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Christianity Continued & Islam

by: Ashley Notetaker

Christianity Continued & Islam 210

Marketplace > Missouri State University > Religious Studies > 210 > Christianity Continued Islam
Ashley Notetaker
Paths of World Religion
J. Jeff Fugitt

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About this Document

This week we finished up Christianity, and started on Islam. With another primary reading due on Monday, you definitely don't want to get behind. Don't missing a class affect your grades. Here are ...
Paths of World Religion
J. Jeff Fugitt
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Notetaker on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 210 at Missouri State University taught by J. Jeff Fugitt in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see Paths of World Religion in Religious Studies at Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
1 Corinthians 13 Love is the most important message in Christianity Believing God but not showing love means nothing Love is patient kind rejoices in truth always protects always trusts always hopes always preserves doesn t envy doesn t boast doesn t dishonor doesn t keep records of wrongs doesn t delight in evil isn t proud isn t selfseeking and isn t easily angered James Be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to become angry Anger isn t the righteousness that God desires Don t just read the bible put it into practice Real faith is demonstrated by caring for the needy Notable people Peter disciple James disciple John disciple Judas traitor of the disciples turned in Jesus Jesus Crucifixion amp Resurection Jesus was executed by crucifixion Pontius Pilate was the guy who crucified Jesus He was like the governor of that Roman area He saw Jesus as a messianic threat Jesus was neither the first nor the last to claim to be the messiah Others who had claimed to be the messiah would usually go into Roman areas and try to wipe them out This especially tended to happen around Passover This was around the same time Jesus was in Jerusalem Christians claim that this death was sacrificial and redemptive In other words a means to making the relationship between humans and God right Ressurection Alive again after death in the same form Ascension Jesus return to the father in Heaven Christians generally believe in a return ofJesus but the meaning of that varies Some consider it a physical return Some consider it a spiritual return within oneself SaulPaul Originally known as Saul in a Hebrew name and is referred to as Saul in a Jewish context Known as Paul in a nonJewish context Pharisee Started out as a Pharisee part of a Jewish movement Persecutor Was known for persecuting Christians for not being Jewish Missionary Later became a Christian missionary Letter Writer Was also known for writing letters known as epistles Other Key Points of Christianity 1112 ofJesus disciples were executed Constantine A significant moment in Christian history that relates to politics Constantine made Christianity legal Augustine An influential Christian philosophertheologian born in 354 Wrote quotConfessionsquot and quotThe City of God Christians in Western Europe eventually formed what is known as the Roman Catholic Church led by the pope at the Vatican in Rome Catholic means universal Pope means father Christians to the East became known as the Orthodox Thomas Aquinas An important catholic theologian of 1200s known especially for his 5 cosmological proofs of God Protestant Reformation Martin Luther Key leader in the 15005 protestant split from Catholics Known as the reformation lndulgences Paying the church to forgive one of sins or buying ones way into Heaven corrupt and is what caused the reformation Authority of Scripture The scripture was used to determine what practices are right or wrong Salvation by grace through faith Departure from the institutionalized sacramental system Sacrament means of grace John Calvin Another key reformer emphasized sovereignty of God rather than predestination of afterlife Key Holidays Christianity is currently the largest religion Consists of about 13 of the population half of which are Catholic Most Christians worship on Sunday in Churches Easter Central Christian festival in remembrance ofJesus crucifixion and resurrection Lent Before Christmas a time to get closer to God this is sometimes done by fasting Christmas A celebration ofJesus birth Advent Weeks prior to Xmas to get closer to God Key Rituals or Sacraments Baptism Communion Easter Islam Mean submission as in surrender to God s will Founden Muhammad 570 632 AD Primarily known as a prophet He received revelations through an angel over a 23 year period Sacred Text Qur an Means recitation These are the revelations told to Muhammad by the angel Was originally memorized and passed down orally Was eventually put into writing Oral practice is still important today Language is Arabic the language of God s voice If any language other than Arabic then it s no longer considered the Qur an Divided into surahs chapters Same God as Judaism amp Christianity continuation of the story Emerged from parts ofJudaism Christianity and Arabic tribal religions Hadith Secondary text Sayings and deeds of the prophet A real life application of the Qur an in text Hijrah When Muhammad moves from Mecca to Medina Muslim calendar is based on hijrad 5 Pillars of Islam 1 Profession shahadah Statement of faith quotThere is no God but God Allah and Muhammad is his prophetmessenger 2 Prayer salat 5x daily toward Mecca Learned recited prayers


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