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High Renaissance Notes Week 1

by: Ming-Han Lu

High Renaissance Notes Week 1 AHST 1304

Marketplace > University of Texas at Dallas > Art History > AHST 1304 > High Renaissance Notes Week 1
Ming-Han Lu
GPA 3.96
Survey of Western Art History: Renaissance to Modern
Diane Goode

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About this Document

I will be adding onto these in the following weeks in my following updates. -Talks about the High Renaissance -Leonardo's focus -Castagno -Comparison in The Last Supper
Survey of Western Art History: Renaissance to Modern
Diane Goode
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ming-Han Lu on Friday September 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AHST 1304 at University of Texas at Dallas taught by Diane Goode in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 88 views. For similar materials see Survey of Western Art History: Renaissance to Modern in Art History at University of Texas at Dallas.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
Page 14 High Renaissance Art Characteristics Leonardo da Vinci Paintings Page 5 Castagno s Last Supper Page 6 Ghirlandaio s Last Supper amp Stylistic Analysis 999591 Iiigh Renaissance Art Characteristics Pyramid Shape Combination of the real and the ideal Integration of the parts nonadditive composition Dramasuspense Leonardo da Vinci 14521519 born in Vinci near Florence worked in Milan died in France Study of a ying machine Study of military machines Study of horses Female anatomy Leonardo achieves rising status of an artist gets invited to France Leonardo da Vinci Madonna of the Rocks begun 1483 combination of the real and the ideal Background landscape is from imagination but the plants are real pyramid shape of Mary39s head Importance of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus and another baby St John the baptist left baby Leonardo s shadowing is more refined than others It has a name Smokey Sfumato Gesture of protection on St John because he s mortal therefore needs protection Baby J esus39s gesture is blessing St John Movement of the Painting Mary39s glance is looking down reader39s eyes go down her cloakgesture takes the reader to baby John John39s gesture leads to baby Jesus Mary39s left arm leads to baby Jesus and the Angel39s leads the Viewer off the painting There is a diagonal line Leonardo da Vinci The Last Supper 149598 Refectory where monks had their meals Foreshadows the focal point of the mass where the monks passes out the bread and the wine Eucharist John the Beloved he s Jesus favorite sometimes leaning on him John here looks super feminine Traditionally John the Beloved is shown youthful pretty to the point of being effeminate and handsome 6 disciples on each side perfectly symmetrical painting Broke with pictorial tradition It was spared from the bombing Suspense and Drama Leonardo paints the suspense after Jesus says someone is going to betray him Leonardo broke with pictorial tradition by not painting the halos by not revealing Judas instantly and therefore creates the suspense There s a theological importance at this supper he passes the bread to each of them this is my body EucharistHoly Communion priest passes the bread and wine around The focal point is the bread and the blood Integration by parts Disciples are grouped together 4 groups of 3 cannot pull out a disciple non additive very integrated Who is Judas People to the right are drawn super agitated Judas is the dark figured because of the symbolism of Light vs Dark Symbolism 3 Windows Disciples grouped by threes Holy Trinity 4 Doors 4 gospels 3 times 4 12 disciples Bread J esus s body Wine Jesus s blood Linear perspective leading all to the focal point To Jesus The lines meet at Christ s Head Christ s head is the focal point Atmospheric perspective can see the background in the windows Landscape Number symbolism 3 windows the Trinity disciples are grouped in 3 There are 4 tapestries There are 4 groups of disciples the 4 Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John 4 3 12 disciples gtgt In comparison Castagno Last Supper 1447 Fresco Panels that look like marble Judas is very clear to the audience Very easy to find the betrayer Linear perspective in the ceiling Not integrated just a group portrait could take disciples away and still have a balanced composition Judas is isolated Castagno painted the middle more agitated Judas is not wearing a halo gtgt In comparison Ghirlandaio Last Supper 1486 Judas is clear again Refectory reveals the focal point by the arches as it points toward Jesus Judas has no halo Leonardo da Vinci The Last Supper in Situ 149598 Damaged because he was an experimenter he used oils and other methods so it aked off the wall started deteriorating It s in fresco on a wall Took 3 years to do the fresco not supposed to take long that s just how he worked Don t know where Judas is because he is embedded in there No one is wearing a halo in here Leonardo da Vinci s Last Supper 20thcentury restoration process heaVily restored 18th century was the worst added paint and added stuff to people s paintings monks changed refectory to the stable so we don t know what J esus s legs looked like STYLISTIC ANALYSIS VISITING THE DMA Closed Mondays Take Student ID for discount Free on Thursdays 59pm and first Tuesday Take DART II A Shape geometric be specific about which shapes organic B Line horizontal Vertical diagonal angular curVilinear effect


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