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Week 5 Notes

by: Annabelle Hutson

Week 5 Notes Psych 105

Annabelle Hutson
GPA 3.72
Intro to Psych
Johnathan Preszler

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About this Document

This is one week of notes from psych 105 with Professor Preszler, who was sick Tuesday so these are Thursday's notes.
Intro to Psych
Johnathan Preszler
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annabelle Hutson on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 105 at Washington State University taught by Johnathan Preszler in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Intro to Psych in Psychlogy at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
Psych 105 Preszler Weekly Notes Week 5 Professor Preszler was sick on day 1 so these are the only notes from this week which are from day 2 Consciousness immediate awareness of your internal state Descartes and quotinteractive dualismquot A modern dualist would say that our mind has some separate properties from the brain Monistphysicalists believe there is no difference between the brain and the mind 0 William James 1892 described consciousness as a stream or river it just ows Consciousness allows people to integrate the past present and future behavior o It helps to guide future actions o It maintains a sense of self Attention 0 Has a limited capacity o Is selective the cocktail party effect 0 Can be quotblindquot Misdirection magicians use this all the time lnattentional blindness someone doesn39t notice a signi cant object that is in clear vision lnattentional deafness failing to hear an auditory message when attention is elsewhere 0 Change blindness not noticing when something changes not noticing your friend39s new haircut Multitasking Involves the division of attention lmpairs attention to each task 0 Less likely to cause inference when signi cant task variation is present 0 Visual task absorption can produce inattentional deafness Auditory task absorption can produce inattentional blindness Circadian Rhythms 24 hour cycles our body goes through the cyclical daily uctuations in biological and psychological processes 0 Initially emerges about 5 months into gestation o Adjusts to daynight about 23 months after birth The Superchiasmatic Nucleus the body39s clock Cluster of neurons in the hypothalamus Governs the circadian rhythms Does this via light senses Triggers melatonin and other hormones Environment cues are necessary for circadian rhythms Sleep Paradoxical sleep the most active sleep but the deepest sleep NREM quiet sleep The Onset of sleep Beta brainwaves patterns associated with alert wakefulness Alpha brainwaves patterns associated with relaxed wakefulness and drowsiness Yawning leads to more alertness and a higher activity level Sleepy adenosine release signaled by the superchiasmatic nucleus The consistent cycle is the 90 minute cycle REM sleep emerges characterized by EEG patterns that resemble beta waves of alert wakefulness 4 or 5 sleep cycles occur in a typical nights sleep less time is spent in slow wave more is spent in REM First REM is about 5 to 15 minutes length extends in later period Sleep spindles brief bursts of brainwave energy lasting a second Percentage of a night39s sleep devoted to REM o Increases during childhood and adolescence o Remains stable through adulthood o Decreases during late adulthood Developmental patterns 0 Newborn sleeps 16 hours a day 0 Infant shorter 60 minute sleep cycles 0 Toddler 75 min cycles 0 Age 5 typical 90 minute 0 Adolescents need 8595 hours of sleep per night but few actually get this Sleep memory formation 0 New memories strengthened and integrate with existing networks of memories 0 Emotional memories are preserved 0 Memories made during the day are reactivated during REM sleep What is the point of sleep 0 The sleep deprived brain reacts to negative and positive extremes Has strong emotional reaction to negative stimuli Dreams an unfolding sequence of perceptions thoughts and emotions during sleep that is an experience as a series of reallife events 0 Lucid dreaming 0 We often do believe in the content of a dream while we39re in in the dream no matter how illogical o Dying in a dream 0 Inception movie is a good example Sleep Thinking o Vague bland thought like ruminations about real life events 0 Occurs during NREM slowwave sleep 0 Often happens at the point when not quite asleep but not awake Neural Correlates 0 REM off neurons produce norepinephrine and serotonin NREM slow wave sleep contributes to forming new episodic memories Freud thought every dream had some kind of intellectual wish that has to be represented as quotfulfilledquot


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