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Lecture Notes - week 5

by: Jessica Twehous

Lecture Notes - week 5 PSYCH 3510 - 01

Jessica Twehous
GPA 3.8
Intro to Clinical Psychology
Erika Waller

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About this Document

These notes are straight from the lecture!
Intro to Clinical Psychology
Erika Waller
Class Notes
clinical psychology, clinical psych
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Twehous on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 3510 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Erika Waller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Intro to Clinical Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
922 Notes week 5 Personality Testing 0 Some think declining use or invalid especially projective tests 0 BUT MMPl2 used more often than any other assessments besides interview and IO 0 AND Rorschach used by 82 of psychologists in a recent study Objective Testing 0 Objective Personality Measures 0 Fixed set of responses I Truefalse I YesNo I Dimensional scaling 0 Example item I quotI feel lonleyquot 0 never 1 sometimes 2 always 0 Advantages o Economical Can test large group 0 Computer scoring and interpretation 0 Single dimension or trait can be targeted 0 Objective amp reliable o Disadvantages 0 Questions may be uncharacteristic of respondent Underlying reason for behavior not evident Mixes behaviorsemotionscognitions Can39t qualifyelaborate answers Purposeful incorrect answering 0 May misinterpret questions 0 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory MMPl2 o MMPlMMPl2 the most widely used and studied selfreport inventory most widely used in the world 0 567 TrueFalse items 0 MMPI2 o Validity Scales I cannot say I F infrequency I L lie I K defensiveness o Addendums I Fb back page I VRIN variable response infrequency I TRIN true response infrequency o MMPl2 PurposeInterpretation O 0000 Originally to identify psychiatric disorder Now also used to infer personality traits based on profiles of which scales are elevated 0 Used for employment screening and forensic purposes 0 MMPl2 issues 0 Developed with an quotempirical keying approachquot which items are answered differently by clinical and nonclinical individuals 0 ComputerBased Test Interpretation CBTI 0 Revised NEOPersonality Inventory NEOPIR 0 Five factor model of personality Qpenness to experience Conscientiousness Extraversion Agreeableness Neuroticism Projective Testing 0 Procedure for discovering a person39s characteristic modes of behavior by observing behavior in response to a situation that does not elicit or compel a specific response 0 Characteristics 0 Unstructured stimulus o Examinee imposes own structure 0 Indirect Methodology 0 Freedom of response 0 Many variables to rate Presents difficulties with standardization reliability and validity Must consider 0 Incremental Validity degree to which procedure adds to prediction 0 Rorschach inkblots o 10 cards 5 with color 0 Administration I Card is shown quotTell me what you seequot I Responses noted and then ask what on the card prompted each response 0 Sconng I Popularoriginal answers I Loca on I Content I Determinants I Exner39s Comprehensive system of scoring most popular 0 Thematic Apperception Test TAT o 31 cards depicting objects or people in various situations 0 Administration I Assessor usually selects 612 pictures I Asks examinee to create a story about the picture 0 Thematic Apperception Test TAT o Sconng I Rarely formally scored I Lacks empirical data 0 Reveals personality characteristics 0 lnfers psychological needs themes interpersonal styles 0 Sentence completion 0 Individual completes a series of sentence stems 0 Examples I quotI want quot I quotMy best friend doesn39t know quot I quotMy dad quot 0 Most widely used Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank 0 Objective scoring on 7 pt scale of adjustment maladjustment 924 Notes week 5 Chapter 9 Behavioral Assessment DefinitionUse o Behavioral assessment is quotan assessment approach that focuses on the interactions between situations and behaviors for the purpose of effecting behavioral changequot Eg aggressive behavior Often used with childrenadolescents Tradition 0 Functional Analysis 0 BF Skinner I Precise analysis of stimuli that precede behavior and consequences that follow I Learned behaviors Influence of consequence I Can use this knowledge to understand motive and alter behavior 0 ABC model 0 Antecedent eg Mom ignoring child 0 Behavior eg Child hits sibling o Consequence eg Mom gives child negative attention Behavioral Assessment ongoing process before during and after Behavioral Interview 0 What is the problem 0 What factors are maintaining the problem 0 What is the desired ultimate outcome 0 Inventories and checklists o Selfreport questionnaires 0 Identify behaviors emotional responses and perceptions of environment 0 Eg Youth SelfReport o RolePlaying 0 Patients are directed to respond the way they would typically respond if they were in a given situation CognitiveBehavioral Assessment 0 Behavior influenced by cognitionsthoughts 0 Strategies 0 Thinking aloud 0 Reporting thoughts 0 Rating scales 0 Eg Social Thought and Belief Scale Observational Method Settings 0 Home observation 0 Mealtime Family Interaction Coding o Trained coders watch and rate a video of a family meal 0 School observation 0 Direct Observation Form I Assessors rate frequency of 88 problem items eg disrupts other students during several observation periods in morning and afternoon 0 Who is the observer 0 Hospital observation 0 Structured environment 0 Time Sample Behavior Checklist I Observations made at regular intervals I Daily behavioral profile can be constructed by compiling observations 0 What could we learn Observational Method 0 Controlled observation 0 Environmentsituation is quotdesignedquot to trigger specific behaviors so they can be observed 0 Eg marital interaction parentadolescent conflict 0 Controlled Performance Technique O Contrived situations that allow for control and standardization Used for phobia therapy Assess behavioral avoidance with series of tasks requiring increasingly threatening interactions Fear arousal can also be assessed with psychophysiological measures Influence of assessor o Selfmonitoring 0 Records of emotion thought behavior 0 Frequency duration intensity 0 Shows stimulus amp triggers CLASS ACTIVITY 0 Create your own selfmonitoring plan for 1 week for a behavior you want to increase or decrease o How will you operationally define the behavior 0 Electronic or paper record 0 Record every time it happens or random sample 0 Other factors Antecedent situationtriggers presence of others outcomeconsequence


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