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Day 5: Benjamin Franklin and Jean de Crèvecœur


Day 5: Benjamin Franklin and Jean de Crèvecœur E 316P

Marketplace > Foreign Language > E 316P > Day 5 Benjamin Franklin and Jean de Cr vec ur
Masterworks of Literature
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About this Document

Benjamin Franklin, Deism, and Jean de Crevecoeur
Masterworks of Literature
No professor available
One Day of Notes
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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Saturday September 20, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to E 316P at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 100 views.


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Date Created: 09/20/14
Day 5 Benjamin Franklin and Jean de Crevecoeur 0 Ben Franklin 0 selfmade man I men were generally bom into their professions 0 this is mostly a European thing 0 in America this is the land of the individualism o pulled himself up by his bootstraps 15th child of a poor candlemaker o apprentice to his brother at a printing press in Boston I his brother beat him 0 ran away to Philadelphia when he was 17 made his own way 0 Poor Richard39s Almanac I quothonesty is the best policyquot I quota penny saved is a penny eamedquot I quota rolling stone gathers no mossquot o greatly admired by the French I delegate to the constitutional convention I one of the founding fathersframers 0 quotGod helps them that help themselvesquot 0 preaches selfreliance I which ripened into transcendentalism I rugged individualism o the nation39s greatest man and omament 0 established the autobiography I epistolary 0 as in a letter 0 quotepistlequot mean quotletterquot I written for his son I early selfhelp book I says that vanity is a terrible thing I also wrote many genres 0 Deist o invented a bunch of stuff I the rocking chair I bifocals I Franklin stove I lightning 0 one of the first famous men we39ve studied actually bom in America 0 the happiest person has a job they love I work is not just something it39s everything 0 O o the discovery of how the world works and operates is paramount o progress is a dominant concept of the age 0 govemments were to be composed of men and by men OOO 0 quotlife liberty property and the pursuit of hapinessquot 2nd age of American politics not a new Israel but instead a new Athens or new Rome the virtues Constitution rati ed July 4th 1776 women began to read publicly quotAmerica must be as independent in literature as she is in politics as well known for the arts as for warquot however slavery is still a virulent cancer on society quotAmerica was a country rushing headlong into a democracy that stopped halfwayquot a true democracy would be classless O which it really really isn39t Jean de Crevecoeur O OOOOO son of a minor nobleman has money immigrant worked as a land surveyor Indian trader I trade WITH the Indians not trades Indians I Native Americans that is confirmed the hopes of a revolutionary generation hoping for a Jeffersonian Eden Letters from an American Farmer I he39s not a working farmer he39s a gentleman farmer I a collection of essays I defines quotAmericanquot for us 0 quotwe are a people of cultivatorsquot 0 quotwe have no princes for whom we toil and bleed we have the most perfect nationquot I the Great American Asylum 0 offers protection for the marginalized I quoteverything has tended to regeneratequot 0 quotnew menquot 0 quotnewquot is an extremely important word for America I Letter Nine A Description of Charleston 0 it39s not just a description of Charleston SC it39s about slavery this city was built on the backs of slaves now America is no longer a perfect nation quotthe chosen race eats drinks and lives happy while the unfortunate one grubs up the groundquot 0 quotthey39re arranged like horses at a fairbranded like cattlequot 0 quotare not these blacks thy children as well as wequot I he39s walking to dinner and comes across a man hanging in a birdcage from a tree 0 an Africa 0 he39ll either bleed to death or die of thirst which is a terrible way to die 0 he39s being punished for allegedly killing a foreman o if he did do it it would be fairly justi ed 0 he may not have done it


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