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Freud Theory

by: Jaime Aliffi

Freud Theory PSYC 220 - 006

Jaime Aliffi
SUNY Potsdam
GPA 3.3
Gregory Reichhart

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About this Document

Freud Theory Lecture
Gregory Reichhart
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaime Aliffi on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 220 - 006 at State University of New York at Potsdam taught by Gregory Reichhart in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see CHILD DEVELOPMENT in Psychlogy at State University of New York at Potsdam.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
Freud Theory Friday September 4 2015 842 AM Theories Making sense of a large amount of data Freud Theories Freud was the rst person to point out the importance of children and studying them In Freud lifetime children might not make it through adulthood so no one was interested in children or psychology Freud stated what happens to children will determine how you are as an adult He believed what happen to children by age 5 is how your personality should be for the rest of their life His theories came straight from adults and not children and that39s where he got all his theories When he was study adults he started to specialize adults with hysteria Hysteria had physical problems with no physical cause for example Paralyses He found if he got these people to talk about when their problems began the problems often disappeared He concluded that it had to deal with sexuality Psychosexual Trace their problems back they were to talk about their sexual problems in regards to the beginning of their paralyses Their paralyses started to go away Different components to a personality ID Pleasure principle driven to maximize pleasure minimize pain Example Baby want39s food in the morning it wants it and wants it now Doesn39t want to wait till the bottle warms up Around 6 months your EGO develops EGO Realization that there are other people in the world and their needs need to be taken in account 56 Years your Super EGO develops Super EGO Moral Standards and limitations Ice Burg Ice burg effect an ice burg some of it sticks out but most of it is underwater Vast majority of your personality is in your subconsciousness Personality develops and changes and goes through different stages and the stage that you develop is what the ID is going to be attracted to Freud39s Stages of Psychosexual Development First part of your body that you get pleasure from is your mouth Example sucking on a bottle and breast or putting a toy in your mouth which is called the Oral stage If you get stuck at one of these stages you39ll end up being phisation Too much or too little will end up phyicsated Oral Pleasure from eating and vocalizing 01 years old For example if there ever was a problem your mother just gave you a bottle Quiet you down and sooth you but gave you too much grati cation Oral person could be gullible or talk a lot or smoke and drink Anal Pleasure from retention or repulsion of feces 13 years old Example Someone is stingy messy and or neat Phallic Pleasure from touching genitals Oedipal male and Electra female complexes 35 years old Example Male will start being sexually attracted to their mother and they become aware of the difference between male and female Hypothesize that those who don39t have penises were bad Castration complex Fear the child develops that if their bad they might get their penis cuts off So when he is attracted to his mother he might be afraid that his father will get mad at him and cut his penis off It39s in your subconscious and your still looking for your mom to marry To attract someone like your mother you must be like our father and you will start acting like your father Child will look at his father putting his hand in his pocket he will do it also This will create your sex role identity you are not driven by your sexual desires because you suppressed it Females will develop penis envy and the only way to have one is to put it in them If their mom found out they had their sexual desire from their father But you39re going to want to be the same like your mother to attract someone like your father Latency Identi cation with samesex parent 611 years old Dormant period not driven by sexual desires Very deep in the subconscious Working on the appropriate sex role as a male or female Genital Heterosexual attraction 1218 years old Hormones of adolescents will start to wake up the desires if you made it this far without giving in to desires you39re going to be normal Most of his ideas aren39t completely honored except for a few people But EGO Super EGO and ID have been widely used in publication


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