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Chapter 7 Notes

by: Alisha Currier

Chapter 7 Notes PSYCH 230-01

Alisha Currier
GPA 3.2
Human Sexuality
Nora Erikson

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About this Document

Hi everybody! These are my notes for chapter 7! I hope this helps you out!
Human Sexuality
Nora Erikson
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alisha Currier on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 230-01 at Washington State University taught by Nora Erikson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality in Psychlogy at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
Human Sexuality Chapter 7 What is Love 0 Romantic Love Idealized love based on romance and perfection Such as loving from afar Western History 0 Although many want romantic love It was common to wed for economic purposes without love which the couple would have to learn to do Forms and Measures of Love Compassionate love AKA conjugal love involves deep feelings and intimacy Increase in trust and loyalty Some may see Compassionate love as a loss of love instead Romantic love transforms into compassionate love 0 John Alan Lee 0 Psychologist o Believed there were more forms of love than just romantic or compassionate 0 Created the quotColors of Lovequot 0 Robert Sternberg 0 Proposed love is made up of three elements Passion physical attraction and sexual desire only romantic relationships Intimacy Closeness connectedness emotional investment and support Many relationships such as childparent or sibling Commitment deciding to love someone no need for passion or intimacy Origins of Love Theories on why we form emotional bonds 5 categories 0 Behavioral Reinforcement Cognitive Evolutionary Physical Arousal Biological Behavioral Reinforcement Theories 0 We like people associated with good feelings and love when it is very good 0 Being rewarded gives us a feeling of liking someone regardless if the rewardpositive feeling re ects the person39s personality 0 Cognitive Theories o The idea that if we get paid less for a certain task we like it more 0 Doing someone39s laundry or cooking for them and thinking you must like them for doing all of this 0000 0 Also if we think someone likes us we are more likely to like them Evolutionary Theories 0 We love to reproduce 0 We look for positive traits that we like in others because we are looking for genes to pass onto our children 0 Women look for successful men to support and protect the family while men look for attractive women to carry offspring Physical Arousal Theory 0 A study was conducted where there were four groups of student One group was given adrenaline and was informed of it Second group was given adrenaline but was told an incorrect set of symptoms to expect Third group was not informed And the fourth group was given a saline injection A student who was part of the study was in each one of the groups to study the reaction 0 The theory believes that love is related to physical arousal such as a racing heart We are more likely to fall in love with someone when there is a connection with a physical arousal Other Biological Factors 0 We become attracted to someone through their smell pheromones 0 Our attraction is in uenced by our major histocompatibility complex MHC which helps us to nd those with a different MHC than our own Love from Childhood to Maturity Cthhood 0 Infants create a bond with their parents caregivers 0 Whether the child feels secure depends on the mother39s response to the child 0 A secure child will cry less when the mother leaves the room knowing she will be back 0 An insecure child will cry more in panic because the mother in inconsistent in her behavior 0 The attachments in our childhood can in uence the kind of relationships we create as adults 0 Attachment styles can also be effected by DIVORCE Less trusting of their partners in future relationships Men are less likely to have issues in their intimate relationships Adolescence o Adolescent loves lays the groundwork for adult intimacy o This is the time to experiment with different intimacy styles 0 Starting off with crushes on movie starsteachers becoming prepared for a real relationship Adult Love and Intimacy Field of eligibles allow ourselves to nd who we are attracted to and create social rules of what is acceptable and what is not We are attracted to those with similar backgrounds personality race religion political views etc Even attracted to those who are nancially stable In 37 cultures men cared more about the women39s looks while women looked for nancial prosperity Also men preferred younger partners while women preferred older Selfdisclosure is very important for intimacy Taking risks is important in intimacywhich can lead to betrayal and anger Men are taught not to disclose intimacy but desire it just as much as women In the past women were more comfortable with intimate encounters while men were more comfortable taking independent action 0 Now both genders may be more comfortable with either role Intimacy in different cultures 0 In individualistic cultures passionate relationships are common but in collectivist cultures it is viewed negatively because of the impact it could have on family traditions o The Japanese Collectivist culture and highly stereotypical gender roles were less likely to selfdisclose versus Americans 0 The signi cance of love with marriage were higher in westernized nations versus less developed Asian nations After a breakup many are likely to start selfblame and their selfesteem decHnes Love Sex and How We Build Intimate Relationships When considering a sexual relationship with someone o Clarify your values 0 Be honest with yourself 0 Be honest with your partner Attraction to someone else initiates more intimate responses such as long gazing touching posture and facial expressions Skills to help develop relationships 0 Selflove o Receptivity 0 Listening 0 Affection 0 Trust 0 Respect Selflove o Accepting yourself for who you are and forgiving yourself for any faults This is important before being able to love someone else Receptivity 0 Be more welcoming through eye contact and smiling so others will approach you 0 Important to spend time to connect with partner Listening 0 Give your full attention to your partner This will help enhance communication and intimacy Affection 0 Showing a sense of warmth and security with your partner Trust 0 Slowly trust will develop This is the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship Respect o Acknowledge and understand your partner39s needs even if you don39t share them Jealousy 0 An emotional reaction to a relationship that is being threatened o Heterosexual men are more jealous if they think their partner has had sex with another man while a heterosexual women is more jealous on emotional and relationship related in delity o Femalefemale in delity was reported to be the least jealousy producing in delity o In short term relationships threatened by sexual in delity 0 Long term relationships threatened by emotional in delity Love addiction 0 People may jump from relationship to relationship to recreate the feeling of falling in love 0 Reinforced by romantic ideals about love such as in Romeo and juliet 0 Counseling or psychotherapy may help Possessiveness indicates issues with selfesteem and personal boundaries 0 Can lead to stalking o Psychological problem


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