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ANTH1002 Week3

by: Ellee Watson

ANTH1002 Week3 1002

Ellee Watson
GPA 3.7
Sociocultural Anthropology
No professor available

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About this Document

Sociocultural Anthropology
No professor available
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellee Watson on Sunday September 21, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 1002 at George Washington University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 142 views. For similar materials see Sociocultural Anthropology in ANTH at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 09/21/14
ANTH 1002 September 8 2014 The Gift Mauss French Durkheim 9Mauss 9 L vi Strauss British Durkheim 9 Malinowski 9 Radcliff Brown 9 Evans Pritchard Anthropology should be more scientific actually observable in real life Anti psychological strain because it was meta physical can39t get into the mind 0 Can only get into the mind through made products Culture everything vs society more observable reality Mauss shows the making of society through reciprocity gift giving institution In German gift means poison in Swedish and Danish married for us present o What is the if there is connection between the words There are some type of gifts that are appropriate and some that are not Some of the gifts that are exchanged our between families through marriage o Solidifies it and it39s hard to break it marriage payment child payment o Grinker said a lot of the marriage payments were never paid off because if they were they could break the relationship the debt means there has to be a relationship No gift is ever separated from its giver it39s a part of the donor Gift giving can denote hierarchy as well o Lesse Farmers 6 cultivated goods o Efe pygmies 6 hunter gatherers o Hierarchy efe is less so the effe shouldn39t give to Lesse but should exchange o If a man gives his brother cultivated goods it39s an insult There are different words for gift giving that say what the reciprocity should be The value of a person is determined by gift giving Key points of the gift o Coerces reciprocation o Brings someone into relationship o Relationships are formed through reciprocal gift exchange September 10 2014 Geertz and L vi Strauss L vi Strauss readings o The Effectiveness of Symbols psychoanalysis vs shamanism 0 Structural Myth uses the Oedipus myth to structurally analyze with his method L vi Strauss s argument for exchange boils down to the argument that we don39t have the taboo incest not because it39s wrong or because it creates birth defects we have it in order to have a rule to force social reactions L vi Strauss also liked linguistics because he wanted anthropology to be more empirical and more scientific 0 Everyone speaks and the language will be good in a lot of places Languages are a lot more homogenous than culture 0 Maybe culture has a structure too L vi Strauss thought politics religion were signs that were put together Culture is a way people communicate with each other the linguistic sign every word we have signifies something and the something that is signified Signifier Signified SIGN Doesn39t think that signs unite concepts and sound images 0 not about naming but it39s an arbitrary foundation between foundations 0 Language is composed of relationships between different components 0 Signs function not because they39re intrinsic but because they39re different Devon Iakobson binary opposites He is going to look at the structure composed of binary opposites 0 Uses culture to get to the mind everything is a product of culture Color spectrum we break the continuous stream and make a color L vi Strauss liked mythology the myth as the road to the underlying structure of culture myths a pure human unconsciousness We can understand Cinderella by looking at these binary opposites


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