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Introduction to Anth

by: Lorena Tapias

Introduction to Anth 1002

Marketplace > anthropology, evolution, sphr > 1002 > Introduction to Anth
Lorena Tapias
GPA 3.49
Sociocultural Anthropology
No professor available

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About this Document

This is the notes of the first class of Anth. It has the most complete details regarding the subject.
Sociocultural Anthropology
No professor available
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Lorena Tapias on Sunday September 21, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 1002 at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 68 views.

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Date Created: 09/21/14
Anthropology 1002 Office 2120 G st Introduction to cultural anth 082514 It gives you the understanding of hum Differences The study of human similarities and differences we are somehow similar People look at non western cultures see something old and ex Masai warrior before he was dressed with things from other parts of the world 19505 and now he might be dressed like us 9 concept of Masai has changed Masai they integrated west Culture different than other take Kodak films as part 0 jewellery Why people do it in the way they do it Anth tries to look the different ways in which cultures have unusual costumes Ex New Guiney group where young adolescent 14YS perform oral sex to their uncles in order to become real men Cultural relativism we try as much as possible to refrain from judgement and try to see everything without judgement We need to always step back and learn that there is a logic and practice for the bizarre costumes that the groups have Why is it that we they do that We look something as worthy of questioning Why famous people are famous have charisma We have to look at things with that critical eye diff cultures help us to re examine our own culture science of re exion we need to step outside from our culture ANTH HEPL US TO UNDERSTAND ASSUMPTION OF THE WORLD NATURE VS CULTURE INHERIT genetic predisposition nature We learn as we grow up nurture What determines our differences Human ideas and behaviour are over determined result of complex interactions 9 over determined you can reduced a phenomenon to one explanation 9 we have this dichotomy because of paradigm of explaining Human variation both natural and cultural 9 Colonial concern with advance What is better in Darwinian terms Who makes judgement 9 Primitive vs civilized simple vs complex Views common in anth before biological information was passed from generations There is no say that humans are born culturally Nature holds culture on a leash but a very long leash Melvin Konner We are both creatures biology is our raw material We all begin with the natural equipment that gives us the capacity to live a thousand lives but they end up living one we need to examine that What is nature in humans Adolescence beginning of puberty until the end 9 not every society believes in that Homosexuality 1982 invention of word homosexuality Very resent idea Cancer seems very natural relationship with science friends changes 9 what if you live in a society where cancer is seen as something from evil P when we look at something in their natural source it tells us what is like to live in a society Margaret Mead anth concerned about stereotypes of men and women in 193 Os 1943 only 4 women had college degree She wanted to know if women were naturally in a particular way Saw that women were unaggressive better for the kitchen etc She studied Arapesh9 both sex are as nurturing Chambri Papua New Guinea 9 men are nat feminine and women are masculine men are graceful and dressed Very well women are masculine are supposed to take the lead sexualy Mundugumur Papua New Guinea 9 are the same but not nurturing competitive trade sons for wives men and women are strong Sex and Temperament in Three Societies 1935 Margaret Mead book She wants to prove that things are not natural in the behaviour of society She showed anth as a tool to show social transformation she was founder of cult anth and feminism


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