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by: Kaitlyn Endo

J201LectureNotesWeek5.pdf J201 (Journalism, Bish Sen, Media & Society)

Kaitlyn Endo
GPA 3.43
Media & Society
Bish Sen

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About this Document

Media & Society
Bish Sen
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Endo on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J201 (Journalism, Bish Sen, Media & Society) at University of Oregon taught by Bish Sen in Winter 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Media & Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 09/25/15
J201 Lecture Notes Week 5 Television The Story of Television Who pioneered this innovation 0 Vladimir Zworkyin invented the TV camera tube 0 Philo Farnsworth designed the quotimage dissectorquot TV in 1922 transmitted the rst televised picture in 1927 Television in the 1930 s 0 1931 RCA broadcasts experimental TV image of quotFelix the Catquot 0 1935 VHF Station comes out of RCA lab 0 1935 US World Fair NY Showcases TV Television in the 1940 s 0 1941 CBS and NBC started TV transmission 13 VHF channels were set aside for TV 0 1944 NBC presents rst network TV broadcast o 1949 Tota of 98 TV stations in US Major Milestone in the development of TVCoor TV 0 NBC broadcasts rst coasttocoast show in color quotRose Paradequot 1954 0 But it was as late as 1966 that networks had the entire evening program in color Television in the 1950 s 0 1951 First transcontinental broadcast o 1952 1469 UHF channels set aside for TV 0 1951 15 M TV sets 0 1954 advertising revenue surpasses radio Other major developments 0 1965 Most broadcast in color 0 1966 FCC develops rules for cable TV 0 1972 HBO starts pay service for cable 0 1977 TV miniseries quotRootsquot draws 130M viewers over 8 nights Cable TV 0 Originally called Community Antenna TV CATV 0 First emerged in 1948 in rural and mountainous areas Oregon Pennsylvania etc o Allowed TV content to reach remote homes 0 1972 FCC allowed cable TV in cities TV in 19805 and 905 o 1980 CNN debuts o 1981 MTV debuts o 1986 Fox broadcast o 1992 Cable TV revenues 22 billion 0 1994 Direct TV satellite service debuts Modern TV Trends 0 O O 0 Networks produce syndicate and sell to competitors nets amp cable DVD as dominant home video technology Tivotype ft allow viewers to skip ads while watching programs Dualownership ban abolished Structure in USA O O O Stations are either independent or network af liates ABC NBC CBS FOX CW Pax occasionally produce their own programming 23 of the approx 1100 stations in the country are af liated to the four major networks Bene ts of af liation Free programming you get a fee from the network Larger audiences for networks ie higher advertising rates Disadvantages Cable provider like Comcast gets it content from broadcast networks CBS cable networks ESPN superstations WTBS and premium channels HBO Finally programming is also distributed by satellite by companies like DirectTV and the Dish Network Who are the viewers Very important because of advertising A major consideration in determining advertising rates Nielsen does audience research to measure viewership The two statistic that are important here are rating and share Rating how many households are viewing a program 0 Share of TV sets in use tuned to a given program Illustration rating 0 Suppose Nielsen surveys a market using a sample of 100 households 0 Ratings for each station is the percentage of sample households tuned to the station o If 200 households were watching CSI on the CBS af liate then the station s and the shows rating would be 20 Highest ratings 0 MASH 60 DaHas53 Fugitive 45 Cheers 45 Seinfeld 41 Survivor 25


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