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MAT 284: Week 4 Notes (4.1, 4.2, 4.3)

by: Karen Cheung

MAT 284: Week 4 Notes (4.1, 4.2, 4.3) MAT 284 - M100

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Mathematics (M) > MAT 284 - M100 > MAT 284 Week 4 Notes 4 1 4 2 4 3
Karen Cheung
Business Calculus

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About this Document

Business Calculus
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karen Cheung on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAT 284 - M100 at Syracuse University taught by Staff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Business Calculus in Mathematics (M) at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 09/25/15
2 8 LIL EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE 39 12 comhnued quot M APPUCATIDNS msomm valwewWOHW 153 CAATTENS or 739 I r 0 EQUAT DNS m if 12 LINEAR FUNCTIONS Fmd CUSHFC 39Facforml ammo 381606 Cm Hie 4L W vanabtewsvc mulxum m xzfx Tom C0TC 39 Fave 273 COME NJ TWNS quot Demamb IrequotQL F Oquot 393V P ma Prme Perumhp OF FuNQTIONS quamnm and Price H10LShows e440 mans som ct WWW HWWJW CitW hm wmwme Wm WM T O ral revemuezTR 39F39QMMLH Cy w 0 Pr39ce P39 VTRWIV Mum Hx gtx Supplu3 velahomwp bahmam LPVDHH TRsm 439 cjx I Hx qcxi Glutath and Price Mow Shows K gnu earmm s m o 959szifZ Vquot Quav lhm NoahCars win SMP PW Market yam per Sham m 8 an FCQU D 0H SHINlg Price mmngjc Permare 2 25 GRAPH VIN P quot smug 15 APPLICATIONS RE CTANG MLAR RUINATES Dr NEQLMLmbS COO 0183311 1 IF 39 borrowed nomad 5 4 gt 1 0m 0539 AND Hame 11139 J E 39EQM OH mm op mes f quot 39 a ememl Imemnco 1 NCHONS rmquot 21 vertical me 1 8st iFeVe n J Xgld CO Domam CoHecHom 0 WW5 vevscm me drawm Wimugh Slo a lmerce Jr 100 Qanga COMETth DP OU H DMf S He grapm ma r erseofs P P rm 39 39 WT Krb quot Fump om wan EVIQLH39 K MUST ONCE H l3 TMQ U has no WIOFI L Mom one 55m 0quot a FUMUHOV I POWquot 39S39UP e POM139 Oulrpw U4 Horizomml me4131 i9 d39VJ 1 XX N eng horizomml me Parallel lmeg have Hm same 2 Z 3 3PEC A L drawn 0V1 Hne graph 10 P mRVSBCTS AT MUST ONCE PEVPEV IOULMIQV S Ope S aomsam mum 5 an x 2 an R s 12quot 03mph 0 0 H BQWWE WC PVDCm 7 39 V10 OH R lmeav FXCo C39x ex Iquadmhc Rx comm maxi cubic KC0CXCLKLC57lt3 Hm ngneSt power 3 149 de ne own We CoePHCIem f39 09 ne harm w Wu lHOJVleH SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS To 41th eqmltbrium or Suppl3 and demand camping se SUIPPM equmhom equal ro de mand qua on POW 13 We Eadim CUEFHcIenr EFFEH 09 My 0 eqwlibrlum Polqmom1al gcg 4 0 Cyxquot 7 7 Add mlt Per able 0 Swamij m Wlusr be posmva iv le t Lt NOT quot 1 FHNCTWN equa om i 0339 Clemled Cumkwvj F39WOl View equlli brmm Poml ax pm 39 a H5 96 WW and demand equal mumtom Burr 255am m 319 ream10mm 95119 comwued o subwam price 09 old Equilibrium From nan equuabnum m and how much 09mm Comsumers Paid 39 Breakevw pan1 z when TOM CostToatal revenue L1 3 PROPERTIES or LOCaARlTHMS logbmn togbtm HUGH JocijVE 1069 m logbm 39ogbmr Hogb Um Lu EXPONENTIAL FUNCTIONS 39Rules For axpomem rs nb b h 10 quot o b w 2 bx d ob jb7lj o bcXbKCX a b x bquot 5 5 b39Lb a bog a b39xg b 39 Compound mfemgh 142 cum pummel amoum 3 DP We Principal P m macs1d on v1 gears ame rate 09 r COMPOUHded annuth i3 isquot P r r n tauml expomewhm 4mm Chm exponem al Cuwchom w Hx basa e 142 LOCJARH HMIC FUNCTtONS 39LogariV1mtc mmc oms are mverses OE ex pomewhm umchoms Hl Hmzb mmd 19H bil quotCxlogbx I b zxc ObexLK 39 bk 3lt X For at X m 000 061 means loam 2 m 36 means loge o In er gtlt a 6 W X


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