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by: Kaitlyn Endo

J201LectureNotesWeek7.pdf J201 (Journalism, Bish Sen, Media & Society)

Kaitlyn Endo
GPA 3.43
Media & Society
Bish Sen

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About this Document

J201 Lecture Notes Week 7
Media & Society
Bish Sen
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Endo on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J201 (Journalism, Bish Sen, Media & Society) at University of Oregon taught by Bish Sen in Winter 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Media & Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 09/25/15
J201 Lecture Notes Week 7 0 Rock n Roll and Society 0 Music is an aesthetic phenomenon 0 Music is also a cultural phenomenon o This lecture analyzes the social and cultural factors that led to the rise of rock n roll 0 Before 0 How much is that Doggie in the window Patti Page Number one song for a long time When you hear that song what do you think 0 Not really artistic Folk sound in it old style of music 0 Then 0 1954 A guy walked into Sam Philips Sun Studio in Memphis Tennessee and recorded two songs by paying for it Philips called the singer back to record again 0 quotThat s All Right Mamaquot totally different sound gap between songs like quotHow much is that doggiequot and quotThat s all right mamaquot emergence of new genre 0 0 Elvis o The song had been earlier performed by a black singer named Arthur Crudup 0 Philips wanted a white man who could sing quotblack Can t market a black person 0 Blues and Country 0 Elvis then recorded a bluegrass number called quotBlue Moon of Kentuckyquot for the B side of his rst single o If you listen to quotThat s All Right Mamaquot it seems rock derives from the blues if you listen to blue moon Kentucky it seems rock derives from country The truth is that rock is a combination of blues and country 0 The rst rock and roll record were covers elvis covered that s all right momma and blue moon Kentucky 0 Demand for quotblack musicquot 0 What led to this demand Short answer teenagers demanded a music that was quotdirtierquot than the crooning music of Frank Sinatra Perry Como Dean Martin Pat Boone etc In what follows we look brie y at the demand side and then most of the lecture will analyze the quotsupply sidequot America the Wealthy o In 1955 America produced 50 of worlds manufacture with 6 of world population 0 In the fties per capita income rose by 48 and real wages by 30 o Commensurate rise in consumption shown by rise in advertising expenditure from 6 billion in 1950 to 13 billion in 1963 Teenager Consumer o 1955 165 million teenagers in the Us 0 Money spent by them and on them 10 billion 0 Teenagers bought 39 of radios 53 of movie tickets and 43 of all records spending ogver 75 million per year on music 0 In other words the teenage market generated a huge demand for music 0 Teens had money in their pockets to spend Teenage Rebellion 0 James Dean 0 only 10 of American teenagers were in school before the 50 s 0 during and after the 50 s rst time in history teens weren t workingthey were just hanging out The search for difference 0 In trying to differentiate themselves from their parent s generation American teenagers would seek out a different kind of music Demand 0 Economic factor the teenager as a consumer PLUS small recording companies like Sun records or Chess trying to compete with giants like RCA Columbia and Decca 0 Cultural factor the search for difference and uniqueness o In other words if rock n roll did not exist it would be necessary to invent it The chain of supply 0 Acoustic blues 0 Electric blues 0 Rhythm and blues 0 Country 0 Rock n roll Rock and Roll Hall of Fame O O 0 First year inductees Chuck Berry Little Richard Fats Domino James Brown Ray Charles Sam Cooke The Everly Brothers Buddy Holly Elvis Presley and Jerry lee Lewis Note that there are both black and white people 60 black in hall of fame They re all men and all from the South Slavery O O O Crops in the American South cotton rice sugar were labor intensive Capitalist logic coupled with racist ideology created modern slavery Saves were not allowed to keep much of their culture but their music could not be taken away Spirituals and Gospel music 0 0 Part of black music expressed hope and dreams thru gospel music Spirituals used a lot of Biblical themes and expressed hope of a better life in the beyond Emancipation O O No economic freedom slaves had no choice but to become sharecroppers an occupation that involved chronic debt and dire poverty Out of this lonely and impoverished rose one of the greatest art forms The Blues 0 Originated in the south most notealby in the Mississippi Delta hence the delta blues certain counties in Mississippi were 80 black Since very blackl black music and black sound lived on The bluesman was an itinerant gure acoustic guitar in hand moving restlessly from place to place often an alcoholic often violent Some blues greats 0 000000 0 Charley Patton Robert Johnson Cream Eric Clapton Blind Lemon Jefferson Son House Blind Willie Johnson Elmore James Missisippi John Hurt Migration o By the 19105 and 19205 thousands of blacks began to leave the south to look forjobs in the industrial North New Music 0 As black settled in urban areas their music changed in two ways 0 From delta or acoustic blues to urbanChicagoelectric blues 0 The electric blues were faster louder more aggressive re ecting life in the ghettoes and the tough neighborhoods of the big city Rhythm and Blues 0 The other development was the birth of rhythm and blues this incorporated wind instruments like the trumpets had a much more upbeat and danceable beat and was generally much more light and fun than the blues RampB Greats o The big names in the forties was Louis Jordan who was followed by people like Big Joe Turner shake rattle and roll Arthur Big Boy Crudup Amos Milburn Roy Brown and also more melodious groups like Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers Billy Ward and the Dominoes and the Drifterswith Clyde Mcphatter as lead later to be replaced by Ben E King Country 0 In the Appalachian regions of Virginia and neighboring states white settlers from the very early days had become isolated in nonproductive hilly country 0 These people preserved the music they had brought over from England Scotland etc These ballads had been passed on for centuries Hillbilly o This was pure white music but at the same time country incorporated many black elementsthus the work of Jimmie Rodgers the rst person to be voted to the Country Music Hall of Fame is heavily blues in uenced His most famous songs have titles like quotMule Skinner Bluesquot ro quotTB Bluesquot These songs were recorded as hillbilly music just as blues artist were recorded under quotrace recordsquot Black and White 0 Poor southern whites came from tradition of county but also were intimate with black music sung in churches as well as in less reputable places 0 Elvis Presleyquot we were a religious family going around together to sing at camp meetings and revivals Since I was two years old all I knew was gospel music that was music to me We borrowed the style of our psalm signing from the early negroes I guess I learned from them I loved the music 0 Same was true of other southern rockabilly greats like jerry lee lewis carl perkins etc Rockabilly Rock n Roll 0 The combination of RampB rock and country billy gave birth to a music form that would conquer the whole world 0 These two old forms of music that had been created by were thus able to provide the right voice for this new music a combination of melody and rhythm that would end up dominating the worldwide music scene for years to come Sports and Society FIFA the early years 0 The football association continues to organization international tournaments and early Olympic events 0 Through world war FIFA gains new members United States Canada Chile Argentina 0 But the organization remains relatively powerless until after WWI when the Jules Rimet becomes President English teams refuse to participate in World Cups 0 They refused to participate because they didn t want to play in international competitions with countries it fought against in WWl After WW 0 Postwar England returns to the FIFA fold Stanley Rous becomes President in 1961 0 Former referee o Traditionalist 0 Supported Apartheid South Africa s participation in Cup 0 Seen as symbolic of European control over international football PostHavenlange In 1998 Havelange is replaced by Sepp Blatter his prot g Blatter has overseen the continued expansion of the game including the rst quotAfrican World Cupquot 0 His tenure has been mired in controversy corrupt bidding processes lSL Expands FlFA s development operations FIFA and the World Cup 0 2014 revenue for FIFA was 4 billion dollars o The world Cup cost Brazil 14 billion dollars 0 Why host the World Cup 0 2018 World Cup in Russia 0 2022 World Cup in Qatar 0 Who decides who gets the World Cups Bid Process 0 FIFA as an N60 0 209 member associations 0 bid determines 812 years out from the event rotation process 0 Confederation based bid process 0 Why 0 FIFA executive committee 0 24 members two accused of corruption is most recent bid process 0 Vice president and members 0 Mohammad Bin Hammam FIFA and the media 0 Advertising 0 6 top tier advertisers Adidas CocaCola Emirates Hyundai Sony Visa Pay about 175 million annually to FIFA o 8 second tier advertisers Budweiser Castrol Continental Johnson and Johnson McDonalds Moy Park Oi Yinin Pay about 130 million annually to FIFA Some Broadcasting Numbers 0 FIFA grants 160 main media licenses for Television 0 FIFA grants 700 media licenses for mobile broadband and radio 0 FIFA spent 150 million to quotproduce television coveragequot make it accessible in every territory 0 2014 World Cup broke all viewing records 0 429 million watched Brazil play Croatia 0 341 million watched Japan play Cote d lvoire on Japanese channel NHK o 11 million watched the US play Ghana


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