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Lecture 2 professor Grinker GWU

by: Lorena Tapias

Lecture 2 professor Grinker GWU 1002

Marketplace > anthropology, evolution, sphr > 1002 > Lecture 2 professor Grinker GWU
Lorena Tapias
GPA 3.49
Sociocultural Anthropology
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About this Document

Sociocultural Anthropology
No professor available
One Day of Notes
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This 6 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Lorena Tapias on Sunday September 21, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 1002 at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 125 views.

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Date Created: 09/21/14
Lecture 2 827 Fieldwork The most important thing that anthropologist do is to gather info Anth consist in 4 basic fields Biological genetics differences between other species look at fossil remains Archaeological in US it is contained in anth because is the study of past society Linguistic looks at origin of languages in order to see origin Cultural study of how we make meaning how we characterize the world how many rules we follow how we should behave why people are doing what they are doing Trailer Mean girls Every field is organized social organization that is hierarchical The hierarchy is organized in smaller levels of organizations There is also organisation gender and class Nature vs culture Stereotype is how functions human brain Gossip is a formal of social control Anth is like a sponge trying to absorb everything Fieldwork is immersing yourself in a community where you don39t know what the rules are Participate and observation you live and participate in the community You make sure that everyone knows that you know what you are doing You do your fieldwork by becoming part of the community This limits being biased Good anth is 247 9 you don39t know what is important for them unless you are like them There are sources of info that are different than others you don39t know sometimes what problems you are going to study until you are in the field Fieldwork helps you to get a sense of what is happening what the place is like Language takes a lot time to learn and fieldwork takes at least a year you have to have helpers informant You need to think and feel like the people of the different culture Language observation participation are key features that constitutes fieldwork Anth fieldwork is holistic we can39t separate societies in discrete domains Holism means you can39t isolate a problem If we understand the harder picture Objectivity it is an illusion You can39t observe something without changing If you are in fieldwork you act naturally normally Fieldwork minimises how people behave in a way no matter what you do you change the behaviour of the person next to you Fieldwork is a product of who talks to you it is imperfect you depend on the info that the other person tells you and it might be false Lecture 3 O903 14 What is Society Claude Levi Strauss LS 1908 2009 French anth important in science In FR of all the living French scholars 75 said in a scholar survey that he was the most in uential in literature theatre history psychology anth In order to understand him there must be understood the ones before him because he bult his work on what others did before him Next classes we are going to trace lineage to LS Emile Durkheim ED 18581917 Marcel Mauss MM 18721950 French Anth thought is different from British anth thought 9 that is the most important It is important not to confuse them Structuralism is French and structural functionalism is BRIT Contributions of LS Kinship Classification Mythology ED HOLD CHAIR OF PRIMITIVE RELIGION He was Iewish Marcel Mauss was his nephew hated him because MM married a gentile He was interest In how people made sense of things that they did not understand Economy Why is it that people stay come together in society and how is possible that we can39t achieve social solidarity Why we live in community He never did fieldwork He looked at reports and found there was a lack of social differentiation For him there are 2 kinds of solidarity Mechanical little different between people They get together because they share same values hold same things sacred there is no differentiation Organic it is almost the opposite 9 results from differentiation because people are different that they stay together like the body has different organs and they depend on each other societies like this are like industrial societies because everyone is indispensible to each other He didn39t believe that there was only mechanical or organic solidarity 9 there where mixed These are extremes to tie social organisation He believed in 2 societies Primitive this view is no longer held by scholars but He believed there was a transition from primitive to civilized Civilized The division of labour and society 9 book of ED about the 2 kinds of solidarity Collective consciousness appeared in book quotTHE BODY OF BELIEVE IN SENTIMENTS COMENT TO THE AVERAGE OF MEMEBERS OF SOCIETYquot The collective consciousness comes from our society our believes have a concrete existence it is exterior to the individual and coercive to individual it dominates them Our judgements come from certain ideas that dominate our intellectual life9 the framework of our intelligence ED9 Society has a lot of power on us we are free only to the extend that society permit us to be free Mechanical solidarity there is little room for any kind of operation that is different the more solidarity there is society limits and controls what people can do 9 it marks them and brands them ED was anti psychology suicide was caused because of fragmentation of society Scarlett letter book the work is filed with opposition of male female children adults sacred profane is the interior of community and the forest It is an example of the power of society in individuals US legal system is not concerned in individual but the goal is for society Montesquieu law serves more society than individual ED was very much about categories and try to understand why people think but he is anti psych 9 he studies outside in uence The group experience for him was religion communication through rituals He was interested in TOTEMISM Is very common in N and S America there is an emblem for the community plant animal it is sacred and there are rituals They are worshiping themselves When the worshiper goes to catholic church he thinks is worshiping GOD For ED It is not true 9 they worship a set of rules themselves in reality their own system How much freedom do you think you have Why are we so well behaved In an organic solidarity there are different but there is a fundamental set of ideas about space and time sex or gender on how to move and behave ourselves because if not we would not be able to live together We all have categories we have that collective consciousness that makes you know what to do place things ED believed that there are factors we reproduced ex religion societies creates mechanisms to perpetuate itself collective conscience Question that L S poses How can we form categories of societies in our lives We need to have categorisation MM He tried to answer how groups stay together Says that solidarity is made by gift exchange Reciprocity seems voluntary but in fact has moral social obligations it is elementary in society 9 REPROCITY is the elemental form of society He thinks that in the gift we can find every aspect of society Why we do gift giving why we don39t give the price in the gift He is looking at what identifies the function of gift in society he is from a society where there is Liberal economics max of gain somehow we do stuff for cost gain MM also tries to show that gift exchange does less for individual His major achievements Exchange involves more than goods and services symbols and people as well Pushed anth to become an empirical form of intellectual inquiry 9 way to understand society around you Stimulated anth to focus on reciprocity and relationships of exchange in kinships and marriage 9 crucial to LS The gift means something there are rules about things and they can do damage W the gift has to fit the social relationship There is pressure We hide the price give appearance that is a symbol of love Gift helps of social relationship but can also do damage ex if it is a very expensive gift that you can39t receive because you feel uncomfortable


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