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Week 5 notes

by: Laura Notetaker

Week 5 notes mgmt 3311

Laura Notetaker
GPA 3.77
Introduction to human resource management
Dr. Laura Guerrero

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About this Document

These notes are the notes for week 5
Introduction to human resource management
Dr. Laura Guerrero
Class Notes
human resources
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laura Notetaker on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to mgmt 3311 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Dr. Laura Guerrero in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Introduction to human resource management in Business at University of Texas at El Paso.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
Week 5 Chapter 5 Introduction Recruitment and selection process 1 Decide what positions to fill through workforcepersonnel planning and forecasting 2 Build a pool of candidates for these jobs by recruiting internal or external candidates 3 Have candidates complete application forms and perhaps undergo initial screening interviews 4 Use selection tools like tests background investigations and physical exams to screen candidates 5 Decide who to make an offer to by having the supervisor and perhaps other interview the candidates Workforce Planning and Forecasting Workforce or employment or personnel planning is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill and how to fill them Strategy and Workforce Planning The basic process is to forecast what the employer s demands for need for labor and supply for labor then identify supply such as the demand gaps and develop action plans to fill the projected gaps Forecasting Personnel Needs Labor Demand It starts with estimating what the demand will be for your products or services Short term management should be concerned with daily weekly and seasonal forecasts Long term mangers will follow industry publications and economic forecasts closely to try to get a sense of future demand Trend Analysis Means studying variations in the firm s employment levels over the past few years It provides an initial rough estimate of future staffing needs Ratio Analysis Means making forecasts based on the historical ratio between some casual factor and the number of employees required Scatter Plot Shows how 2 variables sales and staffing levels are related Drawbacks 1 Historical salespersonnel relationship assume that the firm s existing activities and skill need will continue as is 2 They tend to reward managers for adding employees irrespective of company s needs 3 They tend to institutionalize existing ways of doing things even in the face of change Week 5 Chapter 5 Computerized personnel forecasting Enables managers to build more variables into their personnel projections Forecasting the Supply inside Candidates Qualifications or skills inventories contain data on employees performance records educational background and promotability Manual Systems and Replacement Charts Personnel inventory and development record form compiles qualifications information on each employee Personnel qualification charts show the present performance and promotability for each positon s potential replacement Computerized Skills Inventory Computerized inventory of all the skills of all the employees that are right now in the industry Markov Analysis Involves creating a matrix that shows the probabilities that employees in the chain of feeder positions for a keyjob will move from position to position and making them available to fill the key position Forecasting the Supply outside Candidates Forecasting what the workforce availability will be depends first on the manager s own sense of what s happening in his or her industry Predictive Workforce monitoring s Role in Talent Management Workplanning requires paying continuous attention to workforce planning issues it is called predictive workforce monitoring Developing an action plan to match projected labor supply and labor demand Succession Planning Involves developing workforce plans for the company s top positions Succession planning is the ongoing process of systematically identifying assessing and developing organizational leadership to enhance performance Identify Key Needs first top management and the human resource director identify what the company s future key position needs will be Develop Inside Candidates Then management turns to creating candidates for this jobs Assess and Choose Finally succession planning requires assessing those candidates and selecting those who will actually fill the key position Why Effective Recruiting is Important Employee recruiting means finding andor attracting applicants for the employer s open positions 1 Some recruiting methods are superior to others Week 5 Chapter 5 2 Recruiting depends on nonrecruitment issues such as pay scales 3 Employment law prescribes what you can do The recruiting yield Pyramid It is use to gauge the staffing issues it needs to address Organizing how you recruit Supervisor s role Human resource manager charged with filling an open position is seldom very familiar with the job itself Internal Sources of Candidates Advantages there is really no substitute for knowing a candidate s strengths and weaknesses as you should after working with them for some time The employee can be more committed Morale might rise if employees see promotions as rewards for loyalty and competence Less orientation and training than outsiders Disadvantages Rejected applicants may become disoriented could be a waste of time inbreeding Finding Internal Candidates Job positing means publicizing the open job to employees these postings list the job attitudes like qualifications supervisors work schedule and pay rate Rehiring Pros known quantities and are already familiar with how to do things Cons employees may return with negative attitudes Outside Sources of Candidates Informal recruiting and the Hidden Job Market Manyjob openings aren t publicized at all jobs are created and become available when employers serendipitously come across the right candidates Recruiting via the Internet Virtual office tour and intelligent automated resume screening Other online recruiting practices Example ResumePal Pros and Cons Pros Responses quicker and for a longer time at less cost than just about any other method Cons older people and some minorities are less likely to use the Internet and Internet overload Advertising The media The best medium the local paper depends on the positions for which you re recruiting f recruiting for workers with special skills you should look for places where you could find those special skills Week 5 Chapter 5 Constructing writing the ad 1 You must attract attention to the ad or reader might ignore it 2 Develop interest in the job 3 Create desire by spotlighting words such as travel or challenge 4 The ad should prompt action with a statement like quotcall now Employment Agencies Public and nonprofit agencies Private Agencies are important sources of clerical whitecollar and managerial personnel Temporary Workers and Alternatives Staffing 1 Continuing weak economic confidence among employers 2 Trend to toward organizing around shortterm projects Flexibility is another concern What supervisors should know about temporary employees concerns Treated by employers in a dehumanizing and ultimately discourage way Insecure about their employment and pessimistic about the future Worried about their lack of insurance and pension benefits Misled about theirjob assignments and in particular about whether temporary assignments were likely to become fulltime quotUnderemployedquot Pros and Cons Pros Fill out in for employees who were out sick or on vacation Productivity in output per hour paid is higher It is easier to let temps go Cons often cost employers more per hour than comparable permanent workers since the agency gets a fee Alternative Staffing is the use of traditional recruitment sources Offshoring and Outsourcing Jobs Outsourcing means having outside vendors supply services that the company s own employees previously did inhouse Offshoring means having outside vendors or employees abroad supply services that the company s own employees previously did inhouse There could be cultural misunderstandings Others are security and information privacy concerns Executive Recruiters They are special employment agencies employers retain to seek out topmanagement talent for their clients Working with recruiters Retaining and working with executive recruiters requires some caution Internal Recruiting Week 5 Chapter 5 Referrals and Walkins Employee referrals the employer posts announcements of openings and requests for referrals on its website bulletin boards andor wallboards Pros and Cons Pros generate more applicants more hires and a higher yield ratio Cons might be discriminatory where a workforce is already homogeneous Walkins Are direct applications made at your office OnDemand Recruiting Services ODRS are recruiters who are paid by the hour or project instead of a percentage fee to support a specific object College Recruiting Are sending an employer s representatives to college campuses to prescreen applicants and create an applicant pool from the graduating class Problems Expensive and ineffectively Main goals determine if a candidate is worthy of further consideration and make the employer attractive to candidates Internships for students they can mean being able to hone business skills learn more about potential employers and discover their likes and dislikes To employers can use the interns to make useful contribution whie evaluating them as possible fulltime employees Telecommuters They do all or most of their work remotely using information technology Military Personnel Recruiting a More Diverse Workforce Recruiting Women The most effective strategy is top management driven Here the employer emphasizes the importance of recruiting women identifies gaps in the recruitment and retention of women and put in place a comprehensive plan to attract women applicants Recruiting Single Parents The first step is to make the workplace user friendly Providing some schedule flexibility Older workers The big draw is to provide opportunities for flexible work schedules Another thing is to use quotmini shifts which are less than full time Week 5 Chapter 5 Recruiting Minorities First understand the barriers that prevent minorities from applying Then formulating plans for remedying them and to attracting them and retaining minorities and women Finally implement these plans The Disabled Developing and Using Application Forms Purpose of Application Forms Application form is usually the first step in this process First you can make judgements on substantive matters Second you can draw conclusions about the applicant s previous progress and growth Third you can draw tentative conclusions about the applicant s stability based on previous work record Fourth you may be able to use the data in the application to predict which candidates will succeed on the job Using Application forms to predict job performance It is use to predict employee tenure and performance Choosing biodata needs to have three things 1 Equal employment law limits the items you ll want to use 2 Noninvasive items are best 3 Some applicants will fake biodata answers in an effort to impress the employer


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