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Art History: Art of World Civilization I

by: AllyCat

Art History: Art of World Civilization I ARTH 200IA-001

Marketplace > Montana State University > Art > ARTH 200IA-001 > Art History Art of World Civilization I
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara

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About this Document

Set of notes for the 5th week of Art History! It has all the works of art that will be on the test in October that the Professor has given us so for. Hope these help!
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by AllyCat on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 200IA-001 at Montana State University taught by Emberlin, Barbara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Art of World Civilization I in Art at Montana State University.

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Date Created: 09/26/15
ARTH 200lA 001 Art History Art of World Civilization l WEEK 5 There is no week 4 because of the study guide for last week39s test Lecture 1 Terms Cycladic Crete Thalassocracy Minoan Knossos True Fresco Mycenae Helladic Cyclopean Masonry Corbelled Vault Corbelled Arch Relieving Triangle Tholos Beehive Tomb Theme Contrasting cultures in the Aegean steeped in legend provide the roots of Greek art and were concurrent with New Kingdom Egyptian and later Mesopotamian periods There are intriguing connections between them seen in artifacts They mysterious quotsea peoplequot of the 12005 BCE are blamed for the destruction of both societies quotFigure of a Womanquot Syros Greece 2500 BCE Marble Oldest large scale of that time Approx 1 6quot high Reclined in tombs Local marble Was painted OOOOOOOO quotMale Lyre Playerquot 0 Keros Cyclades Greece 0 2700 BCE 0 Marble o 9quot high 0 1700 1400 BCE Extremely focused on joy and pleasure H quotAerial View and Plan of the Palace at Knossos o Crete Greece 1700 1400 BCE No forti ed palace Very open Terracotta piping system Have toilets OOOO quotStairwell in the Residential Quarter of the Palace of Knossosquot o Tapered columns 0 Cushion Capitals 0 Weight bearing columns 0 Were wooden columns quotBull Leapingquot o Palace at Knossos o 1450 1400 BCE o Fresco o 239 8quot high quotLandscape with Swallowsquot o Akrotiri Thera o 1650 BCE o Fresco 0 Approx 739 6quot high quotMarin Style Octopus Jarquot o Crete o 1500 BCE 0 Approx 1139 high 0 Dark on Light quotKamares WarJarquot o Phaistos Crete o 1800 BCE o 139 8quot high 0 Light on Dark Made by potter s wheel Thalassocracy An empire at sea quotSnake Goddessquot o Palace at Knossos 1600 BCE Approx 1 high Religious No temples identi ed OOOO quotHarvester39s Vasequot Ryton o Hagia Triada Greece 1500 BCE Steatite originally with gold leaf 5quot diameter 27 39harvester39 gures OOOO o 27 39harvester39 gures 0 Relief Artifacts found in Mycenaean tombs also called Helladic Had contact with Egypt 0 Have templescitadels quotAerial view of Citadelquot o Tiryns Greece 0 1400 1200 BCE o Cyclopean Masonry 0 Extremely protective quotLion Gatequot Mycenae Greece 1300 1250 BCE Home of King Agamemnon From legendary Trojan War High relief Guardians OOOOOO quotTreasury of Atreusquot o Mycenae o 1300 1250 BCE o Ashlar Masonry o Relieving triangle quotBeehive or Tholos tombquot 0 Only type to stay up without support from inside until Pantheon quotFunerary Maskquot 0 Grave Circle A Mycenae Greece 0 1600 1500 BCE o Beaten God repousse 0 Approx 1 high quotWarrior s Vasequot o Mycenae Greece 0 1200 BCE o 1 4quot high Lecture 2 Terms Doric and Ionic orders and terms p 110 in book Humanism Polis Kouros Kore Amphora Krater quotthe Archaic smilequot red gure and black gure vase painting Theme Also called the Lyric Age for its poetry based on the human experiences Archaic Greece is characterized by an artistic owering in independent city states Humanist ideas developed along with innovative forms of the polls We trace a movement towards naturalism in vase painting and sculpture and the development of new architectural forms that express these ideals How are we like the Greeks How not 1200 900 BCE Sea peoples Destruction of Palaces Writing is lost Art is lost OOOOO Polis merged the individual rights of the heroic age with a developing concern for the common good into experiments of government Middle citizens Men with athletic abilities have warrior abilities Rediscovery of everything quotHero and Centaurquot o 750 BCE Brinze Approx 4quot high Votive offering 0 o o o Funerary offeringsGrave markers quotMantiklos Apolloquot Statuette of youth dedicated to Apollo Thebes 700 680 BCE Bronze Approx 8quot high OOOOO quotLady of Auxerrequot O O O O Kore Not the place that39s what it is 650 BCE Limestone Approx 239 high Women are always dressed men always nude quotKourosquot 0 00000 600 BCE Marble Approx 639 high Mae youth not a god Grave marker Frontal quotCalf Bea rerquot O 0000 Dedicated by Rhonbos Acropolis Athens 560 BCE Approx 539 5quot high Archaic smile quotKroisosquot 0 000000 Anavysos 530 BCE Marble Approx 639 4quot high Grave marker Archaic smile Naturalistic quotPeplos Korequot 0 00000 Acropolis Athens 530 BCE Marble Approx 439 high Start to see lifeintelligence depicted A goddess 8th and 7th BCE quotGeometric Kraterquot quotGeometric Kraterquot O 0 00000 Dipylon Cemetery Athens 740 BCE Approx 339 4quot high Narrative reintroduction into art To lay on top of tomb Meandering motif Potter39s wheel Potter and vase decorator not the same person Vase takes two people quotCorinthian Black gure amphora with animal friezesquot O O O Rhodes 625 BCE 1 2quot high Trade pottery was shipped as far as Italy France and Russia 600 480 BCE quotKleitias and Ergotimosquot 0 00000 Fancois Vase Attic black gure volute krater Chiusi Italy 570 BCE Approx 239 2quot high First showing of artists signing work Artist and potter signed quotAchilles and Ajaxquot O 0000 Emphasize intelligence as well as war capabilities Athenian black gure amphora Vulci Italy 540 530 BCE Approx 239 high quotHera kles wrestling Antaiosquot O 0000 Athenian red gure calyx krater Cerveteri Italy 510 BCE Approx 1 7quot high Optical Lecture 3 Terms Androcentric Architectural terms pg 110 Peripteral Cella Perikles Persian War Contrapposto Sculptor Polykleitos quotthe canonquot Athena the Acropolis Architects Iktinos and Kallicrates Sculptor Phidias Amphiprostyle Theme Greek temples functioned as houses for the gods who were embodies in cult statues but rituals occurred on the outside open to the demos Greek idealism was in full bloom after the defeat of the Persians in 480 and during the rise of the Athenian Empire under Pericles The Acropolis was the center of Athenian life and a powerful political statement Art showed a striving for balance and perfection and the admonition to quotknow thyselfquot quotEuthymides Three Revelersquot o Attic red gure amphora Vulci Italy 510 BCE 239 high Would go in symposium 34 vuew Regular people citizens OOOOOO quotTemple of Hera lquot o Paestum Italy 0 550 BCE 0 Cult statue not in middle Architectural sculpture Temples were monuments sculpture is didactic expressed meaning related to the whole quotTemple of Aphaiaquot o Aegina o 500 490 BCE o More light airy elegant and graceful 0 Columns not in center cult gure is quotDying Warrior from West Pedimentquot 0 Marble 539 long Wounded Archaic smile Frontal External response OOOOO quotDying Warrior from East Pedimentquot 0 Marble 639 long Not frontal Showing struggle to get up Shows pain Internal response 00000 490 BCE Greek beat Persians in war 0 After the defeat of the Persians Sculpture style responds to changing worldview Man is the measure quotKritios Boyquot 0 Acropolis Athens 480 BCE Marble Approx 239 10quot high Contrapposto OOOO quotDiskobolosquot 0 Roman marble copy of bronze original of o 450 BCE o 539 1quot high quotWarriorquot 0 Sea off Riace Italy 460 450 BCE Bronze 6 6quot high Hallow cast Life size sculpture OOOOO o Hallow casting bronze statues pg 114 quotDoryphoros Spear Bearerquot quotThe Canonquot 0 Roman marble copy from o Pompeii Italy 0 Bronze original of o More poised for action quotAthensquot quotThe Acropolisquot quotHigh cityquot Civic and spiritual 39precinct39 Parthenon Propylaia entrance Erechtheion Temple of Athena Nike 0 00000


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