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Second week of notes

by: Andrew Notetaker

Second week of notes Psy 102

Andrew Notetaker
LA Tech
GPA 4.0
General Psychology
Mercedes Gremillion

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About this Document

These are the extra things we learned on Monday and the review notes from Wednesday.
General Psychology
Mercedes Gremillion
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Andrew Notetaker on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 102 at Louisiana Tech University taught by Mercedes Gremillion in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 376 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at Louisiana Tech University.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
Psy 102 Notes Week 2 notes 5th session Scientists can selectively destroy or electrically chemically or magnetically stimulate the brain such as EEG PET MRI or fMRI Less complex brain structures handle basic survival functions More advanced brain structures show newer brain structures built in top of these older brain structures The brainstem is the oldest and innermost brain region It contains the pons and medulla while the thalamus can be found on top of it The medulla controls your heartbeat and breathing The pons helps with coordination The thalamus sends messages to cortex and transmits replies to cerebellum and medulla The reticular formation can be found running through the brainstem and thalamus Your body is cross wired left brain deals with right side and left brain deals with right side your brain is cross wired via the corpus callosum aka the neural bridge The cerebellum aids in judgment of time sound texture and emotional control The limbic system is between the older brain and cerebellum hemispheres It is linked to emotions memories and drives The neural centers include the hippocampus amygdala and the hypothalamus The amygdala is linked to aggression and it looks like two lima bean sized neural clusters in the limbic system The hypothalamus is involved with reward and emotion The cerebral cortex is two hemispheres consisting of the same four lobes each Parietal Lobe Eyes looking this way Frontal lobe Occipital Lobe Temporal Lobe The motor cortex is at the rear of the frontal lobe and it functions to move the body parts Sensory functions somatosensory cortex processes information from skin senses and body part movement Visual cortex at the rear of your brain receives the visual input from your eyes Auditory cortex is in the temporal lobes and receives hearing input Phineas Gage Brain damage made him a whole new mean man If the brain is damaged early on then there is a good chance that the brain can fix itself but over time the brain loses its ability to mend itself otherwise known as its plasticity The left hemisphere is supposedly better than the right at quick interpretations and the right brain is supposedly better at making inferences 90 of people right handed No one is ambidextrous 6th Session Willhelm Wundt set up the first psych lab in Germany Dendrites receive neural messages The terminal branches send the messages Critical thinking means to never blindly accept an argument The medulla deals with your heartbeat and breathing Temporal lobe hearing Hindsight bias I knew it all along bias Key group to have for experiment control group Correlation does not always imply Causation Theory grand idea that deals with a concept Hypothesis a guess on the results of an experiment The independent variable affects the result of the test Be familiar with measures of central tendency mean median mode and range The cerebral corteX is the most compleX part of the brain Functionalism our brains evolved so that we could adapt to our environments Endorphins prevent pain source of a runner s high Ach memory learning and arousal Know the nervous system Tech population class sample Experimentation cause and effect Correlation coefficient range is l to 1 Standard deviation represents how much individual scores differ from the curve Pituitary gland master gland Know the parts of the brain Early definition of psych science of mental life Now biology and philosophypsychology Psychactions that we can observe and report Industrial organizational psychologyworks for business Neuronsnerve cells Thresholdpotential that must be exceeded to send a message Know the lobes Association areashelp make memories Know the brainstem Neurogenisysnew nerve cells Myelin sheath helps protect and speed messages along the neurons Neurotransmitters fire at the same rate and speed no matter how many there are waiting in the synapse Antagonist prevents the neurotransmitters and agonists help neurotransmitters Remember control groups and statistical significance


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