 Higher bitdepth 0 RAW data 0 DATA is King Why do printers use dots o Press limitations A press can only print one density of ink 0 Simulation of densities of the original the best you can do Modulation spots or dots screening Deception viewing distance We are SIMULATING using halftones to create highlights and shadows due to press limitations On a press there is only ONE density therefore we need to use halftones to trick the eye into seeing highlights What is density and how is it used 0 Density A Measure of Reflectance 0 Density decreases as the quality of the substrate decreases Measured with Spectrodensitometer measures the light reflected back 0 Measurement of density of print does not usually exceed a density of 2 0 Films often measure up to 4 0 Typical measurements for offset web are as follows K 165175 C 135145 M 45 155 Y Factors to consider when specifying a Line Screen 0 Printing process variables profiles Viewing distance 0 Substrate Density decreases as substrate quality decreases o Ink setcharacteristics LPI lines per inch n Dot gain will INCREASE as LPI increases PPI pixels per inch n Dot gain will INCREASE as PPI increases 0 o What purposes does a duotone serve o Create a Mood for an image 0 o How do we render dots What is Moir and what are its causes 0 A undesirable pattern found in print Caused by TVI Tonal Value Increase Preflighting What is preflighting 0 process of analyzing native digital files before inserting them into a prepress work flow in order to ensures that the files are ready for their intended purpose 0 Double checkingsoftproofing BEFORE production 0 About 50 of files need additional work before print ready 20 of printers don t do any preflighting most common mistakes I not embedding fontslink images a Lowres images a RGB used instead of CMYK a No Bleed n Transparencyoverprint issues Checklists Extremely important and should be used by everyone 0 Create order 0 Improve quality Help communication and review Ensure consistency Reduce errors Improves productivity Allow for continuous improvement 0 How can checklists get you a better grade on your print production projects Simple checklists ensure fewer mistakes are made ie AAA most common mistakes Types of preflighting tools 1 Manual preflighting Educating the client so the file is right the first time 2 Design preflighting Elements are checked for design fundamaentalssome general production points ex overprint 3 Production preflighting Process oriented 4 Automation Programs that scan for errors Name and describe 3 preflight tools 1 your brain having a mental checklist thinking through processes 2 Built in Preflight profiles Indesign preflightingetc 3 Manual checklist Having a physical list makes a big difference Six Sigma there will be about 999 will be defect free 0 About 341000000 Kaizen constant continuous improvement Know what programs are used for what purposes 0 Photoshop photo effects 0 Illustrator Vectors o Indesign typography Why does it take so long to RIP files with text outlines o Intricate lettering takes a long time many words Preflight questions Why does my preflight report indicate that I have used lossy compressionquot When TEST QUESTION Why does it take so long to RIP files with text outlines Name and describe 3 preflight tool 0 Manual Checklists o Built in Preflighting InDesign profiles Acrobat profiles 0 Automation and TouchUp EnFocus Pitstop EnFocus Switch 0 Workflow Tools Kodak Prinergy Heidelberg Prinect If you are working with large images requiring a lot of memory space and have limited storage space slow network transfers or slow computer an alternative can be to provide low resolution copies of the images for the layout You then place the lowresolution copies of the highresolution images in the layout an the images are replaced by the corresponding highresolution ones before printing This results in speed disadvantages are difficulties in working with a limited view on layout images link problems output complexity Fonts considerations Installation 0 They are portable Embedding into PDF Converting to 39outlines39 o For display text 0 NOT for body text Stroke problems Image quality considerations Is your image good 0 Compression o Artifacts Affects small detail diagonal lines solids areas of high contrast 0 Missing tones Colors can disappear in individual channels Produces Banding o Interpolation Grain amp Digital Nois Digital Imaging checklists 0 Capture good plentiful image data Remember the 6160 principle Consider the Photographic Lighting Quality of the input device Deliberate processingcorrectionenhancement n Handling poor originals a Look for detail a Retain as much image data as possible Automate the process where possible


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