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Week 5 CLAS 220

by: Hayley

Week 5 CLAS 220 CLAS 220 001

GPA 3.35
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne

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About this Document

These are notes from the week of 9/21-9/25. They consist of notes from chapter 9, 10, and what was covered in Friday's class about The Hippolytus. I have the 9th edition of the text.
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hayley on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 220 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Jason Osborne in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Chapter 9 Aphrodite and Eros Origin Aphrodite I Association with Cythera and Cyprus I Linked with Cythera and Cypris I Hesiod Aphrodite born from castration of Uranus Aphrodite is goddess of Love and she is focused on more Two aspects of Aphrodite I Aphrodite Urania Celestial Aphrodite o Sprung from Uranus alone 0 Ethereal and Sublime I Aphrodite Pandemos Aphrodite of all the people 0 Love that we all feel 0 Sprung From Zeus and Dione lust 0 Physical in nature I Love and Lust Nature and Appearance I Goddess of beauty love and marriage 0 Always smiling 0 Hard not to like or appreciate her 0 Love leads to marriage I Want to have sex with someone Get married I Hesiod says it doesn t matter who you pick marriage isn t always happy I Temple Prostitution 0 Occasional o ClassicalArchaic greek o No real word for male virgin assume you ve had sex with someone 0 She isn t a prostitute but associated with it I Magic Girdle o Irresistible powers of enticement 0 Controls lust of menwomen I Archaicearly classical periods c 800400 BC 0 Beautiful woman 0 Typically clothed I Respect maintained 0 Nude men were more common than woman Late Classical Hellenistic periods c 40031 BC I Often nude but covering her nudity 0 Why Full nudity still isn t okay 0 Naked female form from ancient sculpture it s probably Aphrodite I idealization of womanhood o perfect form of what a woman can be Attendants I The Graces Charites o 3 o Personifications of aspects of loveliness I Must honor Aphrodite I Can seriously screw up your life and she is willing to do so I The Hours Horae 0 Children of Zeus and Themis o Eventually become the Seasons Priapus I Elemental and physical aspects of Aphrodite s nature are shown through Priapus I Son of Aphrodite o Deformed huge erect penis o Fertility god 0 Ancient Greek thought penis s were funny I Comicalobscene stories of him I Celebration in alexander golden penis statue I Really big penis preference I Comic pornographic I Popular charm in gardens 0 Good luckscarecrowprotects against thief s o Goes along with Curse I Apotropaic Device o Protects you from evil Pygmalion most famous stories associated with Aphrodite from Ovid I Women of Cyprus denied Aphrodite s deity disrespected her and Aphrodite turned them into prostitutes to live shameless lives They lost all human feeling in the process Eventually turned into stone statues I Pygmalion repelled by scandalous women and was desperately lonely so he sculpts ideal woman out of ivory physical awless and he falls in love with the sculpture Prays to Aphrodite and sculpture turns into Galatea I Modern portrayals 0 My Fair lady 0 Pretty Woman Aphrodite and Adonis Ovid s story I Cinyrus o Grandchild of Pygmalion 0 Son of Paphos 0 Loved by daughter Myrrha I Was going to kill herself because of her love for father I Has sexual relations with daughter without knowing and she gets pregnant Cinyrus is very mad about the situation 0 Myrrha becomes myrrh tree after praying for deliverance I From tree is born Adonis I Adonis o Beloved by Aphrodite love at first sight 0 Aphrodite warned him of the dangers of hunting and he was killed when hunting by boar o Transformed into anemone ower I Parallels of Adonis and Aphrodite with Cybele and Attis o Page 196 Aphrodite and Achises I Revenge of Zeus o Zeus is tired of his affairs because of Aphrodite so he gets revenge o Aphrodite and Achises I Falls in love sexual conquest lust etc I He thinks she s is just a regular woman but later nds out she isn t I Keep relationship a secret but Achises doesn t and Zeus hits him with lighting bolt lame I Before Aphrodite had never had relations with a mortal o Aeneas cupids brother I Child of the two I Hero of Romans 0 Anchises suffering Eros male I Question do women and men love in different ways 0 Eros destructive and problematic and Aphrodite sensual love I Two origin stories 0 Cosmic deity Hesiod 0 Child of Ares and Aphrodite Aphrodite as a child of Zeus I Two representations 0 Mischievous child 0 Beautiful young man I God of Male Homosexuality Greek classical period Plato s Eros DON T associate Plato with Aphrodite I Plato s Symposium 0 Platonic love understand and love the essence of another individual not limited or related to sex and gender etc Spiritual 0 Sex is lowest form of love I Eros as creative force 0 Two males who are attracted to each other are the epitome of maleness Cupid and Psyche Love and Soul I The Golden Ass 0 By Apuleius mid empire time 2Ild century AD 2 0 Guy transformed into donkey until he can find a way to transform back I Fairy Taleish fairy tale terms 0 Once upon a time I 3 sisters motif92 are evil and one is beautiful and virtuous o Curse 9 married to most worthless person alive but he ends up marries her but she never see s him sisters say he is a snake she finds out he s Bros and Eros leaves her 0 Unknown suitor o Happily ever after ending She is turned into Goddess Chapter 10 Artemis Birth I Child of Zeus and Leto 0 Twin brother of Apollo o Hera has problem and tries to delay birth 0 Artemis is pure I Born on Mt Cynthus on Delos o Called Cynthia Appearance and Nature I Virgin Goddess Young unmarried women not necessarily sex associated o Childbirth and hunting associated with nature 0 Regarded highly 0 Bow and Arrow Short shirt Sandals Loose Clothes Story of Niobe Women of Thebes honor Leto and Children Apollo and Artemis Niobe s boast 0 Thought a lot of herself conceited 0 Mother of Seven 0 Probably queen of thebes 2 Vengeance of Gods 0 Artemis and Apollo sent to kill all her children and turn her into stone stone still cries on mountain top in Phrygia Story of Actaeon Artemis huntress at the spring bathing Actaeon is a hunter and stumbles across her and see s her naked and she gets angry o Innocent it was an accident 0 Punished attacked by hounds 0 Sacred chastity of Artemis o God s aren t necessarily people that are on your side Story of Callisto and Areas Devoted follower of Artemis Callisto is loved by Zeus 0 Banned by Artemis o Zeus raped her and she felt shame from the sin 0 Gave birth to Areas 0 Punished by Hera 0 Calls her a whore 0 Book story 0 Artemis realizes that she is pregnant and bans her as a follower Hera turns her into bear 0 Zeus has pity and turns them into Ursa Maj or Callisto and Ursa Minor Arcas big bear and little bear Story of Orion He was a hunter Attempted rape of Artemis o Sends scorpions to kill him 0 Turns into constellation Origin of Artemis Fertility Goddess Maybe 0 Association with childbirth young humans and animals Goddess of Moon 0 Association with menstrual cycle 0 Links with concept of virginmother 0 Sometimes identified with Selene and Hecate Goddess of Nature first and foremost 0 Virgin huntress Misandry o Hatred of man Rejection of male species 0 0 Not typically associated with men but sometimes is o The Amazons Page 231 0 Lesbian overtones o Rejection of sexuality 0 Virginal pure 0 Bond with her followers 0 Purity from love of nature THE HIPPOLYTUS Maj or themes 0 Arrogance of Chastity 0 Acting morally appropriate Humanness of sin 0 Sin is human 0 Acting in a way you shouldn t o Humans more comfortable with sin Injustice of the mangod relationship 0 Gods don t have to treat humans nicely but get angry when humans don t honor them Hippolytus refuses to Honor Aphrodite 0 Relationships are emotionally complicated 0 Love is problematic and causes difficulties He wasn t burdened by love 0 Acknowledged Aphrodite but didn t care for her because he didn t want to be involved in love 0 Proud Hippolytus learns the truth Step mother wants to sleep with him Reaction he says its sinful nature People who have these feelings are beneath him Nurse says man is sinful and its only human Hippolytus re ections on women Separation from women Negative view 0 Little Benefit Dumb women are better than smart women because they cause less problems Hippolytus on himself 0 Believes he is purer than everyone else 0 Pride is sinful he is a hypocrite Arrogance rather than purity Dragged by horses asks for help for an innocent man Too good to die so someone help Phaedra Adultery and Hypocrisy Must have pure thoughts and acts inside and out Nurse to Phaedra 0 Fall in love with prayer to Aphrodite Denial of lovedenial to Aphrodite 0 Living out of bounds of nature 0 Extremes are usually bad Sin and love are common to humanity Not good to rationalize things we want to do


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