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Week 2 Notes

by: Anne Amundson

Week 2 Notes RUSS 0090: Russian Fairy Tales with Dr. Crane

Anne Amundson
Russian Fairy Tales
Dr. Robert Chip Crane, Ekaterina Turta

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About this Document

9/9 Lecture on Russian Paganism and Orthodox Christianity. If you have any feedback, please let me know! I hope you enjoy!
Russian Fairy Tales
Dr. Robert Chip Crane, Ekaterina Turta
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anne Amundson on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RUSS 0090: Russian Fairy Tales with Dr. Crane at University of Pittsburgh taught by Dr. Robert Chip Crane, Ekaterina Turta in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Russian Fairy Tales in Russian at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Russian Fairy Tales Week 2 Anne Amundson 99 Lecture Russian Paganism and Orthodox Christianity Readings Ll pp 218 5163 169177 1 Pagan Gods a d e Until the end of the 10th century Russians were Pagan i many gods 1 worshipped stonewooden representations ii little evidence is left about these belief systems 1 Christians destroyed most remnants 2 Most leftover documentation was propaganda created by the Christians Perun chief god i War and thunder ii Appealed mainly to royalty Dozhbog and Stribog gods of the sun i They really liked the sun Simargl and Mokosh fertility gods i One male one female Veles cattle death commerce etc i Agriculture was very important to the peasants 2 Russian Orthodoxy a 988 Prince Vladimir converted all of Russia to Christianity i got rid of many Pagan statues of their gods b Kiev was the center of Slavic Christianity at rst C The EastWest Great Schism of 1054 i Rome excommunicated Constantinople and vice versa 1 Rome was Catholic Constantinople was Orthodox ii Russia followed Orthodoxy d 1325 Moscow became the center of Christianity in Russa 3 Dvoeverie a quotDouble faithquot or quotdouble beliefquot b subscription to two different sometimes even opposite C faiths While Russians were Christian they were still deeply affected by their old Pagan practices traditions and hoHdays 4 Remythologization a Changing the practices and tales of one religion to t another religion Russian Fairy Tales Week 2 Anne Amundson b Mokosh became the Damp Mother Earth a fertility spirit which became the Virgin Mary 5 Solar Calendar a Solstices and equinoxes i Summer and winter solstices 39 Spring and fall equinoxes iii Gets more extreme further north iv Considered holidays 1 Yuletide winter solstice became Christmas 2 Shrovetide became Mardi Gras 3 Rusal naiaTrinity Week became Pentacost 4 Ivan Kupalo summer solstice became St John the Baptist s day v Deeply affected their agriculture 6 quotAndrei Rublevquot about Russian monk and religious painter released 1966 directed by Andrei Tarkovskii in it Rublex sees a Pagan solstice festival i re which relates to the sun ii mock funeral connecting life and death ill people bathing in the stream after midnight iv lovemaking indicating that the festival may be some goom sort of fertility ritual v Andrei uses his religion against them vi He viewed the nudity as carnal not loving Russian Fairy Tales Week 2 Anne Amundson 910 Recitation and Readings on Russian Spirits 1 Domestic Spirits a Domovoi I ii iii iv VI vii viii X b Kikim i Spirit of the house Overseer of household activities Never actually addressed by name among peasants Usually invisible made creaks and other noises around the house Not evil usually a helper Acted as poltergeist when angered by something happening n the household Acted as oracle a cold touch while sleeping was a bad sign a warm fuzzy touch was a good sign Had a special relationship with horses was very picky about their colors If the family was moving they had to formally invite their domovoi to move into the new home with them Sometimes had wife domikha and children ora A minor female spirit that was an oracle of disaster c Dvorovoi Spirit of the yard Trickster more evil than domovoi d Bannik Spirit of the bathhouse Dangerous sometimes lifethreatening Peasants had to take many precautions to avoid angering the bannik e Ovinnik i ii iii iv 2 Nature a Leshii i ii iii iv v vi Spirit of the threshing barn Most evil of them all Forbade ring on quotname daysquot Consulted for New Years divinations Spirit of the forest Lead people astray for fun but it was easy to escape Guarded the forest animals Scared of re and the sign of the cross Would disappear if you got him to laugh often by wearing your clothes inside out Liked woodcutters Russian Fairy Tales Week 2 Anne Amundson vii Liked porridge salt suet and candy viii Would make people walk until they died of exhaus on ix Would transform into someone you knew or into woodland animals b Vadianoi i Spirit of the water ii Many different appearances 1 Usually halfman half sh 2 Covered in slime and scales iii Inherently evil would often drown people iv Befriended shermen when they offered him their rst catch of the day v It was considered disrespectful to retrieve the bodies of people he drowned vi Never left the water vii Usually atttacked after sunset or on holy days c Polevoi i Spirit of the elds ii Not necessarily evil iii Not that important iv Would sometimes smother children v Typically attacked at noon and night vi Sometimes appeared as tall beautiful woman or young girl always in white d Rusalka i Mermaid ii Sometimes similar to a siren iii Appeared differently in north and south iv Sometimes captured by men and taken as their wife v Most active at night vi Could walk on land but didn t stray far from her lake vii Punished people who worked during Trinity Week


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