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The Island Notes!

by: Aja Gibson

The Island Notes! PERS 2001

Aja Gibson


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About this Document

This is all of the content discussed regarding The Island by Athol Fugard! Hope this helps!
Class Notes
Perspectives, The Island, Cultures, Plays, Aja
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aja Gibson on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PERS 2001 at Georgia State University taught by Miller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
The Island by Athol Fugard John Kani and Wiston Nishona O 90 South African Politics gt Colonized by Dutch Afrikaaners and English gt The English actually won the war to rule South Africa but the language is a mix of English and Dutch gt 1948 Afrikaaner National Party won control gt Apartheid Institutionalized slavery Ended in 1994 it was in power before t was actually a law Special lands for slaves To do really anything you need a passbook Job travel Your passbook could be taken away for really any reason Most places were white only or had sections for blacks Any opposition to the Apartheid would either be imprisoned or killed Robin Island setting real place just like in the play itself 0 It s impossible to escape alive 0 Wanted to break spirits o Punishment mindless labor extreme meant getting buried in the sand up to your neck and left there gt Nelson Mandela 1st South African President Did time on Robin Island Athol Fugard 1932 still kickin gt White gt Middle Class gt Mother made money Father was an alcoholic Mother ran a Tea Room Fugard said that a slave was a father to him and that this man practically raised him gt Theatre Fugard s companies were mostly mixed in race Gov t took notice of this and made laws AGAINST FUGARD 1st successful play The Blood Knot 1961 Colaborated with a black actor named Zakes Mokae When the play toured the two had to ride separate train cars Gov passed laws regarding interracial partnerships South African Theatre 0 Mixed western and African Heavily in uenced by quotMethod Actingquot o Method Acting drawing on your own personal experiences in order to act 0 Exposed to Berthot Brecht Idealist Poetics Audience Changes shape of play 0 Heavy on improvisation Usually on community isues o quotResistance Playsquot plays that spoke against Apartheid gt John Kani and Winston Nishona 2 actors in Fugard s company Cowrote The Island 1st play together quotSizwe Banzi is Deadquot 0 Three person play Black man steals a dead man s passbook since he had lost his own Performed with no script Adapted through audience and then written down One of the few pairs of joint actors to win a Tony 0 The lsand1973 Adapted through Audience Company was arrested but there was no script to convict them Done all over the world Last tour noted was in 2000 Hybridity mixing of cultural elements Using a western work Antigone in a South Africanbased play Idealist or Marxist Character Subjects Audience Empathy Setting is relatable symbolic settings IDEALIST IT IS 393 PostColonial Theory colonization s lasting effect on your future gt Frantz Fanon 1925 1963 quotBlack Skin White Maskquot 1952 quotThe Wretched of the Earthquot 1963 quotRewrite who you arequot Refuse the stereotype o In theatre seeing the colonized as human beings is revolutionary Colonized people are normally quotOTHEREDquot oz Existentialism a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will gt Essence vs Existence or quotThe Ideal vs Lifequot gt Grew after World War II First Reich gt Race in terms of Essence vs Existence A Social Construct Social Construct Society s de nition of right 7 77777


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