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9/22 & 9/24 notes

by: Jennifer Notetaker

9/22 & 9/24 notes Chem 1110-009

Jennifer Notetaker
General Chemistry
Amy Phelps

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About this Document

In case you missed it here are last week's notes!
General Chemistry
Amy Phelps
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennifer Notetaker on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Chem 1110-009 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Amy Phelps in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
Vaa LOWC W89 3 Weighted is c lgg 767790 VOLLCW own CH LL16 5amp2wa amo g mm M quj ZMZ gtltSOQ Q 4 Mow 1130qu ERIE 1 39 jquotm r MU DAMN pomMag N 7 period c hbtzf 39 1 Wu WILSWS I ngv gm 3 03 323 MW vamo non w W Muesgtcmm bed WW wdmn 0mm MommaI Times Cor Haw1mg bmavq compounds om 00r me up 0 2 compounds L a and m quotWUquot on gum 39 quotIdaquot QWYB Li s amid 0 Cl mwmmn 2 mam recap made whmn md saw magi fmm ww a wjquot hie m WWW MW mag quotpre x 41gt 000M ows m Corntum W WD L ave39v m Limak WWW Jrri Wat WM 4 BMW nomm MS chm9 7 WW3 NWMQ WM 0m Mrgt 4 mm WM 545 W m Marge wmm mmmk mm mm min 39 l Geo CEOquot to LDVJW39IV 01AM i CuD 30va 1 010619 5 Q 3 H 5 po xm M3 39 oss waive6 a gas 3932 be MN mtwb Hum da Calcium FcQowQ MMWJN Mm MacML 6amp5wa WOODS USS QQCHVQ W e k bmw Vivid fm ov l 20V HP d ow CW9 SW O mde Jao ekeHon bra3 Mommar McLSgtZStii am Womwho r emumf ewgq RQUH EA 0 W an amokon 39L1 W3 WW ahwa WitUS quotMan H K39Emkom as larger Man L39 swongw pu Wm dome 0 wde are swam Wm eWons Ham mng UGfxiLM E mda Lash gmmd or S hat 5 I MW W9 ii3i39i llr39g i1 1quot5quot 1 855139 quot39 N m m WW SIEJENEHEQ WHOM Ll hug 1mm gpmw 1me Nu WWMB W13 0 may Sman emckons 7 hath WM Lquot more Gwalior13 Sb WWW Mare W9 mwgq makes r mm 0 339 ohm my Mm W Clack401F6th H 39 E39me WEE w m aw aw mmOS My 1865 VWCACOS g rlrmg EX mg mmquot m ygy J f XML Yudm Wx CYQCISPS Mbte pm otls emfh w 5W m 5439me an Mng LU r W0 39N OWE ms mm NLng gt 6503 mm imam i39f 1 AWN ri lf v umry hn


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