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Chapter 4 Week 5 (9/21 and 9/25)

by: Courtney Wang

Chapter 4 Week 5 (9/21 and 9/25) CHEM 2410

Marketplace > Tulane University > CHEM 2410 > Chapter 4 Week 5 9 21 and 9 25
Courtney Wang
GPA 3.99
Organic Chemistry 1
Carol Zhang

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About this Document

Here's the notes to Zhang's class for the week of 9/21
Organic Chemistry 1
Carol Zhang
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Courtney Wang on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 2410 at Tulane University taught by Carol Zhang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views.


Reviews for Chapter 4 Week 5 (9/21 and 9/25)


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Date Created: 09/25/15
394 van wdI W wo M WN vyin 0 mm MCMJbtda cw mu igbnng mngjg k wwa n f35mm 3 3 5 wwww mwmm W 7 J AA 39 3 3 WWMWWWWMWwWWWW quotquotquot I WWW H m Tovsmnal Wmm3m5 221n anagram fawn CCU P51 NC 7 39r ad acan ccxwojnsww 39 bond ma 3 A H E rhgmc I PVW DWQEEE gj i n I 9 1 5 a 039 393 E 4 4 auchgmjgmghon H y 3 g H xlr a we mammmcmm grows W T V 7 14 7 I LOWEST 3M Intggcmmhlmp CH 20 MM S rmm Onemu maneazmmqmes v 39 WOCd wngmsaJquaa bl I nerrcqun lg Kama19d lt17 acCLch1tcarbms 4 WSWML f 16210 lNT QACTCDN J I 300 l39 md ttd a ms m cm swath 39 frillf h a M 39VVl V UL 9H5 Hm m bkreechm Vaguevan WW9 a 6 v3 61 I W CHC OPWW Gamma Norah aha 393 m3 SWM smnv nc gu mad 145 DElmjfi0N cm W16 Mad E J 3 gummmdwgggdzygngI 19 155quot 1 AA r a ij no Raanvc A gmmnrg quot 39LliOD used 0003K swam b39memvCY QAngig mmgAwmmiannmLMngxgrww M w d be CSS gable ass stab WWMWiiia gmmgnn 3 us quot i J bonds HouFHb H91 I16 Hauf Hc w jwigwtpsmg U Tovswnal N S rmm Hw j Ho HAEmeHLiAgHaw WJgtlo m 9i5h9IMSLmb 661150 HNED conFormaho h 4 e H an gcnia QEQI ALQ C V v r Aw v13 M We m w e e a g T Nolap T r 39 Red Moedw ic ar Has1a Ployms n ww 39 a i El n83691 th 39 Forcw l mm Planar 7 8 WWL mm V WW 1 I MCr 4 WWWQ mw 10 M plumsr r A V r V a 39 39 g 4 a M WWW WW w v lt w39f r39 wlvyg a ma ku wmwnwtx gum7 hm n u any 9 M1 AV 2 fnn A m ummulu vm awn m r A 3 H Jinmcmgm M5j1rQLLnBIT VIC Tors M114qu cu n A A mgumqumu nu m wr 4 A Am VV39 J wwwss w Mmgmcau5 mt Wm M H A m M a2V 77 w v Je w 1 A A 4 Tcr xonvusmtn cu w vch t W e gucmjjiemgw sfer n a a member HHS Vch magnate ammodxccm wmnsmw I r M01th M 4 Cgclohewmc bshm chrs w mmv con omnnm m Wam Fr c a Mo 6mg shum o No fovswnm swam M Drawsngwrcthmr confmmcs t1 am y palm 951mm n 4 MWMMuuh L O m6 acbumcncd H H r QENQUJ39 U DOWN t up JP ligm n 1 Neva 1mm mum yosvhonampmthwel cwn for 0b adjaccv cowbo ns 7 39 w me Wg dw mA L4 Ahmc H H X r g H H v m Pmq Fugg 39 Caxbm Swapping I 1 Ha H nomad 4 quot 7 athng w u ab Lwnqs c1 NM Subsde 39 a r 7 I N m ampn s g S39MYIL 51mm 2 2 mmum IDO 0051 ML 39 4 I mm h 060 am m n mm UP 3 03 Pawns s 1 j CH1 imam I V M V Cagug w m N v fl L 39 y x AL pwnivhl a u u um w Ww A gagwa 4 wWMquot uquot v 0999 rpmWM u p a V nquot A Ham h M wwmm m WMgt23 ylt r1mw n 7 I I f V H Wumm 1137 9 Qs l0d m quotfarcm on s I m 8 cm swam H 39 ryv r xemtv F99 W15 H 2 r W vh g 7 L r q mw cmmnq 43mm 3 r i g 7 kAwAmampAwm wawx nywmameI at plejggmlmwu MA gt15 15 y x n v 7 7 V 7071 vlt V 1 a u in A 19 ss if mage09 V39quot 5W v a w f 39 a 1 quot i 4 i h MA 4 I ljtfwwmgwe 4 w i 7 Wh DY 39 J awn 4


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