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by: Kaitlyn Endo

J201NotesWeek6.pdf J201 (Journalism, Bish Sen, Media & Society)

Kaitlyn Endo
GPA 3.43
Media & Society
Bish Sen

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About this Document

J201 Lecture Notes Week 6
Media & Society
Bish Sen
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Endo on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J201 (Journalism, Bish Sen, Media & Society) at University of Oregon taught by Bish Sen in Winter 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Media & Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 09/25/15
J201 Notes Week 6 0 Why Occult o A way to express something that cannot be expressed 0 Thus science ction often expresses the impossible o In Bewitched a woman is shown as powerful but only in the guise of a witch Military Sitcoms o The most popular World War II themed sitcom was Hogan s Heroes 196571 a comedy set amidst a group of Allied prisoners of war in a Nazi prison camp 0 The other successful show was Gomer Pyle USMC 70 s 0 the period 196670 was pretty lean for sitcoms old and perhaps tired shows like Beverley Hillbillies The Lucy Show Gilligan s Island Green Acres The Andy Gif th Show and Gomer Pyle played in prime time The only new show of note that debuted in this period was The Brady Bunch 196974 featuring a couple with children from previous marriage 0 All in the Family 0 Premiering of Norman Lear s All in the Family in 1970 changed the sitcom landscape 197079 0 Signaled a maturing of the genre o It dealt openly and contentiously with social problems and issues 0 Was not afraid to put a bigot on primetime o This was followed by Archie Bunker s Place 197983 0 Norman Lear o Lear would turn out to be the single most successful sitcom producer of the decade creating two hugely successful spinoffs from Maude 197278 with Beatrice Arthur later of Golden Girls who played Maude Edith Bunker s liberal cousin and The Jeffersons 0 He also produced other breakthrough sitcoms that focused on race Sanford and Sons 19721977 starring comedian Redd Fox and Good Times 197479 a show that portrayed life in the ghetto and was a spinoff from Maude rst to engage in African American culture o MTM the second major show of the early 705 197077 on CBS 0 O O O O O O O O O The Mary Tyler Moore Show produced by MTM Productions Tried to depict modern gender roles in the workplace as well as the life of a single woman Very rst show that had vision of modern woman before it came to be Had successful spin off Rhoda 197478 as well as several other hits including The Bob Newhart Show 1972 77 and WKRP in Cincinnati 197882 Later produced major 80s dramatic series like Hill Street Blues and St Elsewhere l didn t do great but MTM came up with formual where audience wasn t big but small and rich MTM and 30 Rock MASH 197283 the last of the quality sitcoms good sitcom looks at contradictions in society and makes it a comedy based on 1970 lm directed by Robert Altman Show was set in the Korean War and featured an iconoclastic medical unit that saw through the pretenses of warmongering The show s nale was the highest rated television broadcast ever 60 million viewers Great Contradictions o AITF race gender liberal vs conservative white collar vs blue 0 MTM gender 0 MASH liberal vs imperial o Lighter stuff 0 A second type of sitcom mainly aired by ABC took a much lighter view of things and focused more 0 NBC had its own light show Different Strokes white father adopts two black kids 7886 0 Alfred by ABC 197784 with John Ritter playing jack Tripper a straight male who suggests he is gay in order to room with two women 805present the 8081 and 8182 seasons did not produce any notable shows the 80s properly began in the 8283 season with two major shows Cheers 198293 and Family Ties 198289 0 The rst revolved largely round the issue gender while the second exploited the contradictions in a family the Keatons that a set of liberal parents and their Republican son Alex played by Michael j Fox 0 Race and Gender The next few years saw the intro of one heavyweight The Cosby Show There were other notable ones many of which were womenoriented Kate and Allie 198489 Designing Women 198683 The Golden Girls 198592 more women in work force more divorce and women as star and still able to make money The most self consciously feminist sitcom featured Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown 198898 rst feminist shows A powerful working class woman was the center of Roseanne 198897 Other notables included Who s the Boss 198492 and Nigh Court 198492 and the wacky Marriedwith Children 198797 Finally animation found its voice with the Simpsons 1989 present The family sitcom continued to prosper o More 905 hits 0 Now A sitcom that featured workplace with family life was Cheers spinoff Frasier Wings was another workplace sitcom 2 megahits Seinfeld and Friends Sitcoms that originated in the mid905 and later include


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