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Intro&Chap 1 Future of Freedom

by: Makayla Notetaker

Intro&Chap 1 Future of Freedom FDCIV 101-04

Marketplace > Brigham Young University - Idaho > OTHER > FDCIV 101-04 > Intro Chap 1 Future of Freedom
Makayla Notetaker
GPA 4.0
Foundations of Civil Society
Duane Allen Adamson

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About this Document

Fareed Zakaria's The Future of Freedom is one of my Civil Society class' textbooks. I've read and took important notes on my reading of the Intro and the first chapter. I'm sure this will help you ...
Foundations of Civil Society
Duane Allen Adamson
Class Notes
future of freedom zakaria fareed intro chapter 1 notes detail
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Makayla Notetaker on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FDCIV 101-04 at Brigham Young University - Idaho taught by Duane Allen Adamson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 233 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Civil Society in OTHER at Brigham Young University - Idaho.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
lntroampChap 1 Future of Freedom 0 What is the relationship between quotdemocracyquot and quotlibertyquot quotDemocracy is ourishing liberty is notquot Constitutionalism and democracy are also separate Democracy society which 39the people have the primary role in creating laws elections are free fair and competitive Liberty freedom from oppressive authority concerninterest with individual economic political and religious liberty rights 0 What are the key elements of quotconstitutional liberalismquot It is democracy the way people of the West know it Fair elections government controlled by the laws it makes checks and balances and protection of basic rights inalienable rights Combination of individual liberty and law being the center of politics 0 What is quotilliberal democracyquot Where the government is a democracy but the candidates are less than desirable Thus the people are still in a state of oppression There is no liberty What were the contributions of ancient Greece to the development of democracy Having every male citizen participate in the community s government and vote Having a culture quotfertile in philosophy science and literaturequot The people39s assemblies had unlimited power democracy but the people39s rights were never protected lack of liberty o What were the contributions of ancient Rome to the development of liberty quotAl citizens were treated equally under the lawquot Three branches of government officials with limited terms promote equality l today39s American republic Not a democracy as the laws did not apply to the 39ruling class 0 How did the Catholic Church help limit the power of government It controlled critical social institutions marriage birth and death rites The church was not taxed and owned 13 of the land Was willing to challenge the state and those of authority The church had political power money and armies Why was Europe politically fragmented and rarely united under a single political ruler Mountains and rivers Europe39s natural boarders This led to small secluded regions to thrive on their own There was no easy way nor any need for there to be an Empire That39s why Europe is full of independent thriving legitimate countries 0 Why did most European kings nd it dif cult to exercise absolute authorhy They were on the same level of resources power and money than the lords of the common lands They didn39t have much more and thus had little leverage to force the aristocrats to submit like the other subjects The nobility took more action to raise themselves and they were self suf cient enough to do it by taxing the commoners on their land 0 What are some of the main differences between the English Revolution and the French Revolution England39s Glorious Revolution had strengthened the aristocracy the French revolution had destroyed it The French Rev was not about limiting the corrupt central government but about eliminating any body of power that go in the way England is formally a monarchy but is actually ruled by a high class republic How did the rise of capitalism help reinforce liberty Britain in the 18th century gained capitalism lt destroyed feudalism and monarchies from a bloodline lt created a class of businessmen who owe little yet are a powerful force in every quotadvanced societyquot This was obtained by the will and ability of the individual thus enforcing individual liberty protected by central government Capitalism created property rights to the people It led to the modernization of major societies Because it did so much good laws were created to protect and advance it The key to social advancement 0 According to Zakaria what are the most important ingredients for liberty Free markets that enrich the middle class which furthers the cause of liberty Capitalism and the rule of law rst then democracy The government must be able to control the people then control themselves De nitions and other notes 0000 CO Constitutional rules are written down and mostly permanent Pressure from the masses create change Hierarchy a system of social ranking pecking order Autonomy rightcondition of selfgovernment freedom from external control independence Mass Plebiscite voteballot Public Polls quotthe pulse of the peoplequot quotRise of the Christian church is the rst important source of liberty in the West Liberty came to the West before democracyquot Cultivate land used for crops and gathering Dogma set of principles laid down by an authority as unarguably true The early struggle against differing religions created the start of the quotstory of libertyquot Yeomen English group of ambitious aggressive small capitalists Bourgeois characteristic of the middle class typically in reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes


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