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Week 4 CLAS 220

by: Hayley

Week 4 CLAS 220 CLAS 220 001

GPA 3.35
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne

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About this Document

These notes are from the week of 9/14-9/18. They consists of Monday and Wednesday's class notes only since we had a test that Friday. I have the 9th edition of the text.
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hayley on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 220 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Jason Osborne in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Socrates was the gad yquiz Continue Demi Gods 0 Children of gods and mortals 0 More than humans less than gods 0 Heroes Often become chthonic deities after death Religious system allowed for many gods 0 Definitions never clearly defined 0 Polytheistic 0 Diversity 0 Everyone has different views Socrates tried and executed for different POV Zeus and Monotheism Monotheistic aspects of Zeus 0 Justice 0 Weather 0 Morality 0 Knowledge 0 All nature and aspect of gods united into one aspect the gods the god Platoall gods are united so there is divine presenceplato rejects mythology being accurate representation of Gods use to talk about human conditions 0 unity of divine purpose will 0 The gods all honor and value same things Greeks said people have a certain way of living 0 Honor gods and don t be mean kill etc to strangers Hesiod Stories of multiple gods Concept of gods as a poet 0 Unity of divine punishments toward unrighteous Poets authors philosophers 0 Changing conceptions of divinity Mythology literature not necessarily what they believe Wealthy and well off top portion of society writes these stories Xenophanes Condemns Hesiod homer for anthropomorphism 0 Exhibit human sin 0 All people conceive gods as themselves 0 Ethiopians Thracians etc I Gods will look like them 0 Sees god as a presence we don t really know 0 Unified god not like humans in form or thought Greek theology Mixture of myth religious custom and philosophy Strict customs for cults 0 Cult own particular religious tradition Strict moral ethical codes of behavior I Sincere speculation on god immortality of the soul vice and virtue afterlife inevitability of fate Herodotus I father of history I 5th century he I Greek invention 0 interpretation of past history I fusion of mythic historical theological attitudes I why things happen I Herodotus o Greeks and Persians Croesus insight to theological traditions I King of Lydia o Wealthiest man in the world 0 Better to be dead than alive When alive you suffer I Meeting with Solon 0 Why you are still alive anything can happen I Nemesis raised up against Croesus 0 He has to suffer I Role of fate I Role of oraclesshould he invade Persian land Never understands really what they say Oracles are always right Last words are cursing oracles gods etc I Loss of son I Loss of kingdom I Saved from death and made an advisor 0 Falls from high to low position 0 High capacity people tend to suffer more A lot more to lose Omnipresence of divine justice I HubrisNemesis Irresistible fate I Cant overcome fate Mixture of joy and sorrow in human life Greek Mythology and Religion I Mythology different than religion I Diversity of Greek religion 0 Not unified 0 Individual Cults I 200 cults in Attica I everyone practices differently o Patron deities I Cities have special relationship with a certain deity U Athena Athens U Hera Argos U Artemis Ephesus Civic Religion of the Polis I No word for religion 0 No concept of secular o No difference between two No separation of church and state 0 Would have been absurd to Greeks 0 Cannot have a sphere of life without gods 0 Very bad thing inviting Hubris in 0 Civic functions with religious purpose 0 Olympic games are religious festival Gods like sports 0 Prayers sacri ces etc o Greeks big on winning shame of losing Wednesday Life is organized around religious calendar 0 170 annual festival days in attica Heroic cults Most festivals directed towards 0 Local heroes Not immortal Acted beyond grave Priests and priestesses 0 Appointed by lot elected purchased 0 Different requirements for each cults Expect them to be better people 0 Males and females in leading roles technicians of the gods 0 knows perfect formula for gods 0 Don t talk to priest about concerns 0 Had privileges 0 Look more in book Seers Recognize and interpret signs from gods important for War strategy 0 Flights of birds 0 Dreams 0 Weather natural occurrences 0 Examination of sacrificed animals Mystery religions 0 Personal connections with deity Acceptance of doctrine Sacrifice Officiated by priest o Knows formula 0 Ritual Slaughter o Unblemishedcan t be anything wrong with it o Throat cut 0 Sheep goats small animals but cow is best sacrifice Thigh bones wrapped in fat topped with meat Prometheus o Cattle is luxury 0 Offering for gods 0 Other meat roasted o Gods don t eat meat but like the smell Feast Elaborate festivals games 0 dramatic contests Greeks love community Chapter 78 Poseidon and Athena Importance of sea to Greeks Object of fear Object of comfortMake living and connects others 0 A savior that enables power Greeks saved from Persians destroying navy Poseidon 0 Similar appearance to Zeus o more severe and rough I still associated With justice but he is petty and mean 0 The Trident o Chariot drawn by horses I Associated With horses 0 The Earthshaker also called this 0 God of Earthquakes 0 Surge of sea Poseidon and Amphitrite 0 Similar to Zeus and Hera Jealousy of Amphitrite o Scylla turned into dogheaded monster 0 Charybdis as child of Poseidon and Ge Scylla Other children of Poseidon Polyphemus o Cyclopes Proteus o Shapeshifter Thesis Descendants of Poseidon Pegasus Cerberus 0 Multi headed dog that guards gates of Hades The lernaean hydra The Chimaera 0 Part lion snake goat The Theban sphinx The Nemean Lion Athena Wisdom War Daughter of Zeus and Thetis Most important deity aside from zeus Born from Zeus skull o Afraid thetis child might be stronger than him so he ate her she still had child Comes out In full battle dress 2 0 Born from man not woman 0 She can t have sex virgin unmarried woman that s not prostitute Goddess of war and wisdom 0 Athens Combinations of highest aspects of man and woman Zeus favorite child respects her Associated with weaving Patron goddess of Athens Contest with Poseidon o Poseidon offers salt 0 Athena offers olive tree symbol of peace Poseidon remains important to Athens because they are a sea going nation Pallas Athena Tritogeneia Origins and meaning of name disputed Pallas o Daughter of triton friend of Athena 2 o Maiden 2 Glaukopis o Greyeyed shinning eyed 0 Can be described by particular things about them 0 Athena and Arachne o HubrisNemesis cycle She was a weaver and claimed she could weave better than Athena but her subject was about how much the Gods sucked so the Gods turned her into a spider


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